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ME4Twaffle's blog

8:39 AM on 05.23.2011

P2 Press Start: Multiplayer Single-Player Mode

Being a person with more than my fair share of brothers, multiplayer gaming was very popular in our house. There was only one TV, and only one NES, or SNES, or N64, or GameCube, etc. Whichever it was, we were either going t...   read

6:14 AM on 05.19.2011

The Liik: That New Project Cafe Video

UPDATE: I originally asserted that the camera was placed above the right thumb stick, but this was because my screen capture happened to be taken at just the wrong time. Right between the screen below and the bulleted list ...   read

10:42 PM on 05.12.2011

DESTRUCTOID! Lend Me Your Strength!

I have a HUGE favor to ask. I've entered a contest on to win a trip to E3. It's more than just a contest to me, and if you read my entry, I think you'll understand. If y...   read

6:45 PM on 04.28.2011

The Liik: Nintendo Says Wii 2 / Stream Will Feature Traditional Buttons

The picture above is widely regarded to be the closest fan-made concept to the real thing. It's not the real thing, but I wouldn't mind if it was... it's actually pretty sleek. This news comes in via Kotaku, who also state...   read

8:31 PM on 04.27.2011

Project Cafe / Nintendo Stream Rumor Time!

Have you seen the picture above? No? Well it came to most blogs' attention yesterday. Being that there doesn't seem to be a dedicated rumor-man at Dtoid, and Chad is too busy panting heavily into a paper bag to post about ...   read

12:37 AM on 03.14.2008

Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig

I was hoping to upgrade it into a gaming PC, so I got the case I wanted and built an OK machine by my standards. I built it using the following: 1) AMD 64 Athlon 3200+ (2.0 Ghz) 2) JETWAY Mobo with 939 CPU bus, 6 PCI slots,...   read

12:30 PM on 02.02.2008

The Dark Knight Trailer for December: The Joker is in this One

For those still wondering how Heath Ledger is going to do as The Joker, I searched the Clogs and could not find someone who had posted this video yet. ODD. He must've put alot of work into that voice, because that's nothin...   read

12:40 AM on 01.21.2008

Cloverfield Review: My Monster Brings All The Boys To The Yard...

... and they're like "It's bigger than yours?" Damn right, it's bigger than yours. He could eat you, if you extra-large. ANYWAYS: I just got home from seeing Cloverfield. A movie that has received a broad range of rev...   read

12:40 AM on 12.24.2007

Velocity Micro Giveaway Contest, Entry #4: ALSO, SOCKS

I was... uhh... busy... but I figured I could take a second of time away from my activities to take one final contest shot.   read

12:21 PM on 12.23.2007

9 Year Old Beats Through the Fire and Flames on Expert: Doesn't Break Sweat

He's better than me. So my plan is to find out where he lives and challenge him to a rock-off on "Radio Song" for his soul. Since I perfect that song nearly every time I play it, I expect his soul shall be mine within a couple weeks. Via   read

1:51 PM on 12.21.2007

Velocity Micro Giveaway Contest, Entry #3: FAT MAN NIPPLE CONSPIRACY

DID U NO THAT TEH LETTRES IN 'SANTA' SPELL 'SATAN'?! Full scan of my crotch attached to post. Also cocks indeed.   read

9:23 PM on 12.20.2007

Velocity Micro Giveaway Contest, #2: FORTHELULZ

My internets. Let me show you them. lolol Grim gives to charity and drinks Vanilla Coke lolol   read

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