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Loic avatar 2:12 PM on 11.17.2010  (server time)
Missing in Azeroth: KINGSLAYER EDITION!!!

Long time no see Dtoid, oh how IíveÖbasically forgotten about thee!

Since my last installment, much has changed in the World of Warcaft, much more than I could ever cover in a timely manner. So Iíve really been giving some thought about how I want to handle my Missing in Azeroth blog. The best way I see to handle it, is just cover the characters I am playing, and the experiences I am having. Hopefully it will inspire some others to go out and have some experiences in Azeroth on their own.

So what have I been doing in my long absence from Dtoid, well, simply put, Iíve been tying to kill this guy;

Oh what an adversary he has been. Over 60 hours have been spent going toe to toe, continually running back to my lifeless body, only to be beaten to a lifeless corpse once more. The Lich King encounter is Unique in comparison to any other fight in the WOTLK expansion, it requires solid group makeup, and people who know how to play their class. So I have to say, the absolute first thing I did after the LK died was of course Teabag him;

Don't fear though, It wasn't just me, the boomkin joined in and done it with his big fuzzy chicken but as well, mad props to my good buddy Piongs;

Most other encounters have been nothing more than a numbers race to beat enrage timers, you were rarely dodging things, and if you did, it was only a simple strafe left or right. Most players found this encounter soo difficult, because they could never grasp the concept of an encounter that required great teamwork, where the simplest of mistake, can wipe your entire raid.

But alas, it was a guild Effort, so I must toss out gratitude to Kaensada, and Dathron and the work they put in on this kill as well;

After leading 2 characters into battle against the Lich King and obtaining my Kingslayer title on both, Iím really unsure of what to do now that Iím done. Thankfully I only have a few more short weeks before Blizz gives me new stuff to go after! =D

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