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4:41 PM on 06.11.2011

My favorite things at E3 that you didn't hear about

During my time at E3 this year, I saw ALOT of things that I truly loved. I am so excited for the next year in gaming. But once I got home and had come down from my E3 high, I noticed that some of my favorite things weren't reported to the public! I was astonished, and decided to write out My favorite things at E3 that you didn't hear about. Enjoy!

1. HD - My favorite feature that was announced for the WiiU was the HD graphics capabilities. This is due mainly to the fact that Nintendo didn’t hop on the 3D bandwagon for their new console, but mainly because of the opportunities that this opens for the console. We all new that Nintendo has never been particularly noted for their graphics, but after viewing the graphics at their booth at E3 this year, I have to say that the future looks bright.

2. Zelda - They were hush-hush about it, but with a little investigation I found that the graphics demo they had for the WiiU was in fact an entirely different game than skyward sword, one that we haven’t yet heard of. It had graphics more similar to Twilight Princess, but amped up by the HD. It was truly beautiful, and definitely a game I will be looking forward to.

3. PC Gaming - I am a PC Gamer, and have to admit that at E3 I felt thoroughly under represented. With the lack of big names like Valve, and the big announcements of the huge console titles and their games, I felt disappointed at the way gaming was going. Until I went to the Alienware booth. As a big hardware company in the eyes of us gamers, I was intrigued to check out what they had in store. They had mainly PC gamers running the booth, and truly cared about what the users wanted. It made me feel a true camaraderie among us PC lovers.
But as far as PC gaming goes, MMO’s took the cake this year. I played a few free MMO’s and was impressed by every aspect of them. Dynasty Warriors online is definitely my favorite so far, though the Nexon titles Vindictus and Dragon’s Nest were extremely fun as well. I have become a reformed MMO lover.
Here’s the links to the above mentioned MMO’s:

4. AMD – The 5 screen display was definitely a highlight of the Gaming displays that were set up throughout the convention. The hardware was amazing. And Although I loved the all-encompassing feel of playing on this screen setup, the gap from screen to screen was almost an inch and made aiming quiet difficult. Excellent Idea! Hopefully in the future there will be better execution, smaller borders.

5. Tanks – You probably heard about this one, but I loved it too much to not put it up here. To promote their MMO, world of Tanks hired 3 WW2 era tanks to display. I’m talking real working tanks. They had an American Sherman, Russian T-34, and a German Hetzer.

6. Booth Babes who actually knew what they were talking about – There is more to gaming that pressing “A to jump, B to attack, see!” and I actually met 2 babes who actually knew so. They knew hardware specs, game processes, and were actually players themselves. So open your eyes! They are out there!

7. Secret Skyrim message – This message was posted on the wall of the Bethesda booth underneath the Dragon. I decoded it to the best of my abilities. But I can’t figure what it actually means. But this is what it translates to in the Dragon language.


Let me know if you can figure anything else out!

8. Razer Hydra – Motion sensors, It’s the big thing right now! This is, in a way, a response to the big deal in gaming. Check it out and pre-order here :   read

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