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Mabans's blog

2:13 PM on 06.28.2010

OnLive Experience Day 3: It's all about the game...

I know it's been a weekend but I needed the time to be able to play some of the games on OnLive to really get the true feel of it. So I thought it would be best try 2 games, 1 game I'm familar with and the other I'm not. So the games I decided to were Borderlands, which I own on steam, and Batman: Arkmym Asulym a game that my computer can't even run. Also these 2 games give me the chance to best use my KBAM and Controller (Gamestop Xbox 360 Controller ) so I get the feel how the system is supposed to work. 2 games seemed good becuase of the percise aiming that BL can use and combo system Batman and being a SSFIV nut timing to me is EVERYTHING.

Before we start I figured that everyone should know what Kind of PC I'm running.

CPU: Intel Core Duo 6300
Ram: 2 gigs Corsair XMS 2 DDR 800
Hard drive: 2 x250 SATA 7200
Video card: Nvidia 9400 1gig. EVGA
OS: Windows 7, rating 4.9
Monitor: LG Flattron W2353V (23 inch LCD)

I also test it out on a Apple Macbook Pro (Intel Core Duo 2ghz)

I have Cox Communication handling my Internet here in San Diego and it runs at a modest 6mbps.

...No rest for the wicked, ugh that's a dumb song.

So last time I touched Borderlands was right before the The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC came out. So that's a good 5 months. I took the steam version out for a spin and my Brick was still decked out in a few epics though I'm not much of a loot nut in this game because of the easy leveling curve but I digress. The game is as fun as I remember, I joined a few matches as expected little to no problems and even found some of my old buddies still trolling around playing which was fun.. With a good 3 hours under my belt I was able finally reacquint myself with the game and how it played and looked so the it was time to move over to the OnLive version..

Immediately 1st thing I noticed was the big graphical difference. No it wasn't worse but better. I can only Run Borderlands at an acceptable Frame Rate if I'm running it at 800x600 with the settings mid-low range.. So being able to play it at 1280x720 made it a nicer. Textures were more detailed though not particularly sharper. Then again I run my monitor natively at 1920x1080 so there is a "stretch" factor. The Apple Laptop ran it surprisingly well sadly though the wifi does not work at all so it was a bit of a pain to have to hard wire a laptop when it's intention is to be portable. But when wired up it ran and looked even better but that is also in the case of running that monitor at a lower resolution than my pc's monitor.

The controls worked satisfactory. I picked a Hunter specfically to have really percise aiming with sniper rifles and such. Now, I did try Borderlands OnLive before this and felt the mouse being not as responsive but after dinking around with my Steam version I did see that the mouse issue wasn't an OnLive issue but a Borderlands one. It's not bad but the mouse in that game, to me, felt not as responsive as I have experienced in other FPS like CS.S or TF2. So seeing that it controlled similarly was reassuring. Now I do say similarly because there was an ever so slight lag difference, more than I was used to. I did adjust accordingly however and I didn't really notice it after level 15. I can only expect the controls to get better over time as the backend gets improved.

The sessioning was way better than I expected. I played for a good hour before I took a break and during that time I didn't have any issue with the streaming. No hiccups, distortions or timeouts during the experience. I also had it running while streaming some world cup games with no issues. I came back at various times during the day (6 am, noon, 6pm and midnight) and the experience was the same with longest session last about 2.5 hours. I left myself spectating another user and that was the only time I was disconnected from the service. I'm not entirely sure if the game being played would affect how the magic happens and as more popular games get implement if that would effect game place

After some time and $6 poorer I was really damn happy with how Borderlands played. It was a substantial upgrade from what I was running natively though I did miss being able to tweak out settings and FOV and other settings I had on my steam version. Ultimately though, I was doing all those tweaks because I was trying to get a better performance out of my machine and in this case it wasn't neccessary. I also couldn't find out if the DLC packs were already included in this version of the game and if not how they were going to be included as well as future packs. So many questions but I'm sure time will tell.. Check back tomorrow for my Batman write up.. Thanks for checking in..   read

3:33 PM on 06.24.2010

OnLive day 2, this is looking better.. Me Likes.

The Sign Up
So the experience so far has been good. After receiving the email it took me almost an hour to actually sign up but I guess the site was getting pounded. One thing I did find disappointing was the unsupported Chrome Browser, I ended up having to install firefox so I could get it running but after that I was able to use a short created. I'm hoping it'll be worked out so the whole browser will be eliminated from the mix. I know Games like Battlefield Heroes and Quake live use it but it just seems like an unneccessary step. Then soon after it took me almost another 30 mins of waiting before I could log in properly via the website to edit my profile and such. Though when i did use the DSC of the program I got right in so it would appear to be a syncing problem. A few hoops to jump through through but have to expect it when something like this launches. Reasonable expectations people.

The UI
The UI is really cool, you feel like you are in the movie Hackers. You are given 8 options to choose from the home menu. Arena, which is a spectator mode to see what people are playing and where they are at in a game. Profile, of course which is yours to customize with the limited options they provide. Marketplace for all your game purchasing needs, Coming soon for trailers of games coming down the pipe. My Games, where all your games are housed. Last Played which launches the last game you played, which I found kinda pointless. Brag Clips, where you can record game play and uploaded to show all your friends. Last but not least, Friends which is well.. It's self explainatory.

The experience of the UI itself is kinda cool. Flipping pages, zooming and wooshing through everything makes the mosaic interface feel like you are a mad scientist looking over to trying to decide what to take over.. It's esthetically pleasing and very Apple-esque in it's delivery. It works well without being overly cumbersome to the end user which I found really good. Everything is clearly marked and you know where you are going any at given time. Though I haven't seen anyway to just drop in on a friend or potential friend who is playing a game you may want to join. I suspect that it maybe becuase I haven't purchased any games as of yet. The simplicity does help you navigate though everything quickly and effeciently but I can't help feel as if there should be more but then again this thing JUST launched. Maybe they'll changed the "Last Played" option to something else.

Next Up
I'm really trying to dig through the demos and I already own some of the game so I'll post up some comparasion pictures tomorrow as well as how it performs..   read

11:56 PM on 06.23.2010

Finally something to blog about..

I got this in my email about 20 mins ago.

"Hi Marcelo Abans,

Congratulations! You have been selected from the wait-list for membership activation and immediate access to the OnLive Game Service "

Awesome! I got into the founding members program of On Live. I know a lot of gamers have dismissed the idea of this service but honestly it can't really hurt.. If it works as good as it says it does I can't see developers NOT supporting it. A wider audience, easier maintenance for updates, no dealing with flipping discs, lower distribution costs.. I know it seems lame to pay for a service for games, then pay for the games that seemingly have a timer on them, etc.. but it's really no different than going out buying a console and using it for 5-6 years.. Price wise anyway. Ultimately everyone's main concern, as well as mine, will be the performance. This has potential to bring gaming to a different level, not sure if it's the next yet because we all know how successful the Sega Channel was.. I'll take tons of pictures and try to keep things updated. Lets see where this goes. If you have any questions ask away, and I'll answer them if I can as well..   read

9:54 AM on 07.24.2008

Feminists Gamers fight the fat princess, 1 problem though..

I wake up this to all this fat princess business and I see the 1 group I get nothing by joy from is standing up fighting against a non issue. Feminist. HOW I LOVE THEM!!! I love you all!!! Fighting the long battle that has long been won yet you need to find other issues to continue to validate your worth in the world. So sexy, ALL OF YOU!

So the nice women/men at FG have the the unfortunate problem of letting a game get to them, not to mention put themselves in the same camp as Jack Thompson. That's right you feminist. You are now no different than him..

See the "Might Ponygirl" had this to say about Fat Princess in terms of suggesting how to change the game:

"So how about layering, Karamari-style, a bunch of random shit on top of the chest, like shrubbery, rocks, bison, etc, that would also weight it down. That could be cute, and silly, and not reinforce nasty stereotypes about women and the obese."

Here's the problem with that statement. If you believe that then you run into this conundrum: Video Games Create X People. In this case, sexist men.

Yet in her post, The intersection of murder, video games, and media, she drives home the message that that link between video games & violence is non existent.

Lets not forget this gem, So much for those stereotypes…, as well where where she openly praises a study that "...takes a very different tack from others of its ilk, suggesting that playing violent video games as a means of anger release is not necessarily unhealthy." So ultimately agreeing with the idea that video games don't necessarily make violent people.

So my question is, which is it Ponygirl? Seems that your "feminist" side is at odds with your "gamer" side. if you truly believe that:

"If you like games that portray women as nothing more than bubble-headed fucktoys, you are a sexist, just like someone who thinks that lawn jockeys are funny is a racist."

Then by that logic makes you a murderer if you have ever played GTA.

Now don't get me wrong, video games do influence behavior on some level but it's the job of the parent to explain to difference of the 2 to the child. But putting this much weight on Fat Princess is just as nutty as Jack Thompson's argument of GTA being a murder simulator.   read

11:41 AM on 05.22.2008

Age of Conan the World of Wacraft Killer!!

A friend of mine has been trying to get me to quit WoW for over a year. His 1st
reasoning was that WoW was just too easy & kiddie. Next it was that Dark Age of Camelot
was better for PVP and more adult. Now he is trying to woo me away with Age of Conan
and the same ol argument about how much less kiddie. Meanwhile I never considered WoW
a kiddie game, actually I never considered any game kiddie really.

I was under the impression games were supposed to be fun; at any age. This
includes, sports, video games, board games, tag, man-hunt, etc.. What I do find interesting
is how video gamers specifically use what video game you play as some sort of "Maturity
Check". This validation of someone maturity level is just DUMB. Why am I more mature for
playing Gears of War than enjoying Toejam & Earl. If the game is fun that's all that matters
right? Well it doesn't to gamers apparently.

Since the launch of World of Warcraft I've heard from so many different sources,
usually people who haven't played WoW, arguing that very point; WoW is too kiddie, easy
and just plain lame. Yet for some reason close to 12 million players think otherwise. Now
popularity can't really be a good litmus test because Backstreet Boys were HUGE. In that
aspect video games different because a great story & graphics can be ruined by shitty
controls, so at some level it's the sum of all it's parts that player has to enjoy. I'm fairly
certain a teenage girl who most likely wouldn't like BSB if 1 guy was singing off key, ALL
THE TIME. It's something that hits that chord with them and that is all that matters really.

Nintendo has been a victim of this for at least 15 years. I'm basing this on the whole
MK debacle back in 1993 where gamers felt the Genesis version of Mortal Kombat was
better than the SNES version just because it showed blood. By proxy it made Nintendo look
like the "Disney" of gaming an image they have been shaking off ever since. Granted the
Wii doesn't really help much but regardless it shouldn't matter if the game is

Sad thing is that it's easy to get caught up in the argument, especially as you get
older. I'm 32 years old and I know I get pissed if someone talks to me as if I was some
snot nose kid. As you grow and accomplish certain goals in your life and there is a sense of
self worth that comes with it. Like a child learning to walk then run then ride a bike. You
feel change and the experience affect on how you handle situations. I know that I handle
things much more diplomatically now than I did when I was in my 20s. Now if someone
questions it, yeah it fucking bothers me. I made my bones in life and to have someone
question my maturity would bother me. Except it doesn't bother me with video games and
maybe it's elitism but I honestly believe that I'm above that shit.

If you like video games, board games, etc you are most likely being perceived as
doing something childish and that's ok. At least till all these old fucks who are in charge die.
In the meantime stop fighting for fucking scraps over some sort of status of being "adult"
through games. It's not meant to be used for validation but for entertaining, nothing more.
I'm sure preaching to the Choir but anytime you find yourself defending your maturity level
about a game, sport, console, movie or book for being too kiddie, take a step back and
realize how dumb your argument really is. Just enjoy the fucking game. Flame on..

*Goes Back to playing Pokemon for NDS 8/10*   read

2:33 PM on 05.13.2008

"Casual Gaming" Reviews

Being that the internet is filled with keyboard cowboys and megabit muscle men I figured I'd
post something that has peaked my interest lately and open myself up to some good 'ol
flaming. Now the term "casual" doesn't mean shit since playing a game is a past time and blah
blah blah blah you know the deal. Anyway I kind of wanted to gauge everyone's thoughts with
this pointless post and see how many would be interested in seeing reviews for some of the
better (if there is) flash based games and/or "casual" web based games out there. Thoughts?

If someone already has this going on please feel free to inform me. Love you honey toes...   read

1:23 PM on 05.05.2008

Track Mania Nations Forever Rocked my World

Last year it was all about Puzzle Quest for me. A little Bejewled knock off that I found myself
playing mindlessly for HOURS. Any chance for playing I would, Bus Ride to work, Shitting,
Bored, hell it even subsituted my bored moments that I would use for masterbating and
turned it into "RUNE COLLECTING TIME!". It was a bomb surprise game for me in 2007.

For those not in the know Track Mania has a Wiki; so google it and you'll be all catight up. I'm
too lazy to break it down to you. Anyway it's a recently been released for free, kinda..
TrackMania Nations Forever is the free on version with the United version being the
ALL-IN-ONE package deal. So since free hasn't hurt anyone, with the exceptions of STDs, I
figured I'd give it ago..

I do like racing games but usually goofy ones like Mario Kart, or any derivative of. And Grand
Turismo type games are usually excellent driving game (simulators if you're a snob) but it just
doesn't hold my attention very long. This game on the other hand has tapped into my OCD so
hard that I can't stop playing it. I could go into a long winded explanation of how good the
graphics are and how well the physics react. Maybe even go on & on how cool the Track Editor
is. Or how about the time I spent almost 2 hours customizing my F1 Racer with just the right
amount of bluish tint i wanted.

In Short, the game is free and Good. Try it and if yo don't like it, come back here and bitch at
me about it. Now lemme try to get some more gold Medals..   read

6:23 PM on 04.25.2008

The infection spreading.. I think...

The Pink Panther, The Shaggy Dog, Flicka, The Poseidon Adventure, Last Holiday, When a
Stranger Calls, Honeymooners, Fat Albert, and Miami Vice. The List can go on for days of
bad movie remakes and TV to Movie Remakes. It's painfully obvious that Hollywood's pool
is unbelievably shallow, if not empty with ideas. The last straw where I gave up going to
movies was Transformers. Sure it was cool to see a new generation of kids getting
introduced to Optimus (Greatest leader EVER btw) but that whole "thing" I saw on screen
wasn't Transformers, it was something with people and robots fighting for no good reason.

But that isn't what this stupid post is about obviously, it's more of a topic starter for us
nerds. The new issue of EGM has a big bow out issue of 35 games that are being reinvented
for "next-gen consoles". I've already seen a render of Rick, hero from Splatterhouse and it
got me thinking. With the exception of Ninja Gaiden I really can't think of a game that has
taken a 10+ year break and brought back to where it captured me the same way when I
first played it. Usually it's because though the name is the same, the game isn't. Keep in
mind doesn't include the ever lasting constant favorites that never really went away, like
Mario, Mega Man, Final Fantasy, etc.. Those are usually good games that somehow evolve.
Now there seems resurgence of taking old games like Bionic Commando, which was
already re-imagined WELL, and bring "them" back. Now I loved the game and how the
XBLA version is shaping up to look really cool but those seem to be more based on the old
formula. The new version just looks.. Meh..

My question is WHY? Are Dev costs that out of control? Has the industry run out of heroes to
make up? No more stories to tell? The video game industry is usually busy sucking it's own
dick how it's bigger & better than the movie industry but now it's starting to emulate it more
and more. Madden still sells a million and games like Deathrow are overlooked because of
Marketing dollars. This isn't a bad thing because sometimes it's cool have an on going story
so games like a HALO, which I don't see so much as a sequel but rather a continuation of
an already established story. Now it seems games are now being made to have us chase
the last lingering remnants of our childhood. I can't imagine this being good in the long
term but then again, these are not movies. I am amped about seeing them but I have
really low expectations that these will only resemble the games they are re-inventing in
name and that's about it..   read

5:37 PM on 03.17.2008

Fuck Rockstar and GTA IV

I was really sitting indulging on all the GTA IV information I can gather. Multi-player
information, Storyline, graphic engine updates, Screen shots, even that supposed GTA intro
I have downloading as I write this. That was until someone brought something to my
attention that made me feel very ashamed. Now to avoid confusion and potential flame
posts, comments, etc I have to add the following:

[i]This is a personal stance and my goal with is to share why I came to this decision. This is
NOT a fucking movement.[/i]

Hot Coffee....

Remember that shit!? Rockstar got caught with it's proverbial pants down for a mini-
game in GTA: San Andreas, they had INTENTIONALLY left in, inaccessible but in the game
all the same. Now the problem isn't so much that I don't want to have porn on, in and/or
with my video games but rather the spineless backpedaling that Rockstar was doing at that

Initially it seemed like a reasonable misunderstanding based on old fogies who just don't
get the power of the interweb. You know, the one made of a series of tubes? Why wouldn't
it be misunderstood by politicians who are usually out of touch with "kids these days" (I'm
32 T.T). Even the statement Rockstar released seemed reasonable. They were releasing a
new GTA, a lightening rod for the "video games are destroying America" sect. Also being a
PC gamer primarily, I know what the "Mod Community" can & have done to add to a game
as well to an entire industry. (IE: Counter-Strike) So why wouldn't this be a factual
statement. Now keep in mind that Hot Coffee was originally found on the PC version of

Hacker(s) did it statement:

[i]"So far we have learned that the "hot coffee" modification is the work of a determined
group of hackers who have gone to significant trouble to alter scenes in the official version
of the game," reads the statement. "In violation of the software user agreement, hackers
created the 'hot coffee' modification by disassembling and then combining, recompiling and
altering the game's source code. Since the 'hot coffee' scenes cannot be created without
intentional and significant technical modifications and reverse engineering of the game's
source code, we are currently investigating ways that we can increase the security
protection of the source code and prevent the game from being altered by the 'hot coffee'
modification."[/i] (Source)

The statement kinda irked me because the term "hacker" is used so interchangeably that
it became really funny to me. It was an unfair blanket of blame to a very important sector
of the computer community that is NEEDED, like the bacteria on our skin to protect us from
infections but I digress. Statement suited to put blame outside of their own. And it was
reasonable, why take blame for a MOD that was created and applied to their game.
Completely justifiable defense, modders added to the game, damn you guys.. It's bad
enough video games have a bad rap why would modders do something so insanely trivial,
it adds no real depth to the game, etc.

Then I saw this:

[i]"All the contents of this mod was already available on the original disks. Therefor the
scriptcode, the models, the animations and the dialogs by the original voice-actors were all
created by RockStar. The only thing I had to do to enable the mini-games was toggling a
single bit in the main.scm file. (Of course it was not easy to find the correct bit). The Nude
models that are used as a bonus in the Quick action version of the mod, were also already
present on the original disk.
But all this material is completely inaccessible in an unmodded version of the game. It can
therefor not be considered a cheat, easter-egg or hidden feature. But is most probably just
leftover material from a gameplay idea that didn't make the final release. I would really
like to stress that this material is only accessible after willfully applying the hot coffee mod
(or something similar) to the game."[/i] (Source)

WHAAAAAAAAAA!? Ok, here we go with the he said she said bullshit right? Well not really
because someone published the Pro-action Replay code for the PS2 that unlocked that.
Which confirms the above statement. Now this isn't the 1st time I've ever seen this kind of
content blocking done, it's usually done for easter eggs, tricks, cheats, etc.. "up up down
down" being the most famous of them all. Also peripherals like Gameshark and Pro-action
replay have long uncovered secrets left within games, even ones never meant to be seen
due to unspecified reasons. For example, the Lamborghini Diablo was removed from the US
version GT:A-spec due to licensing issues but not really. It was still in the game but it was
made inaccessible unless you put a proaction replay code and even then I believe they
made it uncontrollable in a way; it had 15,000 HP O.o.

When I read that this and remembered back to GT: A-spec I realized that Rockstar's
intention was never to really explain away the situation based on innocent boys playing in
the yard but rather setting the house on fire and then handing the matches to kids to let
them take the blame. Fuck that! You mean I go out, buy your game (that is fucking great
by the way) and somehow I'm at fault for something they did!? Not to mention the
unneeded negative attention it gave the industry, the ammunition it gave to douches like
Thompson and setting the way for the continue misinformation of sex in games that
followed, such as "Mass Effect". How a company can still be around after all that is fucking
amazing. How anyone else is actively going out and purchasing GTAIV after being fucking
blamed for their fuck up akin to Stockholm's syndrome. All this came back to me when my
friend mentioned to me "I thought you were the one who said 'fuck Rockstar for blaming
me for their fuck up'' and he was right.

I had forgotten about all this shit and now that I trolled the Internet for all this information
above it got me even more angry. Not just @ them but myself for allowing me to forget
how Rockstar tried to save it's own ass by blaming the gamers that had gone out and
purchased their game. I was part of that problem that allowed Rockstar to continue doing
business. I don't expect anyone to follow suit but I see video games as an art form. An
expression of art that allows us to be interactive and be told a story in a manner that was
never possible. Anyone who isn't bold enough to stand behind their art is just like someone
lying to me about who they are. This isn't about money because I know companies need to
make money for me to continue to be entertained but I have seen MANY video game
companies continue to do things THEIR way and not cave in due money. Fuck you Rockstar,
you won't be getting my $59.99 + Tax. Ooh... Now I can finally get Thrillville: Off the Rails,
3 times!

PS Destructoid, your BBCode is broke yo!   read

3:48 AM on 11.22.2007

My Top 10 Games of All time.

I'm stoned out of my mind right now and read so much good shit from this year that it just made reminisce about how much I love video games and the role they have played in my life. They introduced me to this virtual reality that led to the point where I am now; a web developer/graphic guy at a successful software development company. So as I look back I think about the games that have just come to love.

10. World of warcraft.
Blizzard is a master at waiting for others to do shit then see where they can improve it. Good artists copy, great artists steal. This isn't a bad thing obviously since WoW has really created a true universe that I care about as well as to invest time and effort into. The mind and creation of this universe is second to none but the game play is what others have done.. just better..

9. Phantasy Star
This is pretty much my 1st rpg that took me some time to understand but I loved it. My friend didn't like it. they were too into Mike Tyson's Punch out and Super Mario Bros. I fell in love with the genre of RPGs because of that game.

The only game I have EVER really been good at. I can say with much confidence that I am an amazing player in that game. There isn't any other game I can even dare to say that about.

7. Street Fighter II: World Warriors
Luna Pizza 5404 Park Ave West New York, NJ 07093. Early September in my freshmen year there was this game that they brought in. Graphics were amazing and it was sequel to a game I knew. I got decent at it and won a few comps but no other game like it was out there. The fighting genre owes its existence to this game.

6. Mario 64
I never really was into Mario. I had played and beat the games that came but I was just beating them cause. But this was all that was there when the N64 came out.. OMG! 3D platforms genre games all use this as page 1 of their development whether they think so or not.

4. Ninja Gaiden
The story is what got me. It was deep, developed well and keep you playing to see how it was gonna end. Tecmo went all out on this game. Funny thing is I bought it cause I really liked the Arcade version and bought this not realizing it was completely different.

3. Ys
Its strange how sometimes games now don't really use instruments still. This soundtrack went all out and perfect music for area you were in. Story I must admit was cheasy, not as bad as Red Alert or Valis but what I remember best was how well put together this game was. Amazingly well put together. Too bad Ys III sucked dick..

2. Final Fantasy 3 (VI)
The 1st RPG I remember ever invoking a real emotion in me. Final Fantasy 2 (IV) was emotion in a lot of people's opinion but this was the defining moment in the series and in gaming that I think really had you connect hard with characters that made you feel something. Something I never felt in entertainment outside of movies.

1. Battle of Atlantis
This is the game that started it all for me. 1980. Red apple on 96th and off Broadway in up town new york. My mom was shopping and I was just barely able to see over to see the wonderful game that became my earliest memory. My very 1st memory I have is of a video game.   read

12:36 PM on 10.28.2007

Team Fortress 2 Review. *Updated 10/26/2007*

I figured I'd do something stupid and post a conversation I had with a friend and I was sharing my excitement for the game with him.. He laughed at my glee with the game. I felt everything I was saying was true to me and my opinion of the game and my observations of it. I figured this would eb a pretty cool way to present a review. This is unedited random *stoned* babble of a man who was loving the new game he was playing.

(10:22:02 PM) MAbans: Is it silly to register a domain called "" just so I can have "[email protected]" as an email?
(10:22:26 PM) Michael EPGS: LOL
(10:22:46 PM) Michael EPGS: Wow, I laughed pretty hard on that one.
(11:03:55 PM) MAbans: dude.. TF2.. Best multi-player.. AMAZING!
(11:04:08 PM) Michael EPGS: Haven't played it yet.
(11:04:14 PM) Michael EPGS: Heard it's funky fresh.
(11:04:37 PM) MAbans: Oh dude.. It's so freakin' amazing.
(11:05:03 PM) MAbans: I've been playing hardcore.
(11:05:04 PM) MAbans:
(11:05:27 PM) Michael EPGS: Cool stuff man. Take some FRAPS
(11:05:41 PM) MAbans: 1st weekend I didn't play wow was the weekend I got this game..
(11:06:30 PM) MAbans: Classes are perfect. Maps are a dream.. I can't talk it up enough... A near perfect mutiplayer experience. Such a awesome throw back to old school gaming that was jsut fucking fun..
(11:08:14 PM) Michael EPGS: Never played the original.
(11:08:30 PM) MAbans: Neither did I..
(11:08:40 PM) Michael EPGS: What makes it old school D:
(11:08:42 PM) Michael EPGS: Or feel that way.
(11:08:50 PM) MAbans: Like I remember playing Quake.
(11:08:52 PM) Michael EPGS: Wait. No. What old school game does it feel like.
(11:08:53 PM) Michael EPGS: Ah.
(11:08:57 PM) Michael EPGS: Never played that either :P
(11:09:10 PM) MAbans: That game sucked but you played it because something about it was just really fun..
(11:09:22 PM) MAbans: I remember dumping hours.. Flying axes and stuff..
(11:09:36 PM) MAbans: Then somewhere along the way games just got really complicated.
(11:10:14 PM) MAbans: Strict team structures, rules, team killing, scoring ranking.. etc..
(11:10:29 PM) Michael EPGS: LOL
(11:10:36 PM) MAbans: It made it too competitive and unfun at times.
(11:10:58 PM) MAbans: That's what made HALO so great, if you were good.. You were GOOD...
(11:11:14 PM) MAbans: All of us were the same class, a spartan.
(11:11:26 PM) MAbans: You all started off with the weapon set of OUR choice..
(11:11:35 PM) MAbans: You and I battle for who gets sniper..
(11:11:49 PM) MAbans: If you get it I immediately try to back you up and cover you..
(11:11:56 PM) MAbans: It was flexible. Fluid..
(11:12:03 PM) Michael EPGS: A thing of beauty.
(11:12:09 PM) MAbans: HALO 2 after playing it made it too competitive.
(11:12:17 PM) Michael EPGS: Yep
(11:12:22 PM) MAbans: It lost it's magic.
(11:12:36 PM) Michael EPGS: 3 isn't too bad. Still competitive :P
(11:12:52 PM) MAbans: HALO 3 makes an effort but again new suits of armor, that do different things like give speed. It's too complex.
(11:12:57 PM) MAbans: So on to TF 2
(11:12:59 PM) Michael EPGS: WHOA
(11:13:06 PM) Michael EPGS: Do new suits give different shit?
(11:13:09 PM) MAbans: yeah
(11:13:13 PM) Michael EPGS: Wow, wtf.
(11:13:25 PM) MAbans: You can lighten it to make you move faster but lose fire pwer dmg.
(11:13:29 PM) Michael EPGS: Quick question. Is Orange-Box for X360 (TF2) multiplayer?
(11:13:42 PM) MAbans: Yeah but it's better on PC by far.
(11:13:51 PM) MAbans: I played it today on xbox360
(11:14:04 PM) MAbans: You need that keyboard and mouse for the real experience.
(11:14:13 PM) Michael EPGS: Shizzle.
(11:14:24 PM) Michael EPGS: Take some video for me.
(11:14:50 PM) MAbans: I'm sure you can get used to it. But it would be tremendously unfair for xbox 360 players against PC players..
(11:14:56 PM) MAbans: So you got 9 classes.
(11:15:05 PM) MAbans: Each plays very different..
(11:15:27 PM) MAbans: Scout you run around and double jump and are 2x as fast than everyone else.
(11:15:46 PM) MAbans: You Solider is great at splash damage.
(11:15:59 PM) MAbans: Pyro is awesome clean up with it's ambushing.
(11:16:10 PM) MAbans: That's offensive.
(11:16:33 PM) MAbans: Then you for demoman and Engineer who are mostly for guarding or clearing stuff out..
(11:16:52 PM) MAbans: A good demo and engineer make it a night mare for anyone to get into an area..
(11:17:11 PM) MAbans: Then Heavy which is a tank, he gets used a lot in offensive moves..
(11:17:17 PM) MAbans: Those are defensive.
(11:17:22 PM) MAbans: Then you got support.
(11:17:52 PM) MAbans: Sniper of course, long range deadly accurate and capable of hsing someone with minimal effort, it's fun to play..
(11:18:09 PM) MAbans: Spy which is used a lot more than I expected.
(11:18:34 PM) Michael EPGS: I'd probably play something that's hard/least played. Hence why I snipe in most games.
(11:18:35 PM) Michael EPGS: :-/
(11:18:49 PM) Michael EPGS: One, I need video. Two, I have FTP for you to upload the vids of. Three, lemme play :P
(11:18:58 PM) MAbans: Spy is awesome, you can disguise as them.
(11:19:00 PM) Michael EPGS: Sniper is easy for US, or easy in general...
(11:19:01 PM) Michael EPGS: LOL
(11:19:02 PM) Michael EPGS: Really?
(11:19:13 PM) MAbans: Yeah like you can look like their team with one of their names.
(11:19:25 PM) Michael EPGS: That's fucking golden.
(11:19:28 PM) Michael EPGS: Goddamn.
(11:19:37 PM) MAbans: Like sometimes I'll be a spy because their defense is too tough with too many engineer..
(11:19:46 PM) MAbans: But you can sap the sentries that they put up..
(11:20:03 PM) MAbans: You can run and turn invisible
(11:20:15 PM) MAbans: In shot kill ALL class with back stab.
(11:20:21 PM) MAbans: One Shot*
(11:20:28 PM) Michael EPGS: Quick question. How do you fight a spy?
(11:20:31 PM) Michael EPGS: Like, get 'em?
(11:20:50 PM) MAbans: Lets say we think there is a lot of spies.
(11:20:57 PM) MAbans: I'll switch to pyro..
(11:21:07 PM) MAbans: See there is no TKing..
(11:21:18 PM) MAbans: So you can hurt only your enemies and yourself.
(11:21:40 PM) MAbans: So if a spy is next to you dressed like our team I'll burn you both, but only he'll die..
(11:21:55 PM) Michael EPGS: LMAO
(11:21:57 PM) Michael EPGS: THAT is great.
(11:22:04 PM) Michael EPGS: Wow.
(11:22:12 PM) Michael EPGS: Yeah, that game sounds pretty fuckin' fresh just on that small information.
(11:22:13 PM) Michael EPGS: Nice man.
(11:22:13 PM) MAbans: It's simple but deep.
(11:22:23 PM) MAbans: Then there is the amazing.
(11:22:25 PM) MAbans: Medic.
(11:22:42 PM) MAbans: The medic can turn a fight around..
(11:23:04 PM) MAbans: They have like a ghost buster's type gun.
(11:23:28 PM) MAbans: You point @ a teammate and Poof.. You heal him..
(11:23:34 PM) MAbans: It's a stream..
(11:23:42 PM) Michael EPGS: Yeah.
(11:23:46 PM) MAbans: He can run circles around you
(11:23:48 PM) Michael EPGS: Makes the guy invincible that he's streaming.
(11:23:55 PM) MAbans: not true.
(11:24:07 PM) MAbans: You can take a lot more dmg but you aren't invincible
(11:24:23 PM) MAbans: Because, all players have a chance to give a crit' hit..
(11:24:37 PM) Michael EPGS: oh
(11:24:49 PM) Michael EPGS: lol, CRITICAL DAMAGE
(11:24:52 PM) MAbans: So a solider shooting a crit rocket, can easily kill 5 guys (Most I've done) in a single shot.
(11:25:10 PM) MAbans: The rocket comes out all glowly
(11:25:57 PM) MAbans: The medic is kind of useless for any offense.. I've seen some good ones who have killed me with their brain saws but they are weak..
(11:26:06 PM) Michael EPGS: Alright man, enough. I ain't gonna be playing this game and you're making me giddy.
(11:26:15 PM) Michael EPGS: Haven't seen you excited like this in awhile :-o
(11:26:20 PM) MAbans: So they need another player.. But cool thing is you still get points for helping
(11:26:32 PM) MAbans: So if you kill 4 people you get 4 points as well as do I.
(11:27:00 PM) MAbans: So there is constent incentive to keep healing and of course the person you are healing to keep you alive..
(11:27:23 PM) MAbans: Oh they have an ubershot that makes them invincible for 10 seconds. that's cool too
(11:27:28 PM) MAbans: anyway gonna try that?
(11:28:00 PM) Michael EPGS: If Steam has a demo week for it, yeah.
(11:28:16 PM) MAbans: I'll buy it for you... it's only $20
(11:28:26 PM) Michael EPGS: You do that and I'm your dedicated healer.
(11:28:27 PM) MAbans: You can pay me back if you like it. Which you will.
(11:28:39 PM) MAbans: Gimme 2 weeks.
(11:28:42 PM) MAbans: I'll gift it to you..
(11:28:43 PM) Michael EPGS: It's not a matter of being cheap, just don't got the money, you dig? :P
(11:28:48 PM) MAbans: Wird.
(11:28:51 PM) MAbans: word..
(11:28:55 PM) Michael EPGS: What class do you play?
(11:29:15 PM) MAbans: There are my stats
(11:29:15 PM) MAbans:
(11:29:30 PM) Michael EPGS: Soldier ;D
(11:29:31 PM) MAbans: I'm was gonna write a review for this game on destructoid.
(11:29:46 PM) MAbans: I'm just gonna copy paste this convo..
(11:29:55 PM) Michael EPGS: Smart ;-)   read

5:44 PM on 10.25.2007

Trademarked sounds

Remeber the Intel sound? It was 3 simple notes that let you know there is "Intel Inside". Now I'm sure they are still using it in ads now but I wouldn't know. I don't watch TV really, too busy playing TF 2 and WoW to care. Anyway I was looking at some reviews on and wanted to see a review for Eye of Judgment. I go into another tab to read the latest on Britney Spears when I hear the commercial for Eye of Judgment. I ignore it and at the end of it I hear a sound that was oddly familiar. I took my usual lunch and went to play HALO 3 when I started up the XBOX 360, I heard the start up sound. The sound is distinctive and you hear it and immediately think "XBOX 360". So I frantically run back to desk and look for the ad which i can't find on youtube for some reason and the PS3 sound they have at the end of their commercial for Eye of "Judgment" and maybe others. (This is where I saw it. I dont know about any others) is start of the XBOX 360 start up sound. makes me wonder if this was an intentional move because I've seen PS3 ads before and they were using the little bloop/conk sound from the PS2 and early ps3 commercials. I hope it's my mind playing tricks on me and not Sony grasping at straws.   read

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