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Lunacy's blog

8:13 AM on 07.17.2010

Intro blog!

Who: Matt (aka Lunacy aka Demi)
What: Male, fluent in english and french, gamer/anime watcher/voracious reader/sporadic writer
When: Born mid-August, 1992
Where: Raised in Prince Edward Island, now located in the big scary city of Ottawa
Why: My father raised me with Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy VII (no, really) and jRPGs have been in my consoles ever since. I'm diversifying in baby steps. My mother raised me with Harry Potter, and sci-fi/fantasy books have been in my hands ever since. I'm also diversifying there in baby steps. Anime and writing are hobbies I picked up on my own!

So, I'm Canadian, and if you aren't Canadian where I live and where I used to live probably mean nothing to you. If you are Canadian, you may not even know where PEI is. Allow me to illustrate.

Now I live in Ottawa, so I can go to Carleton University in the fall to study cognitive science. If you are not Canadian, you probably do not know where Ottawa is. Allow me to illustrate.

Ok, so that's where I've been, and where I am. You know my name, my primary hobbies, and where they came from. Consider that your introduction, so now we can be the best of friends. I like video games, you like video games, and if I learned anything in kindergarten, I know that makes us 100% qualified to hang out and play video games together!

It's good timing that Dtoid Toronto just rose from the ashes, because I always planned to meet some of you wonderful folks in the area and find some new gaming buddies. Toronto is, from what I understand, four hours away from Ottawa. You might think that's far away, but you don't understand how I grew up. We used to drive two hours just to go shopping. For the last 18-ish years of my life, I've lived 5-12+ hours away from anything interesting that might be happening. A four hour bus ride is practically next door. So I fully plan to attend Toronto NARPs, but if there are enough people in Ottawa, perhaps we could create our own group.

Something tells me it would be polite to introduce myself before also inviting myself to hang out with everyone, so here I am. If NARPs are more the domain of the forum, I suppose I could introduce myself over there as well. If you've already got the gist of it (or I've written myself a bio that makes this intro blog obsolete), you don't need to subject yourself to the following paragraphs of mundane information like the games I play and the systems I own. If not, here's the rundown!

As I said, my dad brought out his old NES to teach me how to count and do basic math using Dragon Warrior. I learned to multiply trying to figure out how many slimes I would need to kill to get a Copper Sword. We also owned Zelda II, the not-quite fondly remembered side-scrolling action-RPG-esque (and totally not a rip-off of Castlevania because I guess it didn't start the RPG thing until later), which led me to believe in the mystical properties of the elusive Metal Slime. Dragon Warrior VIII for PS1 and Dragon Warrior I & II for the GameBoy Color would later reconfirm this theory.

In 1997, with the release of Final Fantasy VII, a friend of my dad's (and manager of a Sony Store, making him slightly biased) urged him that the time was right to buy a PlayStation. My dad convinced my mother that we "had to have it" and told her it could play CDs, as if that would ever be useful. Eventually she agreed, and much father-son bonding would occur through Final Fantasy VII and later FF VIII. Including the time my save file at the start of the fourth disk of FF VIII was saved over. I was so close...

I currently own a PS3, a decent gaming computer, a Wii, and a DS. The new Xbox 360s are nearly tempting, and I might buy one in the future just so I have access to a couple of exclusives I've obviously never been able to play. With all the "sequels" and spin-offs being released on the PSP, it's amazing I've held off this long on getting one, but honestly I don't know if I can afford it in terms of cash, or in terms of time. I mean, I've made it my policy to play anything and everything Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts, but I've already got so many other games to play...

Speaking of which, what kinds of games do I currently play? Good question! I actually play PS2 games far more often on my 60 gb PS3 than actual PS3 games, but that's because I will never run out of great PS2 games to play. My DS also gets a lot of use, because it also has a gigantic library of excellent games. Literally the only Wii games I've bought for myself have been No More Heroes 1 (played to completion), No More Heroes 2 (working on it), and FF: Crystal Bearers (untouched). Likewise, I don't buy many PC games, the only one in recent memory being Magic: The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers. I'm definitely looking forward to Deux Ex: Human Revolution though. I just don't really get into the groove of PC games as much, but maybe if I try playing with a controller it would feel more familiar.

I play a lot of flash games. Like, a lot of flash games. Check out my xfire profile (starvalddemelain) for evidence. For example, my total recorded play time there is about 90 hours, and 46 of those are on Kongregate. No, I'm not joking.

Anyway, there you go. That's me, and I'll see some of you guys in Toronto!   read

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