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LoonyWoman avatar 9:19 AM on 10.27.2012  (server time)
The Witcher is scary...

Been doing mostly grown up boring things lately, but I've managed to squeese in a little time for some gaming. I've tried a game a friend of mine reccomended, promising sexyness in the main char, but I have to admit... I think he's just scary... Just look at him...

I think the movie introduction was very well done though. It was a really nice fighting scene, and I realised the game is a few years younger than I first thought it was. Most of you probably allready recognize it, but it's called The Witcher.

This scary dude is who we are playing and we fight this scary chick...

...with a mix of potions, magic and melee fighting. Luckilly in the end the scary chick turns in to hot chick.

I have not gotten to try it out so much yet though. I think I'm still in the starting area. It's fun though! But as mentioned before, I'm kind of hooked on Guild Wars 2 for the time being.

Because now Haloween fun is here! Me and a guild mate waiting in pink, ready for when the rest of our pink team arrives.

There is this really fun but extremly frustrating event going on. A jumping quest at a Clocktower! Yes... the stuff swirling around the tower is what we jump on...

Me and my pink team tried to finish this jumpingquest for at least 2 hours yesterday. Some of us made it - some of us did not. I am one of the people who did not make it - yet - DAMNIT! We have a rule in our guild. No pants while raiding etc. And as soon as they lost their pants - they made it. I tried that too... nothing. So... Now I'm trying a little more than pants off!

It restarts as soon as everyone has failed, or some lucky bastard has managed to get to the top. As you can see there are loaaads of people in the start.

But only the pro's like me in the end (sadly this is far from the end ;p)

But I'm getting very close so I'm very VERY determined to make it.

Then again, I've been stopped by lesser obstickles before... This is humiliating... My elementalist vs chicken *blush*

Now in the end I just want to show something I talked about in my comments. How the azurans looks like when they laugh. They are SOOOOOOO cute! Ihihihihiihihihihihi!

Loving this game :) Well, now I'm going out drinking like a true norwegian! yay!

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