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MBurdock avatar 6:36 PM on 07.24.2013  (server time)
Selective Logging

So now that I have committed to reviewing games from my backlog to see how they fare for occasional and irregular play, I am going to have to pick one to start with. Perhaps you could help.

Here are the five that I’m considering:
1. AI War: Fleet Command
2. Cave Story +
3. Gratuitous Space Battles
4. Half-life 2
5. Torchlight

Let me know where you think I should start in the comments.

Here’s a refresher and refinement on how I plan to review:
a.) They have to be games I own that I haven’t completed (this definition allows me to buy more games);
b.) I am rating them on the experience that they provide in two distinct settings: brief bursts of no more than 30 minutes, or the occasional one to three hour sessions (occurring roughly every other week);
c.) The “experience” that I am trying to rate/describe is how much quality fun you get out of those sessions;
d.) “Quality fun” is obviously a subjective term, but here’s what I’ll be considering: how easy it is to pick up again, how engaged I am in the gameplay, whether I want to keep going or feel like I should be trying something else in my collection, and (here’s the quality part) the depth of the experience (e.g., tic tac toe vs. Risk); and
e.) Reviews aren’t just about the quality of the experience, but also what sort of niche they fit into for the busy gamer, like:

Time Over – not for the busy gamer (e.g., Skyrim, WoW, Tales of Symphonia)
Empty Distraction – simple but empty (e.g., Candy Crush)
Pleasant Diversion – simple and satisfying (e.g., Terraria)
Long Weekend – complex and engaging (e.g., Infamous 2)
Hobby – complex, engaging, but no defined end (e.g., DiRT, Mortal Kombat)

What this means is that even if a game has fantastic reviews, I may still score it poorly if the thirty-minute bite is dull.

Neither my time nor new games are cheap, so I'm hoping to make the most of what I have.

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