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Howdy folks!!!How goes it? the Name's Macarratti! (Ma-Car-ah-tee)

Well, I guess I'll list my favorite games. seems logical after all...

Kingdom Hearts (I and II)
Final Fantasy IV,X, and XII
Chrystal chronicals
Super Smash Brothers (btw, I main Bowser and the 'Dorf)
The Wind waker
Ocarina of time
Majoras mask
Twilight princess
Super mario (1,2,3, 64 and sunshine and galaxy)
Resident evil 4
Metal Gear solid
Marvel vs. Capcom
Little big planet
Soul calibur II and IV
Mega man I, II and III
Super Street fighter 4 (Dan and Hakan)

BTdubs: Brawl code is 5069-3595-5653! and TVC code is 1806-3603-7918
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