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LowerTierPodcast avatar 1:10 AM on 05.02.2013  (server time)
LTP - Episode 9: FU Blasto feat. Glowbear + 3 Contest Times

Welcome back mother muchachos. Episode 9 is all up in your face. Earlier this week, the lovely ThatDocktorGirl slapped this up in your eyeballs and now the rest of the gang is here to assault your earbuds. This episode explores what happens when Blasto sucks. Used_ta_be interviews the loveliest spud ever; GlowBear. We also have not one, not two, but three games to give away in this episode's Contest Time (check below for details). Right under this is your link to the episode and then instructions for the contests (All Steam or Humble Store keys).

Episode 9 - FU Blasto feat. GlowBear

Contest Time #1: Age of Empires II: HD

What can I really say about this classic game? It's a beautiful classic, with full Workshop support on Steam, a ton of awesome mods already out and it'll run on your modern system. If you don't win, buy it, so I can destroy you in a FNF (Ed. Note This is PhilKenSebben talking). To win this bad boy, leave a comment telling us your favorite age in history or your favorite memory, from playing this back in the day.

Contest Time #2: Another World 20th Anniversary

Up next on deck, we have another amazing old schooler, redone and gorgeous for the new generation. You can switch back to the old style in the push of a button though, if the new graphics aren't for you. Full controller support rounds out the package of the newly redone classic.  If like me you grew up in NA, we knew this as Out of This World (just in case some of you were scratching your heads).

To win this one, please leave a comment telling us what you would do if you suddenly found yourself on an alien world, alone and hunted.

Contest Time #3: Receiver

Breaking away from the retro side comes Wolfire's awesome gun simulator: Receiver. I'll let ole Patrick's review do the talking (all the titles above are links), because I don't know how to do this one justice. It's awesome, I bought it awhile ago and this copy is drm-free and Steam key via the Humble Store. Seriously awesome game and concept. 

To win this final giveaway, leave a comment telling us your favorite gun in a game, why you like it and how much ammo it's magazine holds. GET TO IT!!

The deplorable Blasto in it's natural habitat

You folks have until Monday to comment and win. We have 5 copies of AOE II: HD, 3 copies of Another World and 5 copies of Receiver, to grace you with. Special thanks to Microsoft Studios, Jessica at DOTemu and Wolfire games. Until next time folks. 

Intro/Outro music is "Down the Road" by C2C off their album Tetra. Buy it.

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