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LowerTierPodcast's blog

The Low(er) Tier Podcast: Episode 7 - Look At Me Ma
6:23 PM on 03.29.2013
Happy Birthday Neiro/Destructoid (NSFW)
12:17 AM on 03.15.2013
LTP - Ep. 6: Uncensored with Kids feat: Revuhlooshun and MrCharleeB
11:36 PM on 03.13.2013
Eesh, been awhile. + Contest Time: Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army
12:21 AM on 03.12.2013
I Ruin Everything For Myself! YAY!!! + Contest Time
1:08 AM on 02.12.2013
The Low(er) Tier Podcast: Episode 5 - A Moment of Silence feat: Zombie Platypus
10:49 PM on 02.08.2013

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We are The Low(er) Tier team. Would you like to see our baseball? It's nice. We are comprised of:
Jaimie/MrCharleeB, Jesse/SayWord, Latrell /Used_ta_be and Mike/PhilKenSebben for the podcast and all of us contributing for the articles/blogs. Our goal is to make you laugh, through offensive comedy and the degradation of stupid people.

Our shows will focus on current news, guests, contests, etc. The blogs will focus on whatever we want 'em too.




Welcome back to episode 7 of The Low(er) Tier. This week we look at SimCity, Sarkeesian and Jesse makes eye contact with his mom. While not pulling out. Yeah..... We continue our decent into filth. We also are giving away 5 copies of Sword of the Stars: The Pit which was just reviewed and that's about all we have for you this time. Until episode 8 fools.

Episode 7 - Look At Me Ma

To enter to win SWOTS: The Pit, just leave a comment below telling us why we should give it to you!

The Low(er) Tier's Latrell has made quite the lovely happy birthday video. Sit back, relax and enjoy:

Happy birthday Destructoid and Neiro, from all of The Low(er) Tier.

Don't forget to check out our newest episode and numerous contests: Linkage

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd: NOW, we are officially back. Not, some silly blog post(that has a totally awesome contest attached). Nope, the real deal right hurr. This is episode 6. It features horrible connections, bad microphones, more cussing and horrible behavior than ever and Latrell and Mike's kids. Wholesome stuff folks. We are also very proud to have Dtoid superstar and opponent of voting, Revuhlooshun, as well as some asshole named MrCharleeB. Truly an amazing awesome show. Oh snap! We also have two MORE games to give away? That's right, you can also win Super House of Dead Ninjas and Anodyne (Soundtrack Edition). To win either of these, leave a comment below, telling us your favorite moment from this episode. Be specific or you won't win shit. We will back next week folks (really), so the you have until then to enter.

Episode 6 - Uncensored with Kids

Now have some screens for the games featured in our current giveaway:

Super House of Dead Ninjas:


We would like to thank the devs at Megadev and also Sean Hogan and Jon Kittaka for their generous donations. If you don't win, support these fine folks. Not enough awesome devs out there and this bunch, is top notch.

[Here at the The Low(er) Tier, we aspire to be more than just podcasters. We want to bug you with written words also. From time to time, we will take turns writing and we ask that you allow us to vomit these words on and into you. Be our baby bird and let us be your mamma.]

What up folks? Mike/Phil here. We know it's been awhile since we put out an episode. We are sorry to the few of you that listen. I mean that. As we've pushed forward doing this thing, people have come and gone (look at the sidebar now). I'm very thankful to have done this with all them and so honored to have had them help me. Life gets in the way though, schedules collide, all sorts of stuff happens when you podcast. It's weird and stressful. Right now, I've been working on episode six for almost two weeks now. Had my first edit get corrupted, then had a late interview to put in and then other responsibilities have kept me from finishing. We had a blog to put out and that straight disappeared. It's weird maybe, but this stuff worries and stresses me. It's ok though. It also allows to have fun with my friends and (hopefully) entertain you folks.

Another fun thing that a few of us have gotten into is; developing our own game. A friend has done the concept art/main art and all around design and Jesse and I are plugging away at the development part. We don't have any more to say on that at the moment, but it's really exciting and fun stuff. Especially for me. I'm 31, an old man in the games world. I gave up my dream of working on games or just in this industry, a long time ago. Now here I am, living my fucking dream at 31. That's so insane and awesome to me. I've been floating on cloud nine for a couple weeks now. The tools and guides to this stuff is so plentiful and cheap, if not outright free. I never could have imagined this, back in the days of C++ and Visual Basic. As I said in my recaps today, I'm a busy ass man these days, but goddamn am I happy with it.

Now onto the part where I buy your love. This time the lovely folks at Rebellion have been kind enough to give us a 4-pack of Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army for Steam. This is a damn fun game. I'm a huge fan of the Sniper Elite series myself and I enjoy CoD zombies as well. So at first glance I was sold already. I'm now about 4 hours into the game and damn. That's all I can say. This is a really tense, fun shooter. It absolutely shines in co-op too. The minute you see the numbers stacked against you, you will crap your pants. Now I'm a bit of a masochist and have been rolling mostly solo. So it is doable if you don't have friends. It's not like that other games zombie mode alone. This is a fully standalone dealy too. You don't need to own V2 to play it. It has a great horror vibe that will remind you of the 70s and 80s. I just really dig it. I hosted it last week for FNF and I shall be hosting it again. A lot probably. Plus look at the cover art above. Totally metal.

You must be asking, "How do I win?" Simple. leave a comment on this blog, telling us your favorite horror movie of all time and why you love it(or hate it) so much. If you don't watch horror, I want to know what movie/tv show/whatever, scares you the most and why then. I don't want comedies or spoof movies either. You little butt munches follow the rules or I'll let Smurfee in your house while you sleep. I'll give him the mayo too.

Contest Ends: March 18th


Hey, Mike/PhilKenSebben here with a quick intro. This our first in an ongoing series of blogs written by Low(er) Tier member: Lola/ThatDocktorGirl. We hope you enjoy and if not.... well, you know what I have to say. Read on after the article to find out how you can win one of two Steam copies of Dishonored (Lola's fav from 2012, HAHA) or one of 15 beta keys for The Showdown Effect (also Steam).

Hey everybody! So this is article one from yours truly, ThatDocktorGirl.

In regards to the title; Iíve started playing Silent Hill, and in doing so Iíve completely destroyed any connection or engaged reaction that I could have had for the other games in the series. This is down to me starting off with Silent Hill Downpour. And all the Silent Hill fans right now are like ďyou idiot!! You should have started with 2 at least!!Ē Iím like that with myself right now anyway!

Iíd never really had a thought about Silent Hill up until recently, and talking to someone whoís the hugest fan of Silent Hill 2 you could ever possibly come across. And Iíd read previews of Downpour and it seemed cool. But Iím from the Isle of Man. And getting Downpour was a long wait and I only saw it by chance; it was in with a load of pre-owned stuff, and I just grabbed and got it, because Iíd probably never see a copy of it in that store ever again.

So I got Downpour, and I have no prior experience or knowledge of Silent Hill, what itís like, how scary it is - nothing at all. Iíd heard of it, and the moviesÖ For some reason I blanked it completely. Not out of anything though, just glossed over it. This is how bad I didnít know - I thought Pyramid Head was dark greenÖ Until I googled himÖ I donít know why about that eitherÖ At allÖ SH fans - I am sorry.

I seriously regret playing Downpour first, or to be honest, even getting it. I should have just got the originals to play on my PS2, for the following reasons;

First of all, littered across forums and blogs is stuff about this ďSilent Hill FormulaĒ - basically the way the game plays out, and is designed or something all follows a pattern - you know, begins with a dream, then the real story starts, and how they get to the town and all that (I will be honest, I drifted off reading about itÖ But at least I did some homework). So starting playing Downpour I was a bit confused until that clicked in that the first partĎs a dream. Also, where I am right now - just reached the town. Why am I releasing little blue birds??? Is that part of it to? Is that a thing?

Secondly, the enemies. Holy fucking shit. I did not know what I was in for at all. Those screamer chicks remind me of the ghosty fuckers in Deadly Premonition that do a skittery limbo towards you. And they fucking creep me right the fuck out. Also, got told about the dollsÖ I am not looking forward to them, not one bit. Especially the first time you see one; if you follow me on Twitter, keep an eye out for when I reach that point in the game! I might implode with swears and tears. (I have a tendency to pause and tweet, just so I have a reason to pause the terror Iím facing.)

And itís not just being scared of them - the first real enemy, in the Diner Otherworld, that red vortex thingÖ Let me talk you through my initial reaction;
ď hmm Iíve just been dragged into some weird realm. Realms have vortexs which you travel throughÖ Oh look, a vortex!! Lets run straight into it, it might take me back to the proper worldÖ *dies*Ö maybe I should run from itÖ Like Murphy yelled out toÖ Not into itÖ Iím not cut out for thisÖĒ

Third of all, which is why I regret not starting with 2; I have no emotional connection to Murphy at all, except for the fact that his first name is the same first name as my favourite McManus brother in Boondock Saints. That is as much as I care about him. And I donít like that - I love getting a connection, having my heart go out to a character, getting a little bit over-attached (my heart broke over Alistair in Dragon Age OriginsÖ Devastated. Iím still bitter. If you played as a Female Noble who accepts flowers - you will know and understand.)

Now this is where I ruined the whole series for myself. I fucking googled them to see what Iíd missed; Iíd stupidly assumed they were all connected - and I was very wrong, and in doing so annihilated any surprises. Read the plots on Wiki didnĎt IÖ now know too much to be able to enjoy them if I got them. And thatís how you ruin a whole fucking franchise for yourself boys and girls!!!

I really would have loved SH 2. And Iíve blown that up completely. I know the whole story, the endings, what colour Pyramid Head actually isÖ Too much to be able to play it and feel the way I would have probably done given that I started with that and not fucking googled. Iím too curious for my own good when I want to be.

Also, reading online - a LOT of people do not even consider Downpour as a proper Silent Hill game, as itís not the same people, itís not Team Silent, who created the originals. WHY WASNíT THAT THE FIRST THING I READ?!?!?!?! It would have saved me so much self loathing over all this. *sigh*

So yeah, me and franchises donít really get along it seemsÖ And now Dead Space 3 is out, I am not jumping into it and putting myself back on the previous games. This bitch is gonna play them in the order that EA intendedÖ Learning from my mistakes in action! x

Silly, silly lady. While I thought Downpour was pretty good myself, definitely NOT the place to start. Alright, now, you little bastards want to know how to win stuff, right? RIGHT? Well, for Dishonored, I want you to leave a comment, telling us the most dishonorable thing you've done in your life (this should be fun). For The Showdown Effect, name your favorite 80s or early 90s action movie. As always we will pick our favorites and notify the winners via pm. you have until Friday. -Phil

Close enough....

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to The Low(er) Tier. Today/tonight, we bring you episode 5. In this episode Daniel and Mike rant. Latrell interviews forum celebrity Zombie Platypus and we go longer than we ever have before. This is our first (almost) 2 hr episode. No Contest Time this week (sorry), due to Mike's stupid surgery and new found addiction to painkillers, but winners of last time's have been notified via pm. That's all for episode news, so let's strap in for the ride, but don't tune out! Scroll below the link, to find our newest member!

Here be yer link mateys: Episode 5: A Moment of Silence

I bet scrolling down this far was hard, wasn't it? Now, we do have some very exciting news. A new addition to The Low(er) Tier family! Lola/ThatDocktorGirl, who shall be heading up our new bi-weekly blog series. On the weeks we don't post episodes, you will have awesome articles from her to look forward to and give you a nice break from the assholes you have to listen to on the show. Without further ado, we shall let her introduce herself:

Hiya, Iím ThatDocktorGirl and Iím the new member of the Low(er) Tier!! Iíll be writing articles on stuffÖ You knowÖ Basically anything that gets my mind going or something thatís got my attention in past 2 weeks or so. Iíll be the little cheese that packs a punch in the flavour department, between the 2 slices of toasty hot bread that is the podcastÖ FYI Iím totally lame, if you hadnít figured that out alreadyÖ

So Iíve been asked to write a little something to introduce myself, to let you get to know me a bit... First of all, feel free to call me Lola; ThatDocktorGirl is just my main ďidentifierĒ. Iím 20, from the Isle of Man. I started playing video games at about 6 years old - my first game is still awesome to this day, it was Parrappa the Rapper - and I still know all the words to the first rap!

The kinda games I like are totally varied. If I had to put a genre on it though, itíd be action - but I need a story to connect with it, or some kinda hook to just grab me. I canít just play a game for the sake of it, or for whatever social value it has if it doesnít have that special appeal to me.

I canít say for definite my all time top game, but the 3 that stand out for me (and this might tell you about me more than I actually can) are BioShock, Lollipop Chainsaw and Devil May Cry 3. Theyíve all got a special place in my heart. I would have included Borderlands 2 in that list, but thatís only cuz Handsome Jack is the man of dreamsÖ

Iíve never come across a game Iíve outright hated from the get-go - I rarely donít not-like a game - but there has been one I stopped playing which grabbed me at the start, and then bored me out of my mind before the 3rd level was up. I was more disappointed in it - was so looking forward to it and now I canít play it cuz itís not enough for this girlÖ Iím talking about Dishonored by the way =)

Outside of games, I love Batman!!! Mainly for the villains mind; if you follow me on Twitter, straight up itís obvious I love The Riddler. ďHushĒ was the first one I readÖ I was just hooked straight away - I like to think I have quite a respectable collection of Batman graphic novels and comics now. I can even rock a Harley Quinn impression yo!!

I like my anime and manga too - Black Butler, H.O.T.D, Ouran High School Host Club, Chaos Head - my favourite manga however (and Iíd love to know how many of you know this) is Kitchen Princess - itís super cute!! Itís a romantic little story about an orphan girl trying to find the love of her life (she has his spoon). Plus it gives you recipes like strawberry shortcake and stuff - itís so girly and lovely!!

Away from all of that - which I doubt Iím gonna be able to fit into any conversation here - Iím a huge follower of fashion. When Iím not reading or playing anything, Iím looking at fashion blogs on my fave clothing sites, going through the multi-country twitter accounts of my bible aka Vogue. Iím a total girly girl when I wanna be.

Well there ya goÖ Iím not the best at talking about myself in any way, but get me going about any of the above, itís quite hard to stop me from rambling on and on. You will find that out soon, Iím positive of that. I am quite approachable - so you can always leave a comment here and Iíll get back to you.

Cheers kiddos x