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The name is ME.
I am a french-canadian-qebecois.
i live near Ottawa.

i got consoles
and lots of games.

I mostly play on the pc.
and i am often on Dtoid IRC.

my steam ID : gir9311
I play a lot of TF2 and L4D.

I am now playing :

Team Fortress 2
Fallout 3
Left 4 Dead
A lot of Old-school SHMUP...

if you REALLY want to talk to me my email is :
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since i'm sick today and just bought a bag full of awesome at my local EBgames (mine isn't so bad, great cheap used game selection) i tought i should show it to you :

if you can't see in the picture i got :

Used Viewtiful Joe 1&2 , 8$ for the two
A new copie of Mercenaries 2 ( for my dad ), 20$
Used Psychonauts, 25$
Used Prinny : Can i really be the hero?
Used R-type Command (i was expecting a normal r-type game but, it turns out i spent 25$ on a generic r-type themed turn-based game) , 25$

Not pictured :

new earphones for my PSP, 30$
and finnaly : A used eyetoy camera (last one broked) to use as a webcam/mic , 15$

On an ending note, i am returning R-type command, i'll maybe get a good 3$ of in-store credit.

Well, i just found this song on youtube and, even if i normaly hate everything hip-hop related, i absolutly love this song.

love and cookies,


12:31 PM on 01.04.2009

And he hugged me back :)

as i was browsing trough my dayly dose of destrucotid i cam across an ad that was kind of intrusive:

look at the C-Blogs section. this isn't supposed to be there.

that's jsut i wanted to show.


here is a thing i made in about 15 min, i found it pretty good (but, i am french so i have no taste), i know that this is just an easy magicwand/copy/past/resize thing, but i putted a little part of my rotten soul into it:


1:39 PM on 08.25.2008

well, since i got nothing to do, i tought ''hey why not make a useless post that will most likely be uter-shit''


For your information, i am still young, i live at my parents house.

Also, i didnt tought it would be a good idea to do some cleaning, so you'll see my real room.

P.S : sorry if i destroy the english language while i am at it.


Here, you can see my desk with other shit. Notice the fugly wall (previous owner) and the ps3 poster.

Some t-shirts, Nirvana poster, Krusty plushie, my awsome T.V. ...

My papercrafts, ''The Unknown Soldier'' comics.

My door , my Game Gear with some things...

An overview, taken from my bed...

The side of my bed, where my psp is recharging , i have a book ''The Journals of Kurt Cobain'' ...

Well that's pretty much it.

I now expect to be on the next Community Highlights, to receive some free stuff and to have a big FRIENDSHIP HUG !!!!
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