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I am not a Gears of War fan…at all. I have bought both of them trying to find the awesome everyone tells me is in there. Both times I couldn’t find it. I have many problems with Gears of War and it’s sequel. Like the fact Cliff Bleszinski can’t write without sounding like he lives in a middle school. His new game Bulletstorm seems to be going in the same childish, idiotic way.

I want to like Cliff, I really do, but he never helps himself from not looking stupid. I must say that at this years E3, he was much more mature about introducing his new game. He let the blonde girl look like a complete idiot instead. I mean how many pictures have you seen of Cliff with that damn gun with the chainsaw on it. Does he know how bad that looks? Is he that out of touch!?

He thought he was a god of game making because he brought the curb stomp to Gears. Yes Cliff curb stomping and chainsawing some one is very nice, but not as nice as a cure for cancer. Lets get some perspective.

His new game seems to be going down the same horribly written road that Gears created. Watch the video below to see for yourself.

“You scared the dick off me!” Really….REALLY!!?

I mean the gameplay did look fun, not the best thing I’ve ever seen but fun. I would even think of picking this up, but having to hear the writing makes me want to burn it. Deadly Premonition’s writing is better than this!! Just because I play videogames does not mean I’m unintelligent and want to see boobies all the time. Please Cliff and any other game makers out there treat me and my brain with some respect.

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