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9:08 AM on 07.13.2008

Thunder Force VI

Sega's official launch page

Bottom right corner, "PROJECT STG 001". Does this mean Sega has multiple shooter projects underway?   read

8:46 AM on 07.09.2008

Thunder Force VI Confirmed

It looks like Thunder Force VI will be developed and published by Sega under license from Tecnosoft. I know we all wanted a 3d next gen addition to the series, but it looks like Thunder Force VI will be released on the PS2 sometime in October. I'll take it! I have been waiting for this for almost 10 years.
Directed by Tez Okano the traditional 2D shooter will be rendered 3D, but will keep its 2d horizontal game play. Old levels will be remixed and new levels are inspired from the old ones.

Check out the screen from Videogamerx

You can pre-order at

**There is also a "unofficial" Thunder Force 6.
Back in 1999 Tecnosoft announced that they were working on Thunder Force 6 for the Dreamcast, but got bought by a pachinko company. So the game never got its chance.
2001 introduced a comedy Sega simulation for the Dreamcast called Segagaga. This was done in a funny RPG style. At the end of this game there is a secret shooter unlock called R720. There are two modes to choose from, one being a direct tribute to Thunder Force. It features the Thunder Force 6 ship, Syrinx.


Six years later in 2007 a company called Factory Noise & A.G are producing a game called Broken Thunder. This doujin Thunder Force game features original fonts, phrases, and once again Syrinx. There is a strong chance this might just hit the Dreamcast. SO keep your eyes and ears open.

below is a screen of the opening movie released by Factory Noise

This is Exceliza. Roger. Good Luck   read

3:35 PM on 07.05.2008

+CEBO:RARE GAME ALERT! trial & video download included

I recently found this game after a extensive search. The games home website has a trail download link but, it was a dead link for me. So after many nights of translating Japanese to English I finally had enough dead end reviews with no working download. So I decided to email the game designer directly. Her name is MatsuNe Masato, she is the owner of the Alice from Japan design studio. MatsuNe was very nice to me, she informed me that the production on the game has come to a halt due to the team of developers schedule. She said the project will continue when they can configure some time to work on it. So as of right now just a very cool trial version is all we get.

You can check out her work here

+CEBO is a little more than just another Japanese shmup, this game has style. With the pulsating trace music and the beautiful graphics this game will keep you in a hypnotized state for hours. Some say this game is REZ if REZ were a true shmup, but I do not agree. I think this game is innovative and original in its own way. Its much more difficult than a game like REZ. Hell, it took me a whole day to master the first level. The game also has a very extensive story line, but its in Japanese and MatsuNe said there is no plan to translate it yet. So give this shooter a try
Also, there is a promotional movie for the game, check it out

Click the Blue image in the gallery for a better look.

Up Down Left Right to move.
Z is primary fire.
X is bomb.
V is skip Dialog.   read

2:01 PM on 07.03.2008

Synaesthete: inspired by REZ

Everyone check out Digipen's Institute of Technology newest student game project "Synaesthete". This music based game has taken the 2008 IGF award for Best Student Game. I think all of the hardcore gamers here at would love to congratulate the four man team of developers on their recent achievement. Their game is distinctly influenced by one of my all time favorite games, REZ.

Like many of my fellow gamers I definitely attract to the musically inclined games. All of my favorite musical games tend to be very creative in style and play. This game is no different. Just like the Guitar Hero or Rock Band series it has the same "riff hitter" style, just 3 buttons instead of 5. Not only do you have to keep rhythm but you also have to move your character around screen, dodging enemies and traveling from platform to platform. Hell, you even pick up power-ups and health. Don't get too over whelmed. The recommended tutorial teaches you everything you will need to know in just a short period of time. On top of that the developers added words of encouragement after every completion of a platform. Like, " I am a samurai"!


Like most of our lovely keyboard and mouse games you will use WASD to move around the map, while using JKL keys to match the rhythm. Oh yea, I forgot to mention you can cast spells with the I key, you have a limited amount so use them sparingly. Although, I did notice I was not using them, not even on the bosses. Yes, this game does have boss fights.
As you progress in your game not only do you unlock levels, but you can also unlock new spells. When you unlock a new level it unlocks a floating ring region of your little platform. The only way I can describe it in theory is kind of like Crash Bandicoot's level selection.

If you are a REZ fan or even a Guitar hero fan, I highly recommend that you try this game out. The music is simply amazing, at the end of each level while your points get added up your character will do a little break dance.

I must warn you, if you have Epilepsy do not play this game. It comes up front with a seizure warning. YEEEHAWW

Download link   read

10:28 PM on 07.01.2008

TF2 Class Update: Heavy

It has been announced that the Heavy character of Team Fortress 2 will be the focus of the next class update coming from Valve. Read all about it   read

3:12 PM on 07.01.2008

Cloudphobia: fly through the clouds

Cloudphobia is a horizontal scrolling mech shoot 'em up. Your main objective is to protect your mother ship at all costs. Your mother ship is off screen on the left side. You have two health meters, one for you, and one for your mother ship. Every time an enemy slips past you, your mother ship loses health. Meaning you can die even if your character's health bar is full. So try to keep the screen cleared. You will learn to stay on guard while dodging enemy projectiles. This fast paced freeware shooter literally had me on the edge of my seat. By fast paced I mean the "time attack" variable of the game.


This game has very smooth graphics and the sounds are a perfect match. Fyu-Kosay (game developer and music producer) creates some of the best game sounds and level music. He is very well known for his work in japan. Every thing from the explosions to the jet thrusters are done magnificently.

There are 2 mech robots to choose from. The first mech or flying robot, is equipped with a long range laser blaster and lock on missiles. The second mech is equipped with a wide range sword and the same lock on missiles. Both ships have speed thrusters that you will use often to beat the time attack. You can acquire power-ups to inflict more damage on your enemies. You can also increase your score using combos. On a side note I would like to mention the fact that I love the huge red numbers that display on screen while getting a combo. The only downside to this free game is there is only one level.

Wanna beat the game and brag to your friends? Cloudphobia allows you to connect to a network and upload your replays and high scores. This is a very cool feature when you like to keep an eye on your progression.

Lets take a look at the default controls. You can always change your controller layout in the options screen.

You control your mech's movement with the up, down, left, and right arrows.
Z-Primary fire

Released: 2004.07.02
Developer: Fyu-Kosay
File size: 8.36 Mb
Operating System: MS Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista

Download it here   read

6:31 PM on 06.07.2008


QUANTIZED BLAZE is officially in my top 10 favorite shmups. A true gem from the maker of Nomltest FS and Sky Swimmer's Heaven, devoloper Keim (also known as Kei Mesuda) does it again.

You are a stylish ship flying on a scrolling chequer board. Protect your ships cockpit, it is your hitbox. Over the scrolling chequer board this visual orgasm has interweaving lines forming patterns and sprials in a way that it does not distract you, but it does look cool as hell. You have flames coming at you from the top of the screen. You can not let them pass you or you die. You have a water blaster you put out the flames with...(sounds cheesy..but looks amazing) The flames blast bullets at you that have their own flip animation. Each blaze you shoot plays a beat of music. Kind of like REZ. I love this in a game. This is a little thing, but it is very creative. The game starts out very easy, then the programed bullet patterns get pretty insane. Weaving in and out of perfectly placed bullets while trying to fight back the fire that is pushing its way towards you gets very tricky. Along with your Water Blaster you also have a bomb that will clear all of the flames off of your screen. It will not clear the bullets. So be careful.

Left Shift: Main fire
Arrow Keys:Move
Shift: Go Back

At the Title Screen It will say Press Any Key to call 119..or something like that. PRESS SHIFT

the music in this video is not the game music. This video is really crappy. It does not do the game justice.

The File is only 3mb. No installation.So download it and give it a try. Tell me what you think.


make sure you dont block the pop up. That is the download. I lOVE you!   read

3:08 PM on 06.07.2008


HISHO AYU: DREAMPAINTER is a textbook vertical cute em up. One of my favorite features about this game is your girls speed. Also, your shooting at really random creatures. This games "enemies" are rubber ducks, flying swords, huge pandas, and a wanna be Kermit the frog. controls are very simple: Z to shoot your main fire. X to drop your bomb. Scoring is based on your bombing skills. When you drop a bomb you kill everyone around you, and your main fire is powered up for 20 seconds. Drop you bombs when there are the most bullets on screen to erase them.Your settlement appears in the lower left. When settlement is more than 0, The enemies you destroyed will increment a counter combo (the increment is determined by the number of bullets erased by bombs) and the chain of destruction done you provides a bonus points at the end of the level. You have 3 bombs. Use them wisely. you can download the game here. have fun.   read

11:12 AM on 06.04.2008

Aces of the Galaxy

How do you feel about Barrel Rolls? If your like me, you do a barrel roll at any given moment to spice up everyday life. This new XBLA title Aces of the Galaxy is perfect for you. Gamers like me love flying through space blasting our way through wave after wave of enemies. This game is what we have been waiting for. Take on this adventure in co-op mode or single player. What ever you choose make sure you use the barrel roll joke at least 100 times.

Aces of the Galaxy was developed by Artech Studios, Published by Sierra Online. Choose between 3 different ships, each ship has the same attributes and weapons just unique paint jobs. Now back to the fire power! Switch it up from a chain-gun, cluster missiles or my favorite, the torpedoes. Not to worry kids, you have infinite ammo. The only thing that gamers won't like is the lack of auto fire with the chain-gun. You have to keep tapping A. But your multiple lock on cluster missiles make up for it. Your L and R triggers set off the great barrel roll dodge. This evasion tactic will be very helpful later in the game. Along with the ability to slow down time. Yes I did say SLOW DOWN TIME! Watch the video to see what I am talking about.

With no saves, checkpoints, or continues you have one chance at beating this epic space shooter. If you die you go right back to the start. Sorry try again. There are three paths you can choose from if you swoop the warp power-up. You have to have a fond love for killing enemy after enemy with this game, because there are no boss battles. So the ending is lacking a little action. The ending does have one cool feature, what some call the best credits on xbox live. With your three guns you can blast each name of the people who made this game. There is also some story line comedy in the ending. I have only played a few minutes of this epic starfox isometric style shooter. So like many others I am very excited about this game. I wish I had a xbox just for this.
Check out the video, then go download this.


Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crush. Be water my friends.   read

2:39 AM on 05.27.2008

Ikaruga Flash

I wanna keep this one short so I'm going to just get to the point.

I guess this has been around for a while.. but this is the first time for me. So fuck it. I feel like sharing. This is just a trial version of the epic game Ikaruga. Ikaruga is not my favorite shooter, but i enjoy do it.

Ok. Now the controls: Use your up, down, left and right arrows to control the movements of your ship. Z to shoot, X to change the polarity of your ship, and C to use your charged homing missiles.

The game lets you choose between two airframes. Ikaruga, who is piloted by Shinra, and Ginkei, who is piloted by Kagari. The two ships do not differ in performance.

you can find the game here   read

12:47 AM on 05.17.2008

The Guts (nerd porn)


6:56 PM on 05.16.2008

My Turning Point Gaming Rig

Remember me? I'm mattFOO mothafucker, don't forget that shit.

I am the winner of the Turning Point Gaming Rig. There were hundreds of entries from gamers all over the world, but I am the lucky winner. You can check out the winning blog here. Basically my laptop is a piece of shit, and I won a beast of a computer in a random drawing my gaming community hosted. All I had to do is take a picture of my rig. That's it. This is why has the best contests.

I'm terribly sorry I didn't post about the rig as soon as I got it. I was so excited. I just wanted to unwrap it, set it, up and play some games. Here's a list of the winnings.

ICON Exotix Custom SOF artwork w/ bullet holes
ICON Standard Solid
Silverstone 1000Watt Strider - Modular
EVGA nVidia nForce 680I - SLI
Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3.0GHz
2GB Corsair Dominator 6400C4
2x nVidia GeForce 8800GT 512MB
Creative Labs X-Fi
Raid 0 - Requires 2 Identical Drives
Seagate 500GB 16MB Cache SATA 2
Seagate 500GB 16MB Cache SATA 2
Lite-On 20X DVD+-RW W/Lightscribe
Mitsumi Flash Media & Floppy Drive
Windows Vista Home Premium - 32 Bit
Logitech G-15 Gaming Keyboard
Logitech MX-518 Gaming-Grade Opt. Mouse
Samsung 22" - 1680x1050
Logitech X-240 2.1
Falcon Northwest T-Shirt (LG)
Falcon NorthWest coffee mug & coffee bean?
Falcon Northwest hat

LoL WTF? I don't drink coffee, but its pretty cool. Anyways, lets take a look at this monster of a machine...

The artwork is on both sides of the rig. The front has two doors that swing open. The top door gives you access to the Mitsumi Flash Media & Floppy Drive, and the Lite-On 20X DVD+-RW W/Lightscribe tray. The bottom door opens up to a big fan and 4 USB ports. The Power button and the Reset button both have blue LED lights. The top door has the Falcon Northwest logo built into it with a bright white light. The top of the rig has a grate. You can look into the computer through it. The inside is lite up beautifully. Mostly blue lights, but there are also red, green, and yellow lights inside. Complete with surround sound input, 4 monitor outputs, 10 USB ports, 2 Firewire ports, S/PDIF Digital audio out, S/PDIF optical audio out, and I wont forget to mention the secondary Front Speakers and Microphone inputs, this computer is BADASS!

And now the accessories.

Ladys and gentlemen, I present to you the Samsung SyncMaster 2243BWX Black 22" Widescreen TFT-LCD Monitor. With fast response time (5ms) and Dynamic Contrast 8000:1, I'm pretty much guaranteed a enjoyable experience every time I sit in front of it. Even my monitor has USB ports and a Firewire port. You can raise, lower, rotate and lean the monitor. Perfect for a gamer.

Can you image sitting back, playing your favorite shoot em up on this?

This is the Logitech G-15 keyboard. I'm still trying to figure out all of its functions. Illuminated key Characters with three levels of brightness makes it easily visible in all lighting conditions. With the "GamePanel" LCD you can keep track of emails, game stats, or important system information. The G-15 has 6 programable "G" keys with 3 Mode keys. There is even 2 USB ports.

To go along with the epic G-15 keyboard Destructoid gave me the Mx518 mouse.
It has 8 buttons, three sensitivity levels, and the most comfortable thumb groove to fit you right hand. 1800dpi!

What do you think of my new mouse pad?

They even hooked me up with a sound system. The Logitech X-240 turns my bedroom into a theatre, or just pisses off my old neighbors...I must say playing Exception with the volume high made me a very happy man.

Falcon Northwest gave me this cool little book to organize all of my PC information, drivers, and extras.

Stait Faces: Standing next to a pile of boxes taller than me.

So here's the temporary setup... (im moving on the 21st) So all of this gets put back into boxes soon.

also, GameDog not sleeping this time.

I want to thank every one at Destructoid, Sandbox, and Falcon Northwest for making this possible. This is by far the best gift I've ever received. Let me thank each and everyone of you personally by owning your face with my Turning Point Gaming Rig. My steam name is MattFoo.

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