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Lord The Night Knight's blog

10:19 AM on 03.01.2011

Gamercise Me: Week three.

Sorry this is a day late. Anyway, finished week two of this experiment. Found a bunch of speed bumps, but looking at those just makes me more determined (plus I've heard the second week is often one of the toughest). I did th...   read

3:00 AM on 02.22.2011

Gamercise Me: Week two.

Finished the first week of my gaming exercise experiment, so this is the update. Games I played each day: * Monday: We Cheer. Still haven't mastered the timing for that game, but I did break a sweat trying. * Tuesday: Gold's...   read

12:41 AM on 02.15.2011

Gamercise Me - Can games really help weight loss: Week one.

My name is Luke Collins, and I'm overweight. I'm 31, 5'10'', and 280 pounds. I don't have a problem with exercising and eating right in the first place, just sticking with those things. Well I like gaming, and my family and ...   read

1:45 AM on 10.02.2010

What if Hamza Aziz had more to do with Medal of Honor than Fox News?

Yes, the recent news of Taliban being pulled out of the latest Medal of Honor game does have a stink of giving in to controversy, and failing to stick to principles. But was the controversy the reason this change was made, o...   read

6:58 PM on 07.09.2010

Even if reviews "can" affect buying intent, do they actually affect sales?

This study about reviews and sales might seem to be conclusive evidence that reviews affect sales, but there are two reasons why it is not. 1. The participants were required to read the reviews, and most consumers are not. ...   read

12:09 PM on 01.14.2010

Game "can" be artistic. They just shouldn't "have" to be.

My last post on games and art was a thrown together rant, with the points not well put, thus leaving room for misinterpretation, as many of the replies showed. So I'm going to break the points down and and focus on them in di...   read

9:10 PM on 01.13.2010

"if the game (on the Wii) doesn't sell, we did something wrong"

Can you believe this? The Wii owners are somehow not to blame for them not buying a game? What kind of nuts are they? Can't they see that the million or so people who bought Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition and World At War don't ...   read

2:20 PM on 01.13.2010

Three reasons games are not considered art outside the gaming community.

Yes, I'm saying it. Games as they are are not art. Okay, games are more craft than art, but I mean in terms of actually being artistic, games are not there. Not for the reasons Roger Ebert seems to think, but they are not art...   read

6:56 PM on 01.11.2010

What if we could remake games: part 01

In this, I try to look at games I like in a critical and analytical fashion, and then imagine if I had the authority and the means to have them remade. What I mean is I won't go "I think this would be cool to add," or "I don...   read

4:11 PM on 01.09.2010

How to figure out the Wii market, both the expanded and core.

This is a two part article. The first discusses the expanded market, and the second the core market. The Expanded Market The expanded audience is this odd entity to many developers and enthusiast gamers. They just don't get...   read

9:28 AM on 01.07.2010

Nuts vs Bolts - Comparing parts of games: part 3

This is a series where we try to go beyond simply comparing games as a whole. As in, it's not about "I think Game X is better than Game Y." That's been done to death. It's boring and predictable. This is about looking at them...   read

3:26 PM on 01.06.2010

Why Chop Till You Drop should be a beginning, not an end.

Despite what the head of Capcom France said, Capcom apparently hasn't given up on such games for Nintendo, as Seth Killian states. Among his words were that Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop sold well (even if well below what t...   read

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