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PRO TIP: Regulus was the ice boss in
Bomberman 64, a great game that was
nonetheless forgotten so quickly that I
currently own half of all the existing
cartridges. The other one belongs to a
seal trapper in Finland, and if the two
are ever brought together, it will bring
about the End of Days.

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2:32 AM on 02.21.2008

I just got back to my friend's place in Oakland after crawling SF following this year's Game Developer's Choice Awards. I think I lost my voice cheering for Phil Fish (monocles FTW) and Jon Mak. So awesome. The IGF was freakin' incredible this year.


1. Fez was created entirely in XNA Game Studio. Yes, the $99 one. Did it not just become 50 times more awesome? What more do you want? Phil gave his acceptance haiku wearing a fez and a monocle, fer fucksake.

2. Motion capture is dirt cheap now. W00t.

3. Mova Contour is not cheap, but HOLY SHIT.


Okay, off to bed. Somebody's got a (long shot) interview with Bungie tomorrow...

Evidently, someone at the 32nd Street GameStop in Manhattan thinks he's a comedian:

ALSO! Tomorrow (Friday) marks my final day of employment at Atari, Inc.

Oh, you bet your ass it was my idea this time. I've come to the realization that the only way I can keep my enthusiasm for my own projects is if I'm not working for a video game company during the day. I mean, I work in marketing. There aren't many opportunities to cross-pollinate into production from there (never mind the fact that Atari is now two companies). So I'm gonna bounce, finish the last four (FOUR!!1!) credits I need to get a degree, and start makin' some goddamn games.

So yeah. At least I finished 3 different trailers for the new Dragonball Z game. Trust me, they'll make you wanna preorder that shit. It's the nature of my raw Final Cut skillz.



I posted last week about GDC, just wondering who was going to be attending the conference. Like an idiot, I posted it in the late morning and evidently did not capture a large enough cross-section of Dtoid (Hi CTZ!). So I'm just asking y'all at night in the hope that we can throw down in San Francisco come Monday. Excited?

Circle one:
Y / N


Hey dudes. Just wondering if anyone else from Destructoid is going to hit up GDC this year. I'll be rocking the Independent Games Summit on Monday and Tuesday, but I might just wing it the rest of the week. Are any of you guys planning to head to Moscone as well? What are you excited to see/hear?

5:17 PM on 02.04.2008

So I spent all day collecting screens and footage for Dragonball Z: Burst Limit. Although I was never a dedicated fan of the show, I've had a soft spot for it since grade school, and when we began working on a DBZ game for 360/PS3, I wasn't really sure how the boys over at Dimps were planning to up the ante.

Well, all I gotta say is that the game looks pretty damn good.

A few of the screens I took weren't quite press-worthy, and since they don't really show that much I figure it's better to put them somewhere low-traffic than just let them sit on my hard drive indefinitely. I think these two in particular actually come pretty close to the look of the show. Both are in-engine; the first is from a cinematic, the second is gameplay.

Am I crazy to think this game looks beautiful?
Photo Photo

So BZ has not had a good month, it seems, and I just grabbed a copy of Mark Overmars's supremely ghetto Game Maker 7, so I figured why not put the thing to some use?

2D scrolling shooter - crude as hell - but hopefully it's got a few laughs in there somewhere:

Pew Pew Voodoo (Link removed to save FTP space. Ask me if you want a copy!)

Yes, I know it looks like I threw it together in a weekend. That's because I did. No real ending unfortunately, just keep racking up your score until you die.

Music by Bang Camaro.

Hope someone buys that wretched monolith soon!