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Loic avatar 4:02 PM on 07.20.2010  (server time)
Hey! BLUE DOT!!!!!!

The proverbial blue dot; sometimes the absolute bane of my virtual existence and many times more infuriating than the random light blue arrow running right past my bleeding body. What am I talking about, well, MAG of course.

Since the release of MAG, I have gotten really close to several other Dtoiders, to an extent that we play together on nearly a daily basis. These of course, are my light blue arrows, my squad mates, the people that will come to my aid when…’WTF Monngoose! You’re fucking worthless you don’t have a god damn medical kit, WTF! It’s ok, you’re still adorable.’ As I was saying, these are the people that will come to my rescue when I fall in battle, running in guns blazing and….’ELSA! You just fucking ran me over! DAMNIT!’ Ok back to the point here, when I fall in battle they are there to my rescue, their blue smurf love in hand to heal my wounds and….’Fuckin a clockwork you just blew me up…ok, fuck you guys!’ *nips the liquid skills and runs in* ----


Ah, the blue dot. The anti-teamwork team mate. My only chance of survival in battle when I have rushed in foolishly to kill them all and let god sort them out. Lying on the floor, bleeding profusely from the anus of the gang rape I have just suffered. The only thing I can do is watch everyone rush in to finish what I started, and begin screaming ‘HEY! Blue dot! I know you can hear me, pick me up, over here on the ground, BLUE DOT! BLUE DOT! Pick me up, over here, over on the ground, by the door, no turn the fuck around. BLUE DOT PICK ME THE FUCK UP YOU HAVE A MED KIT! ARE YOU THAT FUCKING STUPID BLUE DOT! BLUE DO----‘. It’s something that happens many times in a single game, the random blue dot, running by, what is in the mindset of someone to not want to pick up team mates, it’s win-win. You actually get double the points for reviving someone as you would for killing an enemy.

*surrounded by red dots*
“Hey, one of you Red Dots should totally pick me up so I can kill you all.”
*squad laughs*
Gotta love Proximity Chat….

Sometimes I honestly feel like I have a better chance asking a Red Dot for a revive. MAG built in a beautiful system, it truly emphasizes on team work, as most objectives cannot be a one man run and gun show, no matter what your skill level. A lvl 60 has no chance against a full squad of lvl 1’s working together. So why not take advantage of this. It’s not about the KDR, it’s not about the kill streaks and it’s rewarding to know that you DO influence the battle with how much you work with your team. What is the deal with modern shooters? People continually talk about ‘realism’ and honestly, MAG is about as close as you get to a battle situation as you will get I believe. Yet it’s still about Run and gun to most. A high kill count shows a ‘skilled’ player. Yes, you can press a button faster than the other guy, but your team still lost, and you have the lowest point score on your squad. That tells me you’re doing it wrong.

This is really a crappy and pulled from the ass blog, I just felt like posting something as I haven’t in over a year and making a few pokes at the MAG regulars. One thing that I have been thinking about a lot lately though, is why do people who play first person shooters, not evolve with the gameplay mechanics of new games? This is why I hate MW2, it's all about the KDR, and well, that's really the only point. Awesome, you can pull a button faster than the next guy and call in extremely overpowered perks at the press of a button that make you god. Why can’t they look past the high kill counts, and stop living the days of CS 1.6 to understand that working as a team will accomplish much more than pushing a button faster than the other guy? What do you guys think?

Well, until next time, happy gaming, and come on and join Elsa, Monngoose, Clockwork, Tsukanda, Jim Beam, and Myself for some great times in M.A.G.

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