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In his post about video game characters who suck at their jobs, Rev. Anthony make mention of Donkey Kong's incongruous name. It was a statement that brought memories flooding back to my eyes. Memories of a comic called Force Monkeys.

Think back to the early 21st century, when GameSpy was in its heyday. The Daily Victim was riding high, crashing MMO servers and tormenting unwitting ARG players. And nestled among the assorted bits of jocular flotsam, two exceedingly righteous dudes named Sean and Sam created the most hilariously psychotic comic to ever grace the Internet. Ever.

Rev's "Donkey Kong" bit called to mind this work of genius:

But I couldn't possibly share just one of these at a time. WITNESS!

And the comic that gave birth to my favorite catchphrase in the history of ever:

Thank you. That will be all.
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