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Fable 2 L.E. DLC for Free

Did you order the Limited Edition version of Fable 2 only to get stiffed on the dlc codes? Don't worry, M$ has your back. Simply enter your email on this site: https://live.xbox.com/en-US/signup/ContactPreferenceSignup.aspx?C...


Rant on SKU's + Braid finally

Alright, so I'm going to start out with my rant on SKU's, get the negative out of the way, then move on to the positive. What the crap is with so many sku's? I know I'm not adding anything new to the conversation, and it fru...


Rock Band Drums available at Retail.

Alright, so I've not ventured into the world of this whole blogging thing DToid has got going yet, but I'm ending that today. I guess I just got sick of God always telling me "You suck. Start a blog". So I am. And while it is...


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