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LoonyWoman avatar 11:30 AM on 10.22.2012
LoonyWoman's Premiere

I've been thinking of writing a gaming blog for oooh so long. Not to show of my gaming greatness, but more the gaming fun that I find. Probably mostly silly, silly screenshots and things that makes me laugh. I started gaming quite late, and because of a bet with my little brother. Now many years later I've turned in to a proper closet geek and since I can't bring myself to reveal to my real life friends that I'm now a gamer, I need to let out my geekyness some where else ;p

So this might not be the best blog, and you'll certainly probably never learn something from me, but I will hopefully put a smile on your face.

The game I'm playing mostly these days are Guild Wars 2. I was not really very tempted to buy it, but I'm a part of the bestest gaming community, we started as a wow guild in 2006 and do loads of gaming together, and when everyone bought it, I could not miss out on the fun!

At first I HATED this game. I am not a very patient girl, and I have to admit I did not understand too much in the beginning. And then - on top of it all - they could probably win a medal for sexism in the way they have made the human female toons. I mean... The way they do the whole stretchy stretchy thing! And the piece of cloth they call skirts - and visable panties/ass. They look like their on a porn shoot more than on a hunt for adventure and honor.

This is my mesmer alt. See what I mean?

Just... *facepalm*

So for many hours I did not do much else than bitch about every aspect on the game before I logged off and didn't play for a few days. But still... Everyone was playing it! And I had paid for it after all... So I decided to give it another go! And so for a couple of days I didnt do anything else than trying out classes and races. And so... I fell in love...

My norn engineer giant of awesomeness!

Bullying a puny guild mate! Hihi!

Proof that engineers are the coolest class ever! I adore my crotch ram!

In my guild we did alot in this years awareness for breast cancer. Think pink! There is nothing like a good pink group in an instance! Here with my toons bestest friend and fellow adventurer!

Can you guess our nationalities? *giggles*

Well, that's all for today!
Much Love!


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