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Loic's blog

5:30 PM on 07.05.2009

My New 40" of Sexy

This is my new love fellas, I have named her...Lucy...

This is my first I went big and went home, and I don't see myself leaving anytime soon.... I had to cut the top off my TV stand to make it fit, but it was worth it. =D

Killzone2, Burnout: Paradise, Warhawk, or BlazBlue anyone?   read

10:09 AM on 07.04.2009

Well Hello There.....

Ah yes, a Star Wars reference of the great Alec Guinness to get your attention!

Greetings Destructoid Community!

I lurked and watched this site for a long time, I was lurking and goofing off back before FNFís even started. Iíve always loved gaming, and well, I suppose gaming has always loved me. =)

I guess you can say Iím making a return to the gaming world after a very long absence; I even sold all of my consoles. I purchased a PS3 yesterday, and I love it. I had owned an Xbox 360 for many years, and it always left a bad taste in my mouth. I liked the FPSís that it had to offer (many late nights with the Dtoid crew in Halo3 and CoD4), but I really love platform and strategy games, and nothing ever seemed to quench my thirst on the 360, and if the game was actually decent, the controls always felt so awkward. So the PS3 seemed the logical choice, and Iím rooting for Sony to start making some good decisions to give the PS3 a little stronger foothold than it has, and expand itís user base, only time will tell however.

You can probably say life got in the way of gaming, and life has brought me back to gaming. With the recent and unexpected passing of my mother, and 1 more semester of college, life has taken some unexpected twists, and forced me to reform from my high roller, successful business owner (Residential Contractor, Furniture/Cabinetry Craftsman), and college student life style, and get back to my roots of being a home body. Itís also opened up my calendar until the spring to leave me with a lot of free time on my hands. So picking something up to keep me entertained, and picking back up where I left off seemed logical.

Along came the purchase of the PS3. I also picked myself up a copy of Killzone2 as from what I had read, that was one of the more popular online titles. Iím a competitive person, and sometimes it gets the best of me, but I like games where I can play online, especially FPSís and Racing. My competitive nature is probably why I have been so successful in my business adventures. I also love the casual platform/strategy style games.

I suppose what Iím looking for from the PS3 owners of the Dtoid community, are some recommendations on some decent games to pick up to expand my Library, MGS4 is an obvious, but beyond that, Iíve fallen out of the circle in the gaming world in knowing whatís hot and whatís not. Iím headed off this evening to the local game stop to browse through the used selections, and see what I can find. Iím also headed to pick up a Bluetooth Headset. Does anyone out there have any recommendations as for games or a headset that works well? Iím looking to pick up a headset, and 1 or 2 new games tonight.

So what do you guys think? Whatís popular for FNFís and will be for some time to come?

Well, off to fire the BBQ for some 4th of July awesomeness! Nothing beats a black hotdog and a cold beer on the 4th! So you all have a wonderful 4th yourself.

Until next time,
The ole Backwoods Wood ButcherÖ

PSN: WoodButcherDan   read

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