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Life doing its usual thing to me. You feelin' it, too?

I think Vanessa could take Samus.

Roughly Ten Things About Me:

I'm an European-Asian male living under the rule of a monarchy.


I am not a writer; I am a crayonologist. I enjoy shredding paper with pencils. It's extremely cathartic.


I'm very passionate about reading, it helps me pretend I'm English (wot wot). My favourite book is Alexandre Dumas' "The Count of Monte Cristo".


I love listening to music on trains, in parks, sprawled out on my bed and during gaming. I like any genre; favourite artists include: Underworld, James Brown, The Police, David Gray, The Kinks, Johnny Cash, Foo Fighters and Jimi Hendrix.


I adore film and popcorn. Popcorn slightly more. I couldn't pick a favourite film but I do tend to shy away from horror. Oh, fuggit I'll name-drop Leon.


Like fellow Dtoiders I also game.

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Other things include: drinking too much tea, unashamedly singing poorly, making shallow attempts at keeping fit, and thinking too much.


Finally, I'm an enthusiastic cook. Currently obsessed with making quiche. Was obsessed with focaccia.



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6:25 PM on 07.19.2014

That damn Pony threatened to sunburn my neck so I'm doing the honourable thing and running away. Before I do here's a list of games that mean nothing to me and you.


God Hand
Beforehand, punching punks was never this much fun.


Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
This is a game I can go back to whenever and have a blast. Visually amazing, pumping soundtrack and that parry system, make it one of the best entries in the series.


God Hand
Dragon Kick your ass into the Milky Way!


One of the first games I ever played and kept coming back to. A high score challenge fest that ate up way too much time.


God Hand
Walk away like a badass. Hell yes.


Metal Gear Ac!d
Continuing with the theme of replayability comes MGA. A card based version of the classic sneak-'em-up. The strategy gameplay rewards you with cards that help improve performance on successive plays, so there are many reasons to return to this gem and its sequel.


God Hand


Resident Evil 4
This one is beautiful, with weighted controls and a unique memorable atmosphere all of its own. The PC version offers many mods that bring me back for more. Play as Vanessa Z Schneider, Raiden, BloodRayne and Jill? Yes fucking please.


God Hand
You can wax on wax off all you like, I'm still kicking your ass.


Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
One of the best games ever created. A sumptuously balanced harmonious blend of 2D artwork, music and gameplay. This one has it all. Well, almost. No God hands.

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