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Loois17's blog

3:45 PM on 11.02.2008


Well my costume this Halloween was the beloved merchant from Resident Evil 4. It's probably already been done but not in my circle of friends, and to them the end result was a great surprise which made me think my week of planning and actual 1 1/2 hours of work was worth it.

For all those hardcore detailed enthusiasts (sorta like myself, maybe) this costume is not to the exact specifications of our beloved merchant. I'm missing or have added other things that are not of his default costume, and for that i am a tad disappointed in myself. But maybe sometime in the future ill fix it up and make it bit more accurate. This was really more for fun considering the time i dedicated to putting it together.

The costume itself consisted of a trench coat, a hoodie, and an apron. The pockets were made of felt fabric sown together into pockets and plastic accessories from some Nerf bandoleer ammo kit. I also added 2 toy revolvers and placed them onto the apron as well as one of those nerf revolvers which really had no place in the costume, i just wanted a chance to play with it. I used white facepaint to try to mimic his pasty look, as well as purple fabric to make a semi decent replica of his scarf. Overall, the costume was kinda stuffy to be wearing, but it wasn't too bad.

For fun i had a friend shoop the "A button TALK" sign, that added a bit more to the "ooo, lol!" effect from my friends.

Unfortunately i don't have very many pics of the costume as i didn't really ask to have pictures taken of, they kinda just happened. If my friends upload more, ill post more.   read

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