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This is the part where I say something about myself. You can read it if you want to.

I still remember the first time I went to Destructoid. When one of the very first articles that greeted me was something about an erotic Minecraft tribute to a certain someone, I knew right away that this was the kind of gaming community that I would proudly associate myself with.

After about a year of lurking, I finally joined the community a few weeks before E3 2013 because I thought it would be cool to make cheeky jokes about the Xbox One. Now, I'm still here, making dumb comments and posting fan art whenever I feel like it.

I enjoy weird-ass Japanese games like Ace Attorney, Bayonetta and Yakuza. My favourite genre in the videoed games are the games where you're playing a role in the game you're playing and numbers come out when you hit the guy on the screen. I also like those games where you have a guy with a sword and you run around and it's super hard and you feel bad about yourself because you die all the time.

I dislike military first-person shooters and shooters in general mostly because I suck at them. I hardly play online multiplayer games because I'm shy. My favourite Pokémon is Minccino because look at this animated sprite:
But I think I like Emolga more now because:

My other interests include traditional art, graphic design, 2D animation, wrestling, Harry Potter and giant robots. I like pizza, noodles, ice cream and you.

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Luna Sy
2:28 PM on 10.31.2013

So I just spent an entire afternoon drawing Halloween themed fan art of the Podtoid crew. I still find it incredibly unusual how this podcast, of all things, motivates me to do creative work. I based it from Freaky Constantina and the gag names they used in last year's Halloween special.

I shall now provide some gripping and thought-provoking commentary on the images that you are about to see.

This is Conrad as a Slenderman. He has hair and a mustache. He is doing Gray Fox's pose from Metal Gear Solid because videogames. He has a Talk Boy in his right hand to say "yo, mutherfucker" to. His arms and legs are very long.

This is a skellington. What makes this skeleton different from other skeletons is that he is the skeleton of Jonathan Holmes. He is wearing a mesh tank top. He is also wearing cut off jean shorts, just like Hilda from Pokémon because he likes Pokémon Black/White more than X/Y and people are upset about that. He is raising up his right index finger because he is dabess. There is nothing else to mention about this picture.

I tried to make Jim look like Scarecrow from the Batman Arkham games but the end-product kind of reminds me of Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas. He is "making it rain" with a bag of Cheetos. He is wearing his shades and red (yes, that's what the color red looks like) tie because that is his defining character trait and the first things you will notice and comment on when you see him.

...here, have a little greeting card. Happy Halloween everybody!
I really need to learn how to color.

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