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LukienAkeela's blog

7:52 PM on 06.29.2009

4 Lessons for Claire

As you may or may not know, being a new father can cramp your videogame style. I have found myself playing more games on my iPhone (i.e. only requires one hand) than I thought I ever would. Yet sometimes Claire Bear will sit ...   read

4:39 PM on 03.08.2009

Proctology in Stilwater (a short vent)

Sometime this week I had the joy of committing insurance fraud in Saintís Row 2, one of several activities designed to enlighten the masses. While flinging my decidedly white middle aged male suburbanite psychopathic gang lea...   read

11:33 AM on 02.15.2009

Introduction: A mini speed date with Destructoid.

Hello Destructoid. I have been around for a little while, commenting and such. So far Iíve greatly enjoyed the site and the community members that bring it all together. This is my first venture into joining an online gaming ...   read

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