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LordRegulus avatar 12:27 AM on 08.20.2008
Professionalism: Dead or Comatose?
Dtoid keeps eating my cblogs. Let's see, third time's the charm?

Yeah. I kinda tried to keep my opinions to myself regarding the whole "developer + lousy attitude = fail" situation, but everyone hits critical mass eventually, right? I'm at my wit's end here, and I need answers. More specifically, I need you (yes, you there) to read my post concerning professionalism in the game industry and weigh in with some sort of insightful input that I can use to better cultivate my career. Shameless self-promotion in a cblog? Sure, why not. What's a little traffic redirection between friends?

Comment here or on the site, whichever is most convenient for ya.

Tagged:    cblog    Opinion Editorial  

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