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Lucent Beam avatar 4:12 PM on 12.09.2013  (server time)
2013 Xbox 360 Game of the Past Twelve Months Despite Actual Quality

A very specific and prestigious award... the game that I loved the most in the past twelve months.

To win this award, a game must be a game that I fell in love with, spent much too much time on during the year, still appreciate. The sheer time factor means the music games are very vulnerable to this award.

A quick recap of games follows. A recap that sheds light onto the fact that I spend a lot of time obsessing over some games that people think are very mediocre.

Rock Band
Honorable mentions: Eternal Sonata, Ninety Nine Nights

Left 4 Dead
Close Runner-up: Rock Band 2

Sacred 2
Honorable mentions: Left 4 Dead 2, Beatles: Rock Band

Rock Band 3
Honorable mentions: Crackdown 1 and 2

Short-term Love Affair in November & December: Halo CE: Anniversary

Borderlands 2
No runner-up. Nothing even came close in terms of total time.

And now for 2013:

Nominees are:
December-January, Ninety-Nine Nights 2
February - Warriors Orochi 3
April-August - Defiance
July-August - Zumba Fitness
the entire time: Borderlands 2

AHHH. Ok, so Borderlands 2 was already last year's game, despite coming out so late in the year. Nothing else from that year even got close to the days and days time I got in on Borderlands 2. This year, it was also the game I spent absolutely the most time in. I think. Defiance doesn't have a counter for hours so I could be wrong.

New for 2013 Xbox 360 Game: Defiance

Well, that's rather embarrassing. Rather? Hugely? Since Borderlands 2 already "won" last year, I felt like I couldn't put it two years in a row... but it really was my deeper love. I did have a very passionately burning spring and summer of love with Defiance, and that's even with all it's huge issues. However, my love with Borderlands 2 burned consistently through 2013.

This list only listed 360 games because I'm lazy and it's been my main console during the last generation. There have been some serious handheld romances as well, but like I said, I'm lazy.

Congratulations Defiance. Despite all your broken issues, you were my 2013 game that was new to me that I played the most. The sad part is that you were probably played less than last year's winner was this year.

So double congratulations Borderlands 2. You have continued my flame with you for over a year now! ROMANCE!!

TRUE 2013 Xbox 360 Game: Borderlands 2, AGAIN!

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