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LowerTierPodcast avatar 5:36 PM on 06.21.2013  (server time)
LTP - Episode 11: We See Dead People + 2 Contest Times

Welcome to episode 11 of The Low(er) Tier. This episode is features Ninjapresident filling in for MrCharlee and SayWord. We look at pictures of dead people. Discuss our hatred of a Kotaku writer, discuss game we are making and have a reading of My Immortal. We also have 2 contests for y'all to latch onto and leech from. First up is The Swapper. A fantastic puzzle, platformer that really deserves your attention and secondly Resident Evil: Revelations. As always these are for Steam only, sorry console folks.  Special thanks to Kelly from Facepalm for The Swapper codes and Brelston from Capcom Unity for Resident Evil. There are 4 copies of The Swapper up for grabs and 2 for Revelations. Good luck!

To win a copy of either, tell us either which Resident Evil baddie is your favorite and why or which puzzle platformer is your favorite and why. Slap it in the comments below and put effort into it, or you won't win. Pictures a plus, but mainly its your writing that will win it for you. Contest ends July 1st. Winners will be notified by private message.

Episode 11 - We See Dead People - Podomatic (You can subscribe finally!)

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