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Aim: keyblading13@gmail.com

E-mail: keyblading13@gmail.com

Systems I own: Wii, Ps2, N64

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Loki Power
12:31 AM on 12.06.2008

This is why I love Robot Chicken

Loki Power
3:44 PM on 11.08.2008

Alright I'm deciding to gave away the OXM disc that has that has the We Love Katamari Gamer Pics on it.

Kind of a crappy prize, but it is an easy contest.

All you have to do is write in the comments what video game character you could beat in a dance contest and

Winner will be selected tomorrow at 12 Eastern.

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You can download it here for free.

(Sorry if this was already posted)

I know it's just Maxim magazine who cares what they think? But for some reason this pissed
me off.


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Recently on one of my many excursions to gamestop I saw Super Mario Superstar saga
staring back at me and decided to pick it up. I got resonably far in the game. I leveled up
Luigi and Mario greatly so that they could defeat many a foe.

Then I turned it on today...no save files. It just disappeared! Poof! Gone! I'm pretty sure that
no one else deleted my save files. I heard that it might be the internal batterie. (Its a used
copy) Anyway I'm pissed! Has this happened to anyone else? Please provide some solace.

P.S. Is it just me or is Penny-Arcade getting a lot funnier?

VG cats took a really cool stab at Ctrl + alt +del yesterday. Although I like both comics I
found this really funny.