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LoonyWoman avatar 6:46 PM on 10.31.2012  (server time)
Cloud castles ftw!

A few weeks ago I had a relaps... To Minecraft. The withdrawal finally got the better of me ;p I remember when I saw this game for the first time. My brother was playing it and I thought it looked incredibly stupid. And I was not quiet about it either. Many months later my sister took an interest to the game. Kept asking him all these questions. Made me curious. So she decided to buy it, and allthough my pride made me diss the game all the time while they were talking - I ended up buying it 30 minutes after she did. The looks on their faces... Their victorious grins - they were almost to much to handle. But as usual I brought it on myself. And there started a long lasting adiction, haha! I played through all the first night and could barely sleep. And when I finally did sleep - I dreamt crazy dreams about creepers and stone blocks. It was soooooo much fun. And soooo scary with the creepers. I remember when I found my first diamonds - I had a little victory dance infront of my desk. But after a while the need for playing Minecraft faded. But every now and again I get hooked on it. And not too long ago - smitten by Youtube gamer commentator LordUg - I felt the need again. This time I tried out creatice mode. Something I've not really found interesting until now. And it was quite fun! I've always wanted to build an enourmous castle - but gathering the stones for it takes soooooooooo long. So now I did!

This is the castle. As you see - the crazy wizards tower is reaching waaaaay up high beyond the clouds.

Right inside the entrance to the crazy wizards tower.

It's a looooooong way up! The stairs were a bitch to make!

The top of the crazy wizards tower. His library and enchantment alcove.

And this is inside one of the smaller towers - the master bedroom!

And one floor down - the jazz corner.

Here is the insides of the mad scientists lab! There is a second floor with all sorts of poor testanimal caged up as well.

My favourite part is the prison!

It was so funny building it. Look at the stupid creepers! haha!

I have 5 floors of jails with different monsters barred in, but I'll spare you from seeing all of them. Here is the floor with creepers and skellies!

Spiders and zombies!

And as said, there are many more floors of jail, but also the top floors are for the jailers! Here you see the hard working jailers cosy free time area.

Here are their beds.

And ofcourse, the penthouse goes to the prisonward! Here is his office (behind the bookshelves), his cosy sofa and his playboy bed!

Have not built much on it the last week though - but it ws very fun to try out creative mode :)


PS: How in the world do I put up a banner for my blog? I've tried countless times to make it work but I must be a super noob! Would really be thankfull if anyone would be an angel and tell me how. My banner has been ready since my first blog ^^

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