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MPHtails avatar 7:47 PM on 04.17.2008  (server time)
A quick question to the RPG experts

I am more or less getting prepared to take my second trek into the world Lunar by playing the first game in the series, Lunar: Silver Star (Yeah, I played Eternal Blue first, wanna fight about it?. The story begins here:

Around a month ago on my birthday of March 28th, I had the incredible luck of finding a copy of Silver Star Story Complete (a.k.a the Playstation remake) in the wild for 50 bucks (not to mention a copy of Shining Force 3 for 10 bucks that I am currently selling on eBay after finding that I really didn't care for it [/shameless plug]). Not able to pass that up at all, I grabbed it, if just to have it.

However, the problem I have is this: I also have the game for the Sega CD, though as a Disc Only copy (as EB was). I looked up the major differences between the games and they seem to be quite the bit differentiated. The question is this: Should I play the original SCD version and just keep the original unchanged storyline, or should I go with the technically upgraded and better animated remake and have a changed storyline?

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