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Luckrequired avatar 7:41 PM on 07.29.2014
That Wizard is not from Saturn's Moon
Inspired by Jordan Devore name dropping the Dreamcast.

The Sega Saturn.

I love the thing! It's loaded with one-off games and superior Saturn only versions.
Here are some pictures of the games that I own which may also make you wish you never missed out on it.

Radiant Silvergun

Streeeet Fiiighter Al-fa! 3.

Panzer Dragoon Saga

Battle Garegga among many top shmups

Burning Rangers and Guardian Heroes

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Assault Suits Leynos and Dodonpachi

It's sad the console lived a short life but it sure did make the most of the time it had, particularly in Japan where a slew of games were released that never made it to Western shores.

I dearly cling onto my Saturn and hate thinking about replacing the console when it dies - it's gonna be expensive.

Well? Come on, I showed you mine now show me yours.

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