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Name: Madame Deficit
Age: a number bigger then 15
Sex: is wonderful
Catch phrase: "fails at life"
Favorite game: still thinking about that one
Favorite fan fic.: Halos in space and Doom Repercussions of Evil [l-o-fucking-l]
Genres: horror, adventure, scifi, rpg, NOT POKEMON!!!
Current: Silent Hill Origins[Kill|me|please]
Favorite person: Asian Beef Man <3<3<3[Agent Chieftain]

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There is nothing right about this game. It was created as the fifth game in the Silent Hill set but isn't meant to be a "final" game. It actually is meant to help people who have never played BEFORE! the previous four games. Here's a good question, WHY ARE YOU RELEASING IT NOW THEN!!!????

The game was originaly created for PSP, that version, however doesn't fail at life. Whoever had the bright idea to port this game should be shot. The graphics are shit, the character and story line are off, the monsters aren't in anyway at all fun to fight, and worst of all... ITS A PUZZLE STYLE GAME!

Your main character is a truck driver whos parents died at a young age. He is making a trip through Silent Hill to drop off a delivery. He sees a burining house and goes to investigate, there finding Alessa[the girl who burns alive].

For those of you who have see nthe movie and played one through four you already know that story. This game changes the original story. Everything has been changed and its not even worth using as a door stop.

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