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MPHtails avatar 1:11 PM on 03.21.2008  (server time)
A lighter shade of Jade or just need a Sequelitis shot?

So, It's september. I'm watching G4's midnight launch special for Halo 3, getting crazy excited for it. I fall asleep, and wake up in time to get to the mall at 9:30 and pick up my Legendary Edition. I go home and play for 18 hours. The next day I finish the game. A month later I'm playing Uno and Castlevania on XBLA.

Now it's December. I call around to see if anyone has any Rock Band bundles in stock. Since my car was down, I force mom to scramble and get me to the mall and pick it up. It's christmas and I finally open the box and play the crap out of the drums. It's late january, I'm playing Lunar: Eternal Blue.

It's march 9th. In a line with about 30 other dudes and dudettes waiting our turn to play Smash Bros before we can buy it. I get back home with my copy about 2 AM. I play it all night. I finish the Subspace Emissarry the next day, and the 3rd day I do it again due to being impatient with the Spectator mode glitch. It's now March 21st, and I'm starting either Megaman Legends or Parasite Eve.

What do these three stories have in common? Each is a sequel (except rock band, but it's the natural evolution of the Karaoke Revolution and Guitar Hero series, so I'm counting it in), Each was hotly anticipated, each came and went in a short amount of time, Each left me playing old classics that captured me more/longer than the game I left for them. Is it really that these games aren't as good as the old ones? Are they good, but am I becoming a little jaded and choosing to pass them by seeking a superior, more time-worthy venture? Or am I just getting bored with the same old thing and going back in time to play something different?

I think it's just number 3, but I'm curious to see how many others here are burning their fuse with the hot new games quicker than usual. Just to see if I'm just getting bored with franchises or really am just jading up.

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