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Today, it is with great honor, that I am able to present to the community: GALACTIC CONQUEST 8.1.

Also, if using chrome, it is “recommended” that you set your browser to download all files. Without further ado, I present you with your download methods:
Battlefield 1942 mod Galactic Conquest 8.1

Galactic Conquest 8.1 Client with installer:
Mirror 1:
Mirror 2:

“GCMOD” Folder, drag to directory to install. (Advanced users):
Mirror 1:
Mirror 2:

Galactic Conquest Dedicated Server. (For game hosting purposes only):
Mirror 1:
Mirror 2:
Change Log: - Battlefield 1942 Server in United States

Remember this is a working progress!May the force be with you.

-See you on the Battlefield!
*If you receive an uninstall conflict while using the installer, it means your previous version was installed by another utility. You can ignore any warning and proceed.*

**Gamespy shut down also so you need a patch if your using origin otherwise no servers will pop up. here is that patch**

I play 1942 through my origin account, if you do not have a copy of 1942 you can get it here

 Hi all of my old Dtoid friends I missed u

8:42 PM on 01.03.2009

cALLING ALL oHIO dtoiders aTYPICAL Release Party

aTYPICALsOle is delivering another dope pack of T's so you already know we have to kick it!!! Come out and party with us to celebrate the release of the aTYPICAL "My Fresh" line.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

1142 Main St
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

DJ Steph Floss on the 1's and 2's
(DreamLife and The League Crew)

Steph Floss is on his way to taking over the game; rocking major venues in Cleveland, Atlanta, Chicago, Vegas and everywhere in between. He's also fresh off the release of his official mixtape with Roc-a-Fella artist Young Chris "The Last Man Standing" as well as the "Timing is Everything" mixtape; crafted for G-Shock to be distributed at Magic (look it up).
Free before 11:30pm
Free ALL Night with an aTYPICAL Tee (
Tee's on sale at the party

$3 You Call Its until Midnight

For Bottle Service call 513.672.2428


2:16 PM on 08.08.2008

Look at what I got for only $9.00! Its a TopMax arcade stick for the Sega Dreamcast. I don't know how much these usually go for, but I'm very happy with this buy. Thank you Play & Trade, you made my day.

Now all I need is the mouse and keyboard for the Dreamcast.

(pics kinda shitty, I took it with my phone)

What more do you want? CrunchTime Games is giving us the opportunity to Shred the Nebula for only 800 Microsoft points. The asymmetrical Geometry Wars style movement has definitely evolved.

Choose between one of the 40 brilliant colored maps and play one of the two separate single-player game types or play 4 player multiplayer. We do know there is a score run single player mode and a story based mode, but we do not know much about the multiplayer yet. Same with the ship upgrades section of the game, not much info released. The player must burst around asteroids while firing and dodging enemies fire. Not only do you dodge but you can also use a counter attack that can deflect and shield you from enemy fire.

Maybe its the colors that attract me, maybe its the shooting, but it gives me he same feel of excitement Aces of the Galaxy gave me. This game is definitely on do-want my list! Check out the official site here