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LoonyWoman avatar 6:44 AM on 11.04.2012  (server time)
I've been shopping! And it ain't shoes!

I told a bit about a really tough jumping puzzle in Guild Wars 2 a couple of blogs ago, and I am happy to say I nailed it the next day. Nailed it might be a bit of an overstatement seeing it took me about 7 million tries... But why get caught up in deatails... ;p But anyway - YAY ME! ;p

Another fun Haloween thing from GW2 - Free horns from the online store ;p Posing it up with my bro.

Recently though I've been hooked on minecraft again as I told on my last blog. And while building all the insanity I've been listening to LordUg on Youtube while he's playing this playstation game called Heavy Rain. Through all his episodes of these games I've been cursing myself for not having a playstation. Something I've really been cursing myself about since I saw my brother play a game called Red Dead Redemption or something like that. It looked so cool and who doesnt' LOVE cowboys? (I'm secretly in love with an imaginary lover me and a friend made up - the southern American man Dean, in old jeans and a countryboy-like shirt (sleeves rolled up ofc!) and with a strong New Orlean accent. Car mechanic by day and jazz musician by night. Acompanied by his best friend - the huge, black sax-player Jackson... Ehm... back to topic...) And ever since that he's showed me more games making me wish I had a playstation, amongst those is a game called LA Noir. I looove noir movies and it reminded me of the sort of... mood a really old game gave me. A game I watched my dad play back when I was a kid/teen. I think it was called "Under a Killing Moon" but its so many years ago I might be mixing it up with some other game. Anyway - this game was about a private detective. And just like in the noir movies he was sitting in a smoke filled office, abit too fond of the bottle, and visited by a beautifull diva in need of help. This is how I remember it anyway ;p And the 50ties theme in LA Noir gave me the same sort of glee! I even bought the game to my PC the minute it was launched for PC. But... it really is not the same on the compter. And then... Heavy Rain. It seems so so good, and I really, really want to play it! But it's playstation only... So finally... I bought a playstation ! WOOOHOOO! Can't wait to pick it up and try out Heavy Rain! I also plan to steal LA Noir and Red Dead Redemption from my brother ;p

Anyway! Now that my ranting is over I can show you what I've done with my minecraft creative server!

Being inspired, I decided to add a lighthouse!

And having made a lighthouse it's only right to have a port for the ships who's definitly is going to be tempted by visiting after seeing my lighthouse!

And since I made a port... Well then I need a ship, don't I!?

The captains cabin

Staffs place/kitchen/prison and storage behind the door there, packed with stuffs!

I also made some improvements to my castle.

It needed a kitchen!

And with the new patch came cool blacksmithing stuff, so I made a blacksmith as well.

This place is getting big!

Anyone tried Heavy Rain here? And how did you like it?


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