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Loic avatar 3:40 PM on 09.10.2010  (server time)
Game Journalist v.s. Game Reviewer: When did we forget the Columnist?

For a long time now, game reviewers have been thrown under the bus by the masses and ran to the town square by an angry mob ready to lynch them. There isn’t a single gamer out there that, at one point or another has not gone on a keyboard pounding rampage at a game review. Insulting everyone who agrees with the review, and the review writer himself; many times, calling out that writers ‘journalistic integrity’.

I really think many have a tough time understanding what Journalistic Integrity really is, however to even begin to understand what Journalistic Integrity is, you have to understand what a Journalist is. If you google it up for a definition, simple answer given to you is ‘Someone who collects and disseminates information about current events, people, trends, and issues.’. Many people view someone who reports on the evening news, or writes in the newspaper or magazine a journalist. I’m not sure about where you’re from, but here in my small town we have a small ‘letters to the editor’ section every week. Many weeks the same people write in about the same ole thing, does that make them Journalists? Does a paycheck really define you as a journalist? I don’t think that does either.

My personal opinion on a journalist, is simply someone who checks their facts, and reports them; nothing more nothing less. So where does integrity fall in? That’s simple if you just think about it, checks their facts.

The reality of things is, games reviews have absolutely NO facts to check. Given, questions can be raised if a reviewer comes off with a review talking about the monocle wearing pink elephants with laser beams on their foreheads in Gears of War being the most entertaining aspect of the game, we as gamers have every right to call into question their integrity of providing an honest and accurate representation of what they think of the game and if they actually even played it.

So where does the Game Reviewer fall, it’s rather obvious, they are not Journalists, this brings back the days of black and white print when they had something called a Columnist! Believe it or not kids, we actually had these things called news papers not too long ago, and columnists would write some of the most brilliant opinionated pieces you would ever read. That really feels odd for me saying ‘believe it or not kids’, I’m only 26 years old, but when I was substitute teaching in the High School level and finishing up college, there were actually kids who had never read a newspaper. Why would I go buy a paper when I can pull it up on my iPhone for free? WTF?! Parents, beat your children, learn to say no, just sayin’.

I really have to question what is it about today’s digital media age that has turned everyone, no matter what they write into a journalist. I guess when I publish this blog in a few minutes, I’ll be a published journalist. Hopefully will remember my royalty fee, who knows, but I doubt it, they’ve stiffed me the last few times! LOL

The Games Reviewer is simply a Columnist, and I don’t feel was ever to be taken as a serious Journalist, I’m sorry, but if Dear Abby started reporting to me on the national debt, I would really have to question WTF! To insult the ‘Journalistic Integrity’ of a Game Columnist is laughable at best, because at the end of the day, their soul purpouse in their job was to tell you about they thought of a game. They are paid for their opinion on things, and what’s happening around them, not to say, well, there is a game, with levels, with boards, you can shoot stuff, it has a beginning, middle and end, blah blah blah. Game Journalists state the obvious, and give you the information on changes and what’s comming, the Game Columnist (Reviewer) is giving you a sound opinion on what they think of the game. Yes, it’s littered with opinion, no matter how absurd said opinion may be, it’s all based on opinion. If you want Objective reporting, go read a news paper, if you want a little insight and thoughts on how you should spend your $60, I’ll trust the Columnist any day of the week!

Just my two cents folks, what do you think?

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