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We are The Low(er) Tier team. Would you like to see our baseball? It's nice. We are comprised of:
Jaimie/MrCharleeB, Jesse/SayWord, Latrell /Used_ta_be and Mike/PhilKenSebben for the podcast and all of us contributing for the articles/blogs. Our goal is to make you laugh, through offensive comedy and the degradation of stupid people.

Our shows will focus on current news, guests, contests, etc. The blogs will focus on whatever we want 'em too.



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Merry Chrimbus Everyone! Low(er) Tier Podcast has returned. Yes, we've been gone a month and we are sorry. We know all 3 of you were dying inside. Moving along, this is not a traditional episode. Its a short, to the point, drunken x-mas party, with hard edits and bad sound, featuring our guest: Used_Ta_Be. What an awesome guest he was too. Also in this episode, Low(er) Tier's Contest Time comes blazing back with a huge Steam/Desura giveaway. For details on how to enter, listen to the episode and Daniel and Mike will pick their favorites and announce the winner January 1st. Below is a list of the prize packages (all packages include 1 copy of listed game).

Good Luck and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays from Low(er) Tier and mother fudging Latrell Washington ;)

Episode 3 - Drunken Xmas Party

Prize Details:

Grand Prize (1)
Secret Files 1 and 2
Who Wants to Be A Millionaire + DLC
Dead Island GOTY
Shank 2
Mark of The Ninja
Don't Starve
Hotline Miami
Teleglitch (redeems on Desura)
Thirty Flights of Loving
Serious Sam 3 + DLC
WH40K - Dawn of War GOTY

Runners-Up A (2)
Secret Files 1 and 2
Who Wants to Be A Millionaire + DLC
Teleglitch (redeems on Desura)
Thirty Flights of Loving
Hotline Miami

Runners-Up B (2)
Secret Files 1 and 2
Who Wants to Be A Millionaire + DLC
Teleglitch (redeems on Desura)
Hotline Miami

Pity Package (3)
Hotline Miami

So yeah, as you can see, not giving away much. Just a little bit. Now, none of this would be possible without the amazing support from the developers, publishers and dtoiders listed below. Thank you all so much, for making this possible.

Developers and Publishers...

Olivier - Ronimo Games
Maurice Tan - Deep Silver
Corey Rollins - Klei Entertainment
Nigel - Devolver Digital
Edvin - The Teleglitch Team
Justin - Subset Games
Sos Sosowski
Brendon - Blendo Games


Chris Carter/Magnalon
Smurfee McGee

You all are so awesome and amazing. We can't thank you enough. Now, excuse us while we go make a real episode for next week. Thanks for listening!

UPDATE: CONTEST OVER! Winners notified through PMs

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