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LoonyWoman avatar 8:10 PM on 11.07.2012  (server time)
<3 New PS3 <3

Some of you know that I recently decided to buy a PS3. I finally got it monday! :D When I say finally.... it sounds like I've waited for it for ages, but the truth is... I ordered it sunday, got it monday ;p

Grats to me!

That whooooole long sunday waiting for my baby was terrible, but some of the time I spent having fun on Skyrim! Have not played this game since I got Guild Wars 2 so it was nice to find back to it. I bought this game not too long after release date, but still I've just barely touched the main quests. I have this mild OCD thing so I HAVE to finish ALL side quests (except the ones where I have to do mean stuff!) before I can start the real fun. So now I'm like level 30 but quite in the beginning main quest wise :)

This is a picture from when I made her though. She specializes in awesome fire boom boom magic! So much fun

The scary but cool dragon wich saves my life and nearly kills me!

This is how she looks like now

And action!

Had to investigate a really scary murder though!

Talking about scary murders... I've seen a lot more of that game wise since after I got my PS! Many many murders in the awesome game LA Noir! I love the music in this game. Sometimes I just leave on the menu music ^^

Suiting up! Omw to catch bad guys! For some reason I can't get the picture to turn around though, but no worries! Just stand on your head!

The reason I bought the Ps though was the game Heavy Rain, and I got it today, so I've just tried out a tiny bit! Enough to have been freaked completly out by this clown though... God I hate clowns...

Also I got lost in memories from PS1 in the PS store! Look what I bought!

I also bought Pandemonium and Chrash Bandicoot! hihihih! So fun to play Tomb Raider again though <3

And in the end a few pics of new stuff on my creative minecraft. I don't think I'll be playing much of this game in the near future now that I have my PS3 though ;p

Royal dining room!

The ball room/bar

And this is the servants bridge. There are hallways through all rooms and buildings connecting everything.

But now I'm about to fall asleep... gotta get up early to preapare some lunch for a few friends!
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