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Lucca's blog

4:16 AM on 08.17.2007


You know what really messes with my puny little Bioshock-struck head?

I've taken the liberty of promising to myself that from now on, no more pirated copies of Final Fantasy. EVER. Nada, nope, a-a.

How do you suppose that's bad?

Well, maybe because FFXII is out for, oh, what, a year? More? Every person I know and who plays, every other gamer I met and saw played through it. Pirated, of course. Why?


Sure, you can get the latest Lara. You can get the latest Potter game. Hell, you can even get FISHING for basically every platform on the market, but can you buy a blockbuster game, renowned for its features and characters whom you think are women, fall in love, and then realize you could be "slightly different"? I think not.

And why, you ask? Because the only shop chain that holds games in this god-forsaken country on the Balkan, or to be precise, its owner, got into a fight with the publisher for this area. Wonderful.

And no, don't tell me I can get it online. Don't have a credit card. My parents will not allow such deeds of online shopping. So that a virus doesn't enter the card. (Completely true. Yup.)

I need FFXII goddammit! I need a new game! Persona 3 won't be coming out here, that I'm sure of, and I can't play Bioshock on my crappy machine...

Luckily, at least my best friend Butchy will get Bioshock. The Collector's Edition. We vowed to get it.

Damn, Bioshock will be good.


...Anyone have a spare FFXII lying around? *sigh*   read

3:47 PM on 08.14.2007

Do The Robotto

Yup. I'm on Dtoid.

If I write, I might as well write here. About games, that is.

Tomorrow, yes. Now, not.

Tired. Lack of energy. Need...FFXII... (Long story short, I can't get it here. Tell ya later.)   read

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