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Missing in Azeroth: KINGSLAYER EDITION!!!

/wave Long time no see Dtoid, oh how IíveÖbasically forgotten about thee! Since my last installment, much has changed in the World of Warcaft, much more than I could ever cover in a timely manner. So Iíve really been giving ...


MAG Beta FNF: Modern Action Warfare Edition!

Well guys, just throwing a little thing together for the MAG players even though our wonderful leader Elsa is out enjoying herself at PAX with her Hubby Mongoose (I canít blame her, if I was gay, Iíd be all over that lil cu...


Hey! BLUE DOT!!!!!!

The proverbial blue dot; sometimes the absolute bane of my virtual existence and many times more infuriating than the random light blue arrow running right past my bleeding body. What am I talking about, well, MAG of course....


My New 40" of Sexy

This is my new love fellas, I have named her...Lucy... This is my first HDTV...so I went big and went home, and I don't see myself leaving anytime soon.... I had to cut the top off my TV stand to make it fit, but it was worth it. =D Killzone2, Burnout: Paradise, Warhawk, or BlazBlue anyone?


Well Hello There.....

Ah yes, a Star Wars reference of the great Alec Guinness to get your attention! Greetings Destructoid Community! I lurked and watched this site for a long time, I was lurking and goofing off back before FNFís even started. ...


About Loicone of us since 10:13 PM on 06.30.2009

I'm Dan, I'm one of the 'Good Ole boys' from the backwoods of Kentucky. I love my Jim Beam and I usd to be general contractor but sold my business.

At one point I owned all 3 consoles, but, time just didn't permit to play them all so I finally settled on just hanging on to hte PS3. I'm glad I did, because I've met some of the greatest people here in the Dtoid PS3 crowd over the past year.

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