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ME4Twaffle's blog

12:30 PM on 02.02.2008

The Dark Knight Trailer for December: The Joker is in this One

For those still wondering how Heath Ledger is going to do as The Joker, I searched the Clogs and could not find someone who had posted this video yet. ODD. He must've put alot of work into that voice, because that's nothin...   read

12:40 AM on 01.21.2008

Cloverfield Review: My Monster Brings All The Boys To The Yard...

... and they're like "It's bigger than yours?" Damn right, it's bigger than yours. He could eat you, if you extra-large. ANYWAYS: I just got home from seeing Cloverfield. A movie that has received a broad range of rev...   read

12:40 AM on 12.24.2007

Velocity Micro Giveaway Contest, Entry #4: ALSO, SOCKS

I was... uhh... busy... but I figured I could take a second of time away from my activities to take one final contest shot.   read

12:21 PM on 12.23.2007

9 Year Old Beats Through the Fire and Flames on Expert: Doesn't Break Sweat

He's better than me. So my plan is to find out where he lives and challenge him to a rock-off on "Radio Song" for his soul. Since I perfect that song nearly every time I play it, I expect his soul shall be mine within a couple weeks. Via   read

1:51 PM on 12.21.2007

Velocity Micro Giveaway Contest, Entry #3: FAT MAN NIPPLE CONSPIRACY

DID U NO THAT TEH LETTRES IN 'SANTA' SPELL 'SATAN'?! Full scan of my crotch attached to post. Also cocks indeed.   read

9:23 PM on 12.20.2007

Velocity Micro Giveaway Contest, #2: FORTHELULZ

My internets. Let me show you them. lolol Grim gives to charity and drinks Vanilla Coke lolol   read

3:38 AM on 12.06.2007

First Image of Street Fighter IV: 2D/3D/Cel-shaded Indeed!

Hey, whaddya know! Street Fighter IV has finally released a screenshot. And after seeing the above image, I really can't think of a better way to describe it than 2D/3D/Cel-Shaded... It's definitely a different style. Sort ...   read

10:36 PM on 12.04.2007

It Has Returned!: MIDWEEK BLAST FROM THE PAST: Crappy Reviews from the Back of My Mom's Attic. PART FOUR

Soooo... It's been a while. For the uninitiated [read: all of you], every so often I pull a review out of my ass that I wrote damn near 4 years ago for everyone to giggle at like little school girls with tentacles tickling t...   read

5:12 PM on 12.04.2007

Dtoid PS3 Theme: do as Jay does edition

So, as some of you may have noticed, the results of the PS3 Dtoid theme contest are up, and I can't tell if I came in 3rd or if they decided to give both runners-up equal credit, but I'll assume I came in 3rd. Because assum...   read

8:52 PM on 11.27.2007

Velocity Micro Giveaway Contest, etc.


8:20 AM on 09.13.2007

Super Smash Bros. Brawl to Make Hitler it's Bitch

Ok, so I lied. What I'm really here to talk about is who you think should be in SSBB. Do you think we should be able to blow fireballs out of our noses with Karnov? Do you think Tom Nook would be the best thing since sliced...   read

1:57 PM on 09.06.2007

MIDWEEK BLAST FROM THE PAST: Crappy Reviews from the Back of My Mom's Attic! (Part Trios)

I did it again... My belated wednesday post is here once more to ruin your brain, and make you spew "blabble-abble-bab" unconsciously due to mass retard intake. So... put your tin hat on now, before I penetrate your mind wit...   read

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