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LoopyChew's blog

3:35 AM on 11.22.2010

Es geht Alex: On-disc RB songs are cursed

(Dtoid apparently missed this article when restoring old blog articles; I'm reposting it again for posterity! Thanks for keeping tabs on it, Flixist!) Originally dated November 4. Minutes ago, John Drake confirmed that RB3 w...   read

4:34 AM on 11.19.2010

I Need to Know: Can you spoil something that isn't a plot?

(Dtoid apparently missed this article when restoring old blog articles; I'm reposting it again for posterity! Thanks for keeping tabs on it, Flixist!) Originally dated October 19. So there's a discussion on the Rock Band f...   read

9:13 AM on 11.11.2010

I. Um.

All I can say right now is that I hope the sky isn't falling.   read

3:21 PM on 10.21.2010

The only way to improve on Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney

If you haven't been following gaming news over the last couple of days, you may have missed the announcement of Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney. This is the only way I can think of to make it even better.   read

3:24 AM on 09.14.2010

Tick, Tick, Boom: PowerGig goes for the low blow

Anyone following the plastic instrument genre with any sort of reasonable enthusiasm are aware of Power Gig: Rise of the SixString. The five of you who follow my blog may have seen my thoughts on the game, at least early imp...   read

9:46 AM on 09.09.2010

A completely random thought about Geddy Lee (kinda)

On the RB forums, people occasionally refer to the art of playing bass and singing simultaneously as "Geddying," after the Geddy Lee, Rush's bassist/vocalist. However, now that keyboards have been introduced, I think we need to use the verb "to Geddy" to more accurately refer to the ability to play bass, sing, AND play the keyboards all at once, since he does that, too.   read

12:36 PM on 08.15.2010

LoopyChew's RB3 wishlist mix tape 33 1/3: The Final Insult (w/minor RB3 thought)

Before I get into the rest of the my set list, something occurred to me about the Unison Bonus mechanics of the game, and I'm wondering how it's handled in RB3. Unison Bonuses are the original Band Moments, for those of you ...   read

10:54 AM on 08.10.2010

LoopyChew's RB3 wishlist mix tape, part deux

I'm going to throw ten more songs out here for your perusal, and see what you think. WARNING: None of these songs are over twenty years old, and still no heavy metal. 21. "Rome Wasn't Built in a Day" by Morcheeba (Fragments...   read

4:21 AM on 08.10.2010

Would you even care?: RB3 DLC and non-backwards compatibility

So Harmonix Developers, about 55 minutes into the latest OXM podcast, confirm that RB3 DLC will not be compatible with RB2 (and by extension, RB1; also incredibly unlikely to work with Lego RB). Giant Bomb had mentioned that...   read

8:46 AM on 07.23.2010

«¿Cama, cama?» Come on, baby: Foreign languages in Rock Band

So apparently most of my posts, particularly dealing with Rock Band, will be headed by lyrics of some sort. Good to know! So, the Rock Band forums are abound with a discussion that turned from how Juanes is making his Rock ...   read

8:28 AM on 07.22.2010

LoopyChew's RB3 wishlist mix tape

I think I've already defined this blog as primarily a Rock Band ranting page, so I figure I'll throw out a few songs I'd like, much in the vein of Xzyliac's post. He's already got pretty similar tastes, it appears, but I hav...   read

9:53 AM on 07.19.2010

Power Gig, won't you ease my worried mind?

Between the little information available to date about the game and Cena's recent report of Power Gig's presence at PAX East/E3, I honestly believe that this game will be very much DOA, deservedly or not. (And from what I've...   read

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