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7:58 PM on 04.16.2011

Scoring/combos in Reaper

Score adds up depending on how man souls you collect and how many combos you make. Souls can be collected like Mario coins and add into the score. Health/summons can also be added to your score. The score system is used for leaderboards. Each level will have its own leaderboard.
Scoring will be small. Such as one soul equaling one point.
Game Center (iOS)
There will be a leaderboard for each level in Game Center. The combo score system is mainly for game center and leaderboards.
When you start a combo it will begin at just one hit. After you’ve hit 10 times, the multiplier will go to 2X and then very 10 hits will increase the multipler by one. You need to hit an enemy before 3 seconds run out to continue the combos. So if the player does the time right, 20 hits = 3x, 30 hits = 4x.
In some parts of the levels, a barrier will appear on both sides of the screen and you have to defeat waves of enemies before it opens up. The player can do a lot of combos here. The player’s max combos in a level can be viewed in the level select screen.

also a video of loads of animations combined   read

6:46 PM on 04.13.2011

Reaper bosses and music

So I talked previously in my other posts about well the summons.

Now I'm going to say that in the game there will be 6 summons, and well 8 bosses, 6 of those bosses once defeated can be used as summons.

Here is one of the bosses in the game.

The game will feature 8 levels, which will be around 15minutes each. Yes it won't be a long game, but I'd rather focus on making every element great, than doing loads of boring levels. So at the end of each level there will be a boss to fight.

Also here is a track from the game, Death's main theme composed by Sean Beeson.   read

9:50 PM on 04.10.2011

Summons in Reaper

So I never told people about the Summons in Reaper, so here is a bit about them. As you will see there is different categories where some are more powerful against others.

For each boss you defeat, you get a new summon. While summoning, all of the enemies will pause while you see an animation of what is going on. It will affect the entire screen. He can have one summon in use at a time. The player can go to the pause screen to select a different summon. Once the lower blue bar is filled up they can cast their summon. This uses up the entire summon(blue) bar. The bar can be filled up again by collecting souls.

Melee > Projectile > Air

Strong vs. Projectile. Weak vs. Air

Strong vs. Melee. Weak vs. Projectile.

Strong vs. Air. Weak vs. Melee   read

9:43 PM on 04.09.2011

Reaper animations

Since like I said last night I didn't want to well reveal Reaper in video form until at least a month.

But here are more animations of the bad guys, so you know what to expect.

[embed]198523:37590[/embed]   read

2:07 AM on 04.09.2011

Haven't been here in a while

This is I guess what you do when you just want to write at 3AM in the morning, reopen up a blog on here that I might not go past this first post.

But since this is well a videogame site I thought I'd put some nerdy gaming stuff up on here, and news more like.

Actually I'll put two news items, or whatever they are called here, or just some stuff about my games.

First is on Mecho Wars

There might be a Mecho Wars remake for Android, which would have a whole design change on most units and also a better story, and another campaign, that is I will know this upcoming week if it goes threw.

But here is a example of how it would look like compared to the original.

So if we get a yes, or a no (it's basically part of this big Android fund, we might get selected or not), well if we get a yes we will do it for Android with the online multiplayer and all that. etc...

Oh also on the PSP version, it has been submitted to the ESRB and also PEGI I think 2 weeks ago by our publisher Creat Studios.

So now I'm just waiting to hear back from them on the rating.

Second is on Reaper

Now to be honest with you guys, Reaper would of already been out by now, IF well what happened was last summer it lost it's funding (I can't go into details, the publisher just wasn't able to finish the funding), so it went on pause for a while, and now it's been back in dev for a few months or so, and is aimed to release this summer.

At first the game was planned to be huge, but because of the lost of funding well I had to make it smaller, so now it won't be in episodes, but just one game.

So well I want to reveal a video of it probably in a month, I only put up a video of one of the bosses (just a video in our animation editor)

Since our engine Prime supports multiplatform, Reaper will come out on PSP/PC/Mac/iPhone/iPad.

If anyone wonders Reaper will also be my most expensive game to buy, at 10 dollars on PSP/PC/Mac and 5 dollars on iOS.   read

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