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Lokyar avatar 1:56 AM on 08.04.2009  (server time)
I suck at games: Wait, how do I breath again?

I can quote entire episodes of Futurama, but cant remember Down-to-Forward Punch. Final Fantasy XI's monster correlation chart? I got that shit down. Sub Zero's Ice Blast? Hell if I know.

I suck at fighting games, specifically remembering combos on the fly. There's too many, their effects are too arbitrary, and they get confusing as hell. Down to forward backwards charge double kick hold jump and click taunt three times. Add to that the arbitrary priorities of most games(this punch counters this kick, but is countered by this throw, which will miss you if you're half a pixel too far or close), the severely unbalanced characters, and the fact that random button mashing seems just as effective, and at times more effective, than trying to learn and use the actual move list.

That last point I know isn't true because I've seen and played truly skilled fighting gamers. Their memory and reaction times amaze me, and I can see where skilled practitioners would derive enjoyment from refining and testing their skills.

The one exception to this is the Super Smash Bros series. All the essential elements of a fighting game: the high-speed action and reaction, the various attacks to choose from, the multitude of characters with unique fighting styles, and the combat strategy; are all there. The only thing removed is a long list of button combinations. That's how I know it's my hurdle, because I am a very skilled SSB player. Not like national tournament skilled, but enough to compete and place in local gatherings and minor tournaments. Ive got the reaction time and the mental acuity to decide on an attack or counter-attack as the situation arises.

Though I cant Wave-Dash for shit.

P.S. Sorry Samit but sports games aren't worth the plastic they're cased in.

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