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8:10 PM on 11.07.2012

<3 New PS3 <3

Some of you know that I recently decided to buy a PS3. I finally got it monday! :D When I say finally.... it sounds like I've waited for it for ages, but the truth is... I ordered it sunday, got it monday ;p

Grats to me!

That whooooole long sunday waiting for my baby was terrible, but some of the time I spent having fun on Skyrim! Have not played this game since I got Guild Wars 2 so it was nice to find back to it. I bought this game not too long after release date, but still I've just barely touched the main quests. I have this mild OCD thing so I HAVE to finish ALL side quests (except the ones where I have to do mean stuff!) before I can start the real fun. So now I'm like level 30 but quite in the beginning main quest wise :)

This is a picture from when I made her though. She specializes in awesome fire boom boom magic! So much fun

The scary but cool dragon wich saves my life and nearly kills me!

This is how she looks like now

And action!

Had to investigate a really scary murder though!

Talking about scary murders... I've seen a lot more of that game wise since after I got my PS! Many many murders in the awesome game LA Noir! I love the music in this game. Sometimes I just leave on the menu music ^^

Suiting up! Omw to catch bad guys! For some reason I can't get the picture to turn around though, but no worries! Just stand on your head!

The reason I bought the Ps though was the game Heavy Rain, and I got it today, so I've just tried out a tiny bit! Enough to have been freaked completly out by this clown though... God I hate clowns...

Also I got lost in memories from PS1 in the PS store! Look what I bought!

I also bought Pandemonium and Chrash Bandicoot! hihihih! So fun to play Tomb Raider again though <3

And in the end a few pics of new stuff on my creative minecraft. I don't think I'll be playing much of this game in the near future now that I have my PS3 though ;p

Royal dining room!

The ball room/bar

And this is the servants bridge. There are hallways through all rooms and buildings connecting everything.

But now I'm about to fall asleep... gotta get up early to preapare some lunch for a few friends!
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6:44 AM on 11.04.2012

I've been shopping! And it ain't shoes!

I told a bit about a really tough jumping puzzle in Guild Wars 2 a couple of blogs ago, and I am happy to say I nailed it the next day. Nailed it might be a bit of an overstatement seeing it took me about 7 million tries... But why get caught up in deatails... ;p But anyway - YAY ME! ;p

Another fun Haloween thing from GW2 - Free horns from the online store ;p Posing it up with my bro.

Recently though I've been hooked on minecraft again as I told on my last blog. And while building all the insanity I've been listening to LordUg on Youtube while he's playing this playstation game called Heavy Rain. Through all his episodes of these games I've been cursing myself for not having a playstation. Something I've really been cursing myself about since I saw my brother play a game called Red Dead Redemption or something like that. It looked so cool and who doesnt' LOVE cowboys? (I'm secretly in love with an imaginary lover me and a friend made up - the southern American man Dean, in old jeans and a countryboy-like shirt (sleeves rolled up ofc!) and with a strong New Orlean accent. Car mechanic by day and jazz musician by night. Acompanied by his best friend - the huge, black sax-player Jackson... Ehm... back to topic...) And ever since that he's showed me more games making me wish I had a playstation, amongst those is a game called LA Noir. I looove noir movies and it reminded me of the sort of... mood a really old game gave me. A game I watched my dad play back when I was a kid/teen. I think it was called "Under a Killing Moon" but its so many years ago I might be mixing it up with some other game. Anyway - this game was about a private detective. And just like in the noir movies he was sitting in a smoke filled office, abit too fond of the bottle, and visited by a beautifull diva in need of help. This is how I remember it anyway ;p And the 50ties theme in LA Noir gave me the same sort of glee! I even bought the game to my PC the minute it was launched for PC. But... it really is not the same on the compter. And then... Heavy Rain. It seems so so good, and I really, really want to play it! But it's playstation only... So finally... I bought a playstation ! WOOOHOOO! Can't wait to pick it up and try out Heavy Rain! I also plan to steal LA Noir and Red Dead Redemption from my brother ;p

Anyway! Now that my ranting is over I can show you what I've done with my minecraft creative server!

Being inspired, I decided to add a lighthouse!

And having made a lighthouse it's only right to have a port for the ships who's definitly is going to be tempted by visiting after seeing my lighthouse!

And since I made a port... Well then I need a ship, don't I!?

The captains cabin

Staffs place/kitchen/prison and storage behind the door there, packed with stuffs!

I also made some improvements to my castle.

It needed a kitchen!

And with the new patch came cool blacksmithing stuff, so I made a blacksmith as well.

This place is getting big!

Anyone tried Heavy Rain here? And how did you like it?

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6:46 PM on 10.31.2012

Cloud castles ftw!

A few weeks ago I had a relaps... To Minecraft. The withdrawal finally got the better of me ;p I remember when I saw this game for the first time. My brother was playing it and I thought it looked incredibly stupid. And I was not quiet about it either. Many months later my sister took an interest to the game. Kept asking him all these questions. Made me curious. So she decided to buy it, and allthough my pride made me diss the game all the time while they were talking - I ended up buying it 30 minutes after she did. The looks on their faces... Their victorious grins - they were almost to much to handle. But as usual I brought it on myself. And there started a long lasting adiction, haha! I played through all the first night and could barely sleep. And when I finally did sleep - I dreamt crazy dreams about creepers and stone blocks. It was soooooo much fun. And soooo scary with the creepers. I remember when I found my first diamonds - I had a little victory dance infront of my desk. But after a while the need for playing Minecraft faded. But every now and again I get hooked on it. And not too long ago - smitten by Youtube gamer commentator LordUg - I felt the need again. This time I tried out creatice mode. Something I've not really found interesting until now. And it was quite fun! I've always wanted to build an enourmous castle - but gathering the stones for it takes soooooooooo long. So now I did!

This is the castle. As you see - the crazy wizards tower is reaching waaaaay up high beyond the clouds.

Right inside the entrance to the crazy wizards tower.

It's a looooooong way up! The stairs were a bitch to make!

The top of the crazy wizards tower. His library and enchantment alcove.

And this is inside one of the smaller towers - the master bedroom!

And one floor down - the jazz corner.

Here is the insides of the mad scientists lab! There is a second floor with all sorts of poor testanimal caged up as well.

My favourite part is the prison!

It was so funny building it. Look at the stupid creepers! haha!

I have 5 floors of jails with different monsters barred in, but I'll spare you from seeing all of them. Here is the floor with creepers and skellies!

Spiders and zombies!

And as said, there are many more floors of jail, but also the top floors are for the jailers! Here you see the hard working jailers cosy free time area.

Here are their beds.

And ofcourse, the penthouse goes to the prisonward! Here is his office (behind the bookshelves), his cosy sofa and his playboy bed!

Have not built much on it the last week though - but it ws very fun to try out creative mode :)


PS: How in the world do I put up a banner for my blog? I've tried countless times to make it work but I must be a super noob! Would really be thankfull if anyone would be an angel and tell me how. My banner has been ready since my first blog ^^   read

9:19 AM on 10.27.2012

The Witcher is scary...

Been doing mostly grown up boring things lately, but I've managed to squeese in a little time for some gaming. I've tried a game a friend of mine reccomended, promising sexyness in the main char, but I have to admit... I think he's just scary... Just look at him...

I think the movie introduction was very well done though. It was a really nice fighting scene, and I realised the game is a few years younger than I first thought it was. Most of you probably allready recognize it, but it's called The Witcher.

This scary dude is who we are playing and we fight this scary chick...

...with a mix of potions, magic and melee fighting. Luckilly in the end the scary chick turns in to hot chick.

I have not gotten to try it out so much yet though. I think I'm still in the starting area. It's fun though! But as mentioned before, I'm kind of hooked on Guild Wars 2 for the time being.

Because now Haloween fun is here! Me and a guild mate waiting in pink, ready for when the rest of our pink team arrives.

There is this really fun but extremly frustrating event going on. A jumping quest at a Clocktower! Yes... the stuff swirling around the tower is what we jump on...

Me and my pink team tried to finish this jumpingquest for at least 2 hours yesterday. Some of us made it - some of us did not. I am one of the people who did not make it - yet - DAMNIT! We have a rule in our guild. No pants while raiding etc. And as soon as they lost their pants - they made it. I tried that too... nothing. So... Now I'm trying a little more than pants off!

It restarts as soon as everyone has failed, or some lucky bastard has managed to get to the top. As you can see there are loaaads of people in the start.

But only the pro's like me in the end (sadly this is far from the end ;p)

But I'm getting very close so I'm very VERY determined to make it.

Then again, I've been stopped by lesser obstickles before... This is humiliating... My elementalist vs chicken *blush*

Now in the end I just want to show something I talked about in my comments. How the azurans looks like when they laugh. They are SOOOOOOO cute! Ihihihihiihihihihihi!

Loving this game :) Well, now I'm going out drinking like a true norwegian! yay!   read

11:30 AM on 10.22.2012

LoonyWoman's Premiere

I've been thinking of writing a gaming blog for oooh so long. Not to show of my gaming greatness, but more the gaming fun that I find. Probably mostly silly, silly screenshots and things that makes me laugh. I started gaming quite late, and because of a bet with my little brother. Now many years later I've turned in to a proper closet geek and since I can't bring myself to reveal to my real life friends that I'm now a gamer, I need to let out my geekyness some where else ;p

So this might not be the best blog, and you'll certainly probably never learn something from me, but I will hopefully put a smile on your face.

The game I'm playing mostly these days are Guild Wars 2. I was not really very tempted to buy it, but I'm a part of the bestest gaming community, we started as a wow guild in 2006 and do loads of gaming together, and when everyone bought it, I could not miss out on the fun!

At first I HATED this game. I am not a very patient girl, and I have to admit I did not understand too much in the beginning. And then - on top of it all - they could probably win a medal for sexism in the way they have made the human female toons. I mean... The way they do the whole stretchy stretchy thing! And the piece of cloth they call skirts - and visable panties/ass. They look like their on a porn shoot more than on a hunt for adventure and honor.

This is my mesmer alt. See what I mean?

Just... *facepalm*

So for many hours I did not do much else than bitch about every aspect on the game before I logged off and didn't play for a few days. But still... Everyone was playing it! And I had paid for it after all... So I decided to give it another go! And so for a couple of days I didnt do anything else than trying out classes and races. And so... I fell in love...

My norn engineer giant of awesomeness!

Bullying a puny guild mate! Hihi!

Proof that engineers are the coolest class ever! I adore my crotch ram!

In my guild we did alot in this years awareness for breast cancer. Think pink! There is nothing like a good pink group in an instance! Here with my toons bestest friend and fellow adventurer!

Can you guess our nationalities? *giggles*

Well, that's all for today!
Much Love!
Loonywoman   read

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