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LostCrichton's blog

3:12 PM on 09.11.2008

Thanks 2K, Samit and Destructoid!

So, a few weeks ago I won a glorious photo contest for Top Spin 3. Well, I received my prizes and I wanted to take some time to thank Samit for holding the contest and for having the greatest contests. I also want to thank 2K for putting these sports games and this stylish track jacket up as a killer prize.   read

8:17 PM on 09.08.2008

Achieve-a-Challenge #3 - Week 2

This is for dvddesign's Achieve-a-Challenge contest currently going on. This week we had to take a picture depicting a video game character's death.

Behold! Dead Splicer from Bioshock.   read

12:48 PM on 09.06.2008

Achieve-a-challenge #3: Week 1

This is my entry for dvddesign's current Cblog Xbox Achieve-A-Challenge this month.

I'll let you guess how it's related to Dtoid.   read

10:51 PM on 08.03.2008

Greatness found in my mailbox!

So I checked my mail today, which I should have yesterday because I received the most awesome bit of mail.

That's right: LostCrichton is confirmed for PAX08!

I cannot wait for the debauchery and legendary tales that will ensue from this epic adventure later this month.

Also, in the back of the plastic badge holder for my PAX08 badge was a punch card for the Omegathon next year. There are four chances to get I mean card punches from special Enforcers at the Omegathon rounds during PAX08. Get all four and you can put your name in the drawing for the chance to be the first Omegathon for next year's PAX09!   read

6:01 PM on 03.16.2008

Happy Birthday to Mr. Destructoid


Words can't begin to express the exhorbant amount of love and joy you, and the community has brought into my world. I found this site by complete accident while searching for video game news and I saw this contest for a PS3 or a Wii and on that post was a video of a dancing robot flipping a game cartridge around and around in front of the camera that mesmerized me. In addition to the awesomeness of that dancing robot video I found a treasure trove of like minded gamers, movie obsessed fans, comic nerds, toy collectors and general crazy motherfuckers who love the internets. I didn't realize it at the time, but I had found much more than a daily blog or a review site...I found a home. And with it a rank within the mighty Destructoid Army. You gave me a weekly shitty movie night for lulz, a forum and a community blog to say my peace, hell, you gave me a corner of the internet to call my own and with that came a steady stream of gaming friends with weekly get togethers. You gave me a place to express my unique humor and for that I've been rewarded video games, swag, clothes and so much more. I've made friends both online and irl and even founded the premier Northwest Rock Band band "Pacific Dick". You've given me a gaming sanctuary and an extended family for life. You've given me nearly two years of happy memories and fond dreams and I raise a glass to the years and memories to come. Here's to nearly 15,000 + hours devoted to the best fucking site in the history of the internet. I love all of you crazy robots and I proudly stand by you as the plans for world domination continue on.

Happy Birthday Niero!

Happy Birthday!   read

12:37 AM on 02.23.2008

I've got a fever, and the only prescription is a custom Tomopop figure! (NVGR)

Hello fellow Dtoiders! Tomopop is holding it's very first contest right now and for my entry, I decided to try my hand at my very first DIY figure. It's my very own Tomopup Munny!!!! I've included pictures of the before, the concept mockup I did and the final outcome. I've also included a picture of the figure next to my DS for a frame of size reference. It was really fun making this, so now I'm going to attempt a Bombertoid figure next. Keep a lookout for the post on that once I'm done. After that, who knows maybe I'll ask you guys in the community for an idea.

Tomopop Contest - Tomopop


12:40 AM on 01.12.2008

I am the luckiest guy right now...

So, I had a very long crappy day. I got hung up at an onsite repair job for more than 7 hours and still had to drive back 3 hours on top of that to get home. Pretty much missed the better part of FNF and when I got home, found out some fucker hit my other car parked at our apartments leaving me a nice 3 inch dent on the driver's side to deal with. But you know what, doesn't even faze me. I am one lucky son of a bitch. I walked into our apartment, got handed my favorite dinner (steak tips and mashed potatoes) and then my wife told me I had two surprises to make up for my crappy day. The first surprise was a copy of "The Monster Squad" 20th anniversary on dvd, which is a movie I've been looking for at local stores for the last couple of months. She had ordered it for Christmas but it was late coming in so she kept it a secret. The second surprise was this...

I am in fucking awe how amazing and wonderful my wife is for doing this. She hung up all my Guitar Hero guitars (GH1, GH2 360, GH3), The Rock Band Fender and my wireless Ant Commandos guitar. Plus the Rock Band Drums, drum feet (the pipes are under the tv in a cabinet), the microphone, and the drum pedal. She even hung up our 2 year old daughter's play guitar (I got it for her because she loves watching me play Rock Band and Guitar Hero and I wanted her to feel included).

I just wanted to share my wife's awesomeness with you all. Thanks!   read

8:41 PM on 12.29.2007

Ugliest Smarty Pants Contest: Attack of the Maternity Pants

So the best I could find in ugly pants were actually my wife's maternity pants, but she refused to let me take a picture of her in them so I guess that means I have to wear them.


8:37 PM on 12.23.2007

Velocity Micro Giveaway Contest: A special video to all!

Well, it's that special time of year and I wanted to make something really neat for the community. It started out as me taking 3000 pictures and making a large photo mosaic, but Thornn dashed those ideas with a large blunt rock this morning with one of his entries, so I picked up the pieces of that idea and came up with something special. I made a parody video, mocking the famous "Noah Kalina" video where Noah took pictures of himself once a day for several years. This one is more lulz-ified and peppered with lots of Dtoid love. Enjoy!

[embed]61098:6244[/embed]   read

8:01 PM on 12.19.2007

Velocity Micro Giveaway Contest: Special thanks to -D- (a.k.a. I've gone vinyl on all your asses!)

Oh Hai!

Well, as I am on vacation, I figured I would take a moment to show you all where I work and what I do all day long. I'm an IT Consultant and PC Technician for a large box retailer. I have a cubicle at the local corporate offices but I also work from home. Here's a picture of me at my cubicle rocking my new Dtoid Rampage shirt that I got from winning -D-'s PistolMouse FanFic contest a few weeks ago:

BTW, the Velocity Micro Contest page is on my crappy laptop on the right. Stay tuned for more creative goodness tomorrow...

Thanks again -D-, I absolutely love my new shirt!   read

6:29 PM on 12.06.2007

Velocity Micro Giveaway Contest: This is gonna get ugly and I'm probably going to hell...


"I never thought it would happen to me..." That's what I used to think before tragedy struck my family this past holiday season. I used to think it was harmless to leave my Wii Zapper lying around and unchecked after a long session of Ghost Squad or Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. Then one day I came home to find this...

This could have easily been prevented had I taken the time to secure and make sure my Wii Zapper was put up and out of the hands of my child. It's not too late for you. Take the necessary steps to practice Wii Zapper Safety: Place your Wii Zapper on top of a closet shelf, or secured in a Nintendo Wii Zapper Lock Bag or even use an officially licensed lockable Wii Zapper Gun Cabinet/Safe. Don't let this happen to you. This Christmas season, my family and I remind you to think of the safety of your friends and loved ones by ensuring your Wii Zapper is secured and out of the hands of the little ones.

Think of the children, please.   read

7:16 PM on 11.29.2007

RedOctane attempts to rape digital wallets

Looks like the Wallet Munchers are back again with another Indie Music pack of DLC for Guitar Hero 2 on the Xbox 360.

The Indie Label Music Pack number 2 contains the songs: The State of Massachusetts by the Dropkick Murphys, You Should Be Ashamed of Myself by The Bled and Memories of the Grove by Maylene and the Sons of Disaster.

It will run you the costly sum of 500 MS points and once again it looks as though RedOctane is still trying to whip a few more yards out of the GH2 pony once more.

Ah well, at least they're willing to pony up for some new music to entertain the masses.


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