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Alright, so I'm going to start out with my rant on SKU's, get the negative out of the way, then move on to the positive.

What the crap is with so many sku's? I know I'm not adding anything new to the conversation, and it frustrates alot of people, but seriously? Another 360 sku recently with a 60gb hdd? So I get screwed with a 20gb simply because I bought mine sooner? And don't get me started on the 120gb hdd for $180.
And now we have another new PS3 sku? I'm seriously just confused now. I want a PS3, but I want mine to have B/C. I would love to get this new 160gb version, but I doubt it has B/C. I'm not even sure which versions do anymore. The 80gb does, but then again it doesn't.
Even the hand helds. DS with the colors(and GH pack). PSP now with the 3000. Rediculous.
Enough with the "upgrades" and redo's on a system.
I long for the days when a company put a great deal of work into their product and released it when it was ready. What is wrong with that?

Ok, now that I've said nothing relevant, let's move on to Braid.
I finally bought Braid yesterday(I have no job so it's taken a while), and WOW. It certainly lived up to the hype it received. Truely a brilliant experience. One of the few times in recent gaming memory I can remember finishing a game and being creeped out. I literally had a knot in my stomach from how creeped out it was.
Aside from the story, the puzzles were challenging yet fun. Overall it was a brilliant game well worth the money. I hope Castle Crashers is as good as Braid is.

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