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MacManus avatar 3:39 PM on 12.18.2013  (server time)
Stock Talk: With the Launches Over, How'd Sony and Microsoft do in the Market?

A while back I gave my predictions on how Sony (SNE) and Microsoft (MSFT) would do in the stock market post-launch. Now that the dust has cleared, let's take a look at how they did.

First up, Microsoft. There's no denying that they had a successful launch, selling millions of units. I consider it even more successful given that three-quarters of them didn't red ring... The stock sat around 36 bucks like it has for years and I predicted that it would remain right around there because MS is so big that no matter how well it does, more than one thing needs to go right to move the stock. 

AND IT HAPPENED! If you take a look at this 5 month chart, you'll see that the stock actually went up to nearly 40 bucks a share. It fluctuated on good Xbone sales and rumors of who the next CEO will be. The success of a MS product along with good rumors have it a bump. It's been going back down to $36 but holy hell, the stock actually went up for once.

Now for Sony. The biggest console launch ever. Anylists are now predicting that it will be the highest selling console of this generation. Nothing but great news for Sony's new system. So how did the stock do? Drum roll please...

IT WENT DOWN?! Yes, with nothing but positive news lately for Sony, the stock has been on a slow crawl down and down. Sure, as hype built it got a bump but it just couldn't keep it up (hehe). My theory on why is that all the big tech companies are selling ecosystems and not so much single products. Sony has been slacking the past few years. They're no longer the top TV maker. I look at my own set up and everything is Samsung sans the PS4. It all works together, I can even control it all with my Galaxy S4! Sony needs to step up and give people a reason to buy more than just the PS4 for the stock to do anything.

So what have we learned here? That the biggest tech companies need more than just one product to be huge in order to truly profit.  Which is hard to deny given that the two biggest console launches ever only gave them a slight bump that couldn't be sustained. As passionate as I am about gaming I own neither of these stocks for this exact reason. If only horror stories from my buddy who works at Gamestop hadn't kept me from buying shares of that company because they're doing very, very well.

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