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Loic avatar 12:23 AM on 09.09.2010  (server time)
Sterling, get out of my warcrafts: Love and Hate with Online Gamers

Hi there folks, for those of you sitting there saying ĎWHO THE FUCK IS THIS!?í itís ole WoodButcherDan84 for those of you who donít get it by the Jim Beam Avatar. I recently got out of the construction field, so I guess you can say Iím no longer butchering any wood. I felt a name change was in order, and felt that there was no better name than that of my WoW toon.

Keeping with a theme here, itís late, 1:30am to be exact, and well, I tend to suffer from a lot of insomnia and sleepless nights, a lot of times I spend that extra zombie like state of mind watching videos on youtube. Tonightís fancy was a search for ĎWoW guild Breakups on ventí. Goodness the massive amount of hilarious videos of people going into a bitter fit of rage. There is nothing better than when someone flips out over their Ďonline familyí. Essentially, thatís what a guild in WoW is, itís like a family, the only problem is, and guilds are mostly composed of those family members you donít like or at least just smile an awkward smile at.
Tonights search was special however, while I did laugh till I spit Jim Beam through my nose at many things.

My jaw dropped when I heard this vent recording of a WoW guild guy going berserk.

I thought to myself, IT CANíT BE!!! NO WAY IN HELL! Jim just doesnít strike me as the typical WoW player. I tried to rationalize it, but the more and more I replayed that little 1:02 blip of glorious hilarity, I was convinced that it was none other than our Jim Sterling!

Still living with some doubt in my mind, I rushed to the DTOID youtube page to play some of his Jimquisitions.

My jaw finally hit the floor, Iím sold, Iím convinced! Jim Sterling is a WoW Nerd Rage ICON! All hail the great sterling!

I guess Iím coming to my point, weíve all at some point or another ran into ignorant fucks like this (the guy from WOW not Sterling) and my question is always the same. What are these people like in the real world? How pathetic can your real life be that you throw a temper tantrum to a group of strangers that you donít even know? Some of these videos really make you think 'if there is a god, these people are proof he does make mistakes'. It's not just the younger generation either, it varies in age, I've seen vent recording of people from 17 - 70.

I can see how people can develop some attachment to people online that they game with, however, to have emotional outbursts and mood swings over these relationships, not so much. I feel a slight form of attachment to Elsa, Monngoose, Clockwork, and the other guys that I play MAG with on nearly a nightly basis, almost sort of an extended family. I would venture to say that they probably know more about whatís going on with me than some of my own family does. They knew about my latest business deal of going out of business and things, with the exception of my Grandmother, the rest of my family read about it in the paper today. They also know it was more of a 'health conscience' decision than it was 'oh the economy sucks' type of decision. I know the second I even utter a word of 'health' to the family, they would go nuts thinking I'm dying. If I croaked tomorrow Elsa, Mongoose and the gang would shoot a red dot, take a shot of beam, dedicate it to me, and go the fuck on with their lives. Also, no, I'm not dying, my body was just taking a beating from being highly accident prone.

What makes these online relationships so important to some? I personally know it wouldnít be the end of my world if they said they didnít wanna play with me anymore, given, Iím shocked they haven't already, because I drink a lot, and me + alcohol = obnoxious loud profane fat kid with a microphone.

Just something Iíve been thinking about, what do you guys think?

Also, Cocks!

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