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MPHtails avatar 9:06 PM on 03.27.2008
Why I need EDS' Free Points
Twas once a time, around April of twenty-ought-seven, when I was carefree. I had the world by the globes, and I wasn't about to let go anytime soon. At least, thats what I thought. Not yet having Xbox Live at the time, I popped in the latest OXM demo disc and booted up the demo for Monster Madness, a game that I was waiting for since I found out that it shared similarities with another game, one a bit older and a definite top tenner, Zombies ate my Neighbors. I played around with it a little bit, getting used to the somewhat wonky control scheme,and I'll say I had a bit of fun. I decided to play it again to see if, since I was better working my joysticks, I could do better (and therefore get more fun out of the game).

That, apparently, as not a wise decision. For but a few minutes into the game, my screen suddenly went blank. Not paying too much attention to the apparent problem, I turned off the system and back on again. I loaded the disc and then the demo again. But a scant 120 ticks later and I once again stared into blackness. At this point I got worried, afraid even. I glanced away from the dark confines of the glassy square to my 360, only to find my fears confirmed. Crimson in the pattern of a circle, but not a complete circle, oh no. One sector was dark. The demon of the Xbox had descended upon my house that day and spread a pox on my box. I turned it off, and switched to a regular game disc, hoping that it may have just been a glitch inthe unfinished game code on the disc. But such luck was not to be, My box was scratched off the list of the healthy, now one of the infected.
I slowly unhooked the system, packing it back in it's original box. I grabbed the phone, dialed the number, and ordered a coffin from Microsoft. I then went over, matched Red, yellow, and white wires to their holes, and turned on my Dreamcast, NES disc in tray, for a rousing game of Not Tecmo Super Bowl to take my mind off what had happened.

The coffin never came, but I had pushed the 360 to the back of my mind until July, when we moved. I happily filled those months with Sega based goodness, but the day came to pack everything into boxes and ship out. We moved everything over in a weeklong process of shifting and moving, finding things we'd lost many moons ago. As the clutter left and we finalized our settlement, we re-discovered a green and white cube. I pulled it out from the rubble and set it by my bed. It was night, so I hadn't the time to hook it up, but come morn, I'd be sure to test it out in a small hope that time heals all wounds.

I awoke to a sunny day. I stretched, walked to the bathroom and did my morning duties. I emerged refreshed, and ready to discover the fate my system had been tagged with. I removed it from it's cardboard resting place, placed it on the dresser. Once again matched wires with holes using a color coding system, and inserted the power wire into my power strip. I hit the button. The images appeared. It arrived at the main menu, and I looked for a disc to put in. Not having unpacked any yet, I remembered that Hexic HD was preinstalled on my machine, having gotten the Pro bundle of the system. I booted it up, and played. I played and played. I enjoyed myself there, almost forgetting that I was testing this out for a problem. An hour later, I declared it well enough to play arcade games. But what about discs? Could it handle reading the information contained thereupon and still function well?

I went through box after box, looking for a game to play. I came across my Smackdown 2007 disc, and I decided it was good enough. In goes the disc, on goes the game, and I get ready. Another hour later, and I was glad. Glad, because the demon had been defeated, the pox had been lifted, and I was now in a position to aquire Xbox Live. The world was once again mine, or at least the world of Xbox live was. And that was good enough for me. I sit here today typing this story in happiness, as I am currently keeping that very same Xbox warm for my next game of Team Fortress 2.

tl;dr: I want the Boston song pack for Rock Band but have no points.

Also, for my pic, the Xbox:

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