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Sometimes I get the feeling that I am a robot sent from the future to have relations with all your appliances....on a more serious note if anyone out there knows a one armed dentist please give him my Myspace page url because he may be my real father and I long to finally meet him. I enjoy all kinds of theremin and calliope music and adore eating cheese, carrots and apples but not at the same time and not always in that order. On the weekends I sit on park benches and talk to complete strangers to compile what will eventually become the greatest American novel in the 24th century. While the thought of cottage cheese sitting on a kitchen counter frightens me, I am excited by the prospect of combining honey and jello in a swimming pool as a summer vacation spot. I dunno about hardcoreness but I've got my own fair share of games, consoles and accessories. Video games, anime and anything British or Japanese pretty much combat boredom from setting in. My loves are expensive habits but then again so are cigarettes and gourmet coffee. I prefer action titles and FPS's but I dabble in the occasional Japanese dating sim and lose my self for weeks in RPG's. I am blessed with a wife who is into games almost as much as I am...almost. I also have a 15 month old daughter who likes swinging the Wii remotes around and shotput them towards expensive electronics. I have yet to buy a PS3 because I am waiting for MGS4 and the new Killzone, meanwhile I likes to get my gaming fix with a healthy dose of Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 with a small dash of DS and PSP while I'm on the go. I love indie made games because they have the balls to push the envelope...in some cases rip the envelope in two, wipe one part with its butt; take the other out on a nice date and back to his place and in the morning never call again, bury them both in a shallow dug grave and pour kerosene down the hole for a fire dance. But at my heart I'm a sucker for those classic retro standby franchises...damn you Wii VC for sucking my wallet dry with mediocrity and promises of better days!!!! I have mad robot love. Praise be unto the Astronaut Jesus and have a Good Day!

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So, a few weeks ago I won a glorious photo contest for Top Spin 3. Well, I received my prizes and I wanted to take some time to thank Samit for holding the contest and Destructoid.com for having the greatest contests. I also want to thank 2K for putting these sports games and this stylish track jacket up as a killer prize.

This is for dvddesign's Achieve-a-Challenge contest currently going on. This week we had to take a picture depicting a video game character's death.

Behold! Dead Splicer from Bioshock.

This is my entry for dvddesign's current Cblog Xbox Achieve-A-Challenge this month.

I'll let you guess how it's related to Dtoid.

So I checked my mail today, which I should have yesterday because I received the most awesome bit of mail.

That's right: LostCrichton is confirmed for PAX08!

I cannot wait for the debauchery and legendary tales that will ensue from this epic adventure later this month.

Also, in the back of the plastic badge holder for my PAX08 badge was a punch card for the Omegathon next year. There are four chances to get Falco..er I mean card punches from special Enforcers at the Omegathon rounds during PAX08. Get all four and you can put your name in the drawing for the chance to be the first Omegathon for next year's PAX09!


Words can't begin to express the exhorbant amount of love and joy you, Destructoid.com and the community has brought into my world. I found this site by complete accident while searching for video game news and I saw this contest for a PS3 or a Wii and on that post was a video of a dancing robot flipping a game cartridge around and around in front of the camera that mesmerized me. In addition to the awesomeness of that dancing robot video I found a treasure trove of like minded gamers, movie obsessed fans, comic nerds, toy collectors and general crazy motherfuckers who love the internets. I didn't realize it at the time, but I had found much more than a daily blog or a review site...I found a home. And with it a rank within the mighty Destructoid Army. You gave me a weekly shitty movie night for lulz, a forum and a community blog to say my peace, hell, you gave me a corner of the internet to call my own and with that came a steady stream of gaming friends with weekly get togethers. You gave me a place to express my unique humor and for that I've been rewarded video games, swag, clothes and so much more. I've made friends both online and irl and even founded the premier Northwest Rock Band band "Pacific Dick". You've given me a gaming sanctuary and an extended family for life. You've given me nearly two years of happy memories and fond dreams and I raise a glass to the years and memories to come. Here's to nearly 15,000 + hours devoted to the best fucking site in the history of the internet. I love all of you crazy robots and I proudly stand by you as the plans for world domination continue on.

Happy Birthday Niero!

Happy Birthday Destructoid.com!

Hello fellow Dtoiders! Tomopop is holding it's very first contest right now and for my entry, I decided to try my hand at my very first DIY figure. It's my very own Tomopup Munny!!!! I've included pictures of the before, the concept mockup I did and the final outcome. I've also included a picture of the figure next to my DS for a frame of size reference. It was really fun making this, so now I'm going to attempt a Bombertoid figure next. Keep a lookout for the post on that once I'm done. After that, who knows maybe I'll ask you guys in the community for an idea.

Tomopop Contest - Tomopop