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2:12 PM on 11.17.2010

Missing in Azeroth: KINGSLAYER EDITION!!!

Long time no see Dtoid, oh how IíveÖbasically forgotten about thee!

Since my last installment, much has changed in the World of Warcaft, much more than I could ever cover in a timely manner. So Iíve really been giving some thought about how I want to handle my Missing in Azeroth blog. The best way I see to handle it, is just cover the characters I am playing, and the experiences I am having. Hopefully it will inspire some others to go out and have some experiences in Azeroth on their own.

So what have I been doing in my long absence from Dtoid, well, simply put, Iíve been tying to kill this guy;

Oh what an adversary he has been. Over 60 hours have been spent going toe to toe, continually running back to my lifeless body, only to be beaten to a lifeless corpse once more. The Lich King encounter is Unique in comparison to any other fight in the WOTLK expansion, it requires solid group makeup, and people who know how to play their class. So I have to say, the absolute first thing I did after the LK died was of course Teabag him;

Don't fear though, It wasn't just me, the boomkin joined in and done it with his big fuzzy chicken but as well, mad props to my good buddy Piongs;

Most other encounters have been nothing more than a numbers race to beat enrage timers, you were rarely dodging things, and if you did, it was only a simple strafe left or right. Most players found this encounter soo difficult, because they could never grasp the concept of an encounter that required great teamwork, where the simplest of mistake, can wipe your entire raid.

But alas, it was a guild Effort, so I must toss out gratitude to Kaensada, and Dathron and the work they put in on this kill as well;

After leading 2 characters into battle against the Lich King and obtaining my Kingslayer title on both, Iím really unsure of what to do now that Iím done. Thankfully I only have a few more short weeks before Blizz gives me new stuff to go after! =D


5:45 PM on 09.23.2010

Missing in Azeroth: it's the end of the world as we know it!

One thing I feel like we are missing here at Dtoid is adequate World of Warcraft related stories. We get the occasional tid-bit but for big releases and announcements, but overall, there just isnít much. Some say thatís because there are so many other Warcraft related sites out there, however, none of them could ever come remotely close to covering it in style.

Iím a HUGE WoW nerd although I do play other games, Iím not one of the numbers guys, I donít pay attention to gear score, and Iím rarely one of the first to ever clear content. I tend to play with people in game that have this same attitude as well. The game is made to have fun and provide a challenge and build a little teamwork with complete strangers that when they become ignorant, I can turn them off. WoW was never intended to be math homework, and thatís what so many people have turned it into. No thanks, I hated math in HS and College, and well, not much has changed.

What I hope to start doing with this is bringing you a weekly MIA (Missing in Azeroth) to talk about changes, patches, encounters, and things of that nature, to help feed the WoW crowd here at Destructoid. I will say, most of my stuff will be heavily Alliance based, simply because I play alliance, and do not know much about the shitty horde. Yes, I hate the horde, sorry, I just do. This edition of MIA will be VERY long, as there is a lot of content to cover relating to Cataclysm.

Blizzards Version of the Big Bang: Azeroth gets a facelift extreme makeover style

The other night in M.A.G. I was talking to Elsa, and the gang about Cataclysm, and what exactly was going to happen. Since I knew none of them had ever played WoW, I gave the simplest explanation I could think of. This big ass Dragon, named Deathwing, is really angry about some shit, and he comes in and really fucks shit up, gives Azeroth a real facelift and puts his mark on it. Players are gonna be angry, hunt his ass down and kill him. Fairly simple explination.

The zones of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms are for the most part being completely redesigned, some of the zones that I am really excited to see are Stranglethorn Vale and Desolace. From my understanding, these 2 zones are seeing the greatest amount of re-design.

With a redesign, brings in entirely new quest lines for your leveling experience, quest lines from 1-60 have been completely redone. So if you have never made the 1-60 grind in the original content (vanilla) you are never going to see a good portion of it. I myself personally am looking forward to the redesign of the quests. Some of them seem so daunting and boring after doing them through several playthroughs of the old content. It will make leveling new characters an adventure again, rather than a rushed and painful task.

As for the lore based around Cataclysm and the events leading up to it, I am going to remain vague, simply because I do not want to spoil things at this point for anyone who doesnít know, or wants to enjoy it as they play through the opening events of Cataclysm. I will say that pre-Cataclysm events have began, I am unaware of what the Hordes Pre-Cata events are, however, for the alliance, you are joining forces with the Gnomes to retake Gnomergan from Thermaplug. Itís an encounter much like you experienced in retaking the Undercity in WotLK. This is the first in a series of events that have yet to yet to occur leading up to the release of Cataclym.

Races: Worgens and Goblins OH MY!

Cataclysm is introducing 2 new races. Worgens, who have joined the Alliance Forces and Goblins who have Joined the Horde. I canít exactly say that Goblins going to the Horde was a surprise, they are green afterall; having the ability to roll as Hunters, Mages, Priests, Rogues, Shaman, Warlocks, Warriors and Death knights. The Worgen will be rolling Druid, Hunter, mage, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior and Death knight.

Along with the addition of the Worgen and Goblin Races, we will get new Race/Class combinations with Cataclysm;

Humans Ė Hunters
Dwarf Ė Mage, Shaman
Night Elf Ė Mage
Gnome Ė Priest
Draenei Ė get nothing

The Horde:
Orc Ė Mage
Undead Ė Hunter
Tauren Ė Paladin Priest
Troll Ė Druid
Blood Elf Ė Warrior

I expect to see a large increase in Tauren Paladins in the battlegrounds, just because it seems like everyone loves those ugly Horde Cows, what a better race to squish gnome with. Iím not sure how I feel about a gnome priest, they donít really strike me as a race that is very spiritual, we will have to see how this plays out. I find it interesting that Draenei receive no new classes when every other race receives at least one.

Zones: We have them

Cataclysm will introduce 9 new zones to the world of Azeroth. The new Worgen starting zone will be called Galineas and will contain itís own city, for the Goblins of the Horde, they will be starting Kezan, the Goblin Capital City. The worgen also have a capital City known as Galineas City.

Starting out in Cataclysm, players will be starting in either Mount Hyjal or Vashjíir, both are lvl 80-82 zones. Mount Hyjal is located in northern Kalimdor, it was origionally planned for the first release of Vanilla, however was later utilized in the Caverns of Time raid instance. Mount Hyjal will focus heavily on the Night Elvesí devense of the world from the Twilightís Hammer.

Vashjíir is off the western coast of the Eastern Kingdoms. This zone is further split into 3 major subzones, the Kelpíthar Forest, the Shimmering Expanse, and the Abyssal Depths, the zone is primairaly controlled by the Naga. Iím really interested in seeing how some of the water combat will play into this zone.

As you level from 82 to 83, you will begin your transition to Deepholm and Uldum, Deepholm is within the elemental plane of earth, access to deepholm has been opened by Deathwingís return to the world through the Maelstrom and is protected by Therazane. This should provide for some exciting and interesting quest lore, reports from beta have indicated that this is a fan favorite area thus far. Uldum, is an 83-84 zone in sourthern Kalimdor (taranis specifically). A titan refuge of the ancient technology for centuries.

The final 2 zones, Twilight Highlands, and TolBarad, Twilight Highlands is a 84-85 Zone, disputed by alliance and horde and heavily inhabited by the Twilight Hammer. The Ďend-gameí zone is TolBarad, it is separated into two subzones; an outdoor PVP zone in style of wintergrasp, and the tol barad Peninsula, a daily quest hub is located here, so this should provide some very interesting content.

Finally, we have the new battleground zone, the Battle for Gilneas, Iím not a PVPer, so I have no clue what this will entail as of yet as I havenít researched all of itís details.

Dungeons: LFM 4 heroics

One thing that I really missed in Wotlk was the use of CC, it was just uneeded and made the dungeons nothing more than a giant AoE Fest. I enjoy doing AoE, I really enjoyed it when I was playing a warlock, just spam Seed of Corruption and go about my business blowing up the DPS meter. That got old, FAST! Iím happy to hear the reports that the Dungeons in Cataclysm are reverting back to the days of old, requiring thought, patience, and hard work to complete. Blizzard is promising us the most challenging dungeon and raid Content of any expansion yet. I hope they follow through.

Cataclysm will launch with 7 new dungeons, and 2 new heroics (the 7 new dungeons will also have heroic modes. These new Dungeons Include:

Blackrock Caverns Ė 80-81 Located inside Blackrock Mountain
Throne of Tides Ė 80-81 In the Abyssal Depths of Vashjíir
Vortex Pinnacle Ė 82-84 located in Uldum
Stonecore Ė 82-84 located in Deepholm
Lost City of Tolíyir Ė 85 located in Uldum and is interestingly an outdoor dungeon
Halls of Origination Ė 85 also located in Uldum and is a titan themed dungeon with our ole buddy Brann Bronzebeard.

A great new aspect of the Dungeon finder, is that you will have to discover these instances before you can que up for them, this will hender some players from Ďdungeon grindingí at the start Iím guessing. Iím looking forward to these changes, but with the ease of moving around the world now with flying mounts in Azeroth, I donít really think discovering these instances will be an issue.

The two new Heroics are going to be Deadmines, and Shadowfang keep. I never was a fan of Shadowfang keep, I ran it a few tims, but never got into the story behind it, I loved Deadmines however, and while we wonít be killing Edward VanCleef in Cataclysm Heroics, we have some new and interesting enemies to look forward to. The Heroic dungeons went live on the beta just this week, and the final few bosses in Deadmines are still incomplete, Iím anxious to see how those encounters have been updated for the lvl 85 players.

85 lets Raid!

Finally, to talk a bit about Raid content, much is still unknown about the Raid content for Cataclysm, until it goes live on the beta, we will know nothing. We do know that Cataclysm is going to be launching with 4 raid instances;

Blackwing Decent Ė Raid will feature the return (and fall) of Nefarian
Bastion of Twilight Ė We will be fighting against the Twilight Hammer, and their leader Choígall, also Heroic boss lady Sinestra
Throne of the Four Winds Ė We will be taking on the god of the wind AlíAkir
Baradin Hold Ė this will be much like VoA from WotLK

There is one other raid expected with the first major patch after cataclysm; The Firelands, Firelands will feature Ragnaros from the Molten Core, the only thing I can think isÖJoy oh JoyÖ

There are some major changes coming to some old raids, for example, ZulíGurub, will be gone after Cataclysm, it will be wiped out and turned into a quest hub. The Ruins of Ahníqiraj will be made into a 10 player raid instance, and all dungeons and instances are undergoing some changes to follow along with the progression of the WotLK story line.

One thing I am very concerned about in Raiding for Cataclysm is the new lockout system and raid system for content. 10/25 player raids will share the same locket, they will also drop the same gear, however, more gear will drop per player in the 25 man raids. I can only assume that the heroic content of raids will also share the same 10/25 player lockout. My concern is just not providing enough raid content, right now, I can run 4 ICCís a week, 10/25 normal and 10/25 heroic. Under the new system, my raid time is cut in half, and my chance for progression is cut in half. At this rate, it seems blizzard is just tyring to slow down pregression a bit compared to what it was in cataclysm with all the extra raiding.

ok ok Iím done for now
These are the most significant changes coming in cata, and what cata will really be offering as far as content. What do you think? Next time Iíll be talking about stat and class changes specifically for each class. Also the new talent system and the entire rebuild of the talent trees! That will be very interesting to see how well Blizzard did at breaking Warrior even further. Just sayiní

Anyway guys, hope you enjoyed, and leave ur comments below as always!   read

3:40 PM on 09.10.2010

Game Journalist v.s. Game Reviewer: When did we forget the Columnist?

For a long time now, game reviewers have been thrown under the bus by the masses and ran to the town square by an angry mob ready to lynch them. There isnít a single gamer out there that, at one point or another has not gone on a keyboard pounding rampage at a game review. Insulting everyone who agrees with the review, and the review writer himself; many times, calling out that writers Ďjournalistic integrityí.

I really think many have a tough time understanding what Journalistic Integrity really is, however to even begin to understand what Journalistic Integrity is, you have to understand what a Journalist is. If you google it up for a definition, simple answer given to you is ĎSomeone who collects and disseminates information about current events, people, trends, and issues.í. Many people view someone who reports on the evening news, or writes in the newspaper or magazine a journalist. Iím not sure about where youíre from, but here in my small town we have a small Ďletters to the editorí section every week. Many weeks the same people write in about the same ole thing, does that make them Journalists? Does a paycheck really define you as a journalist? I donít think that does either.

My personal opinion on a journalist, is simply someone who checks their facts, and reports them; nothing more nothing less. So where does integrity fall in? Thatís simple if you just think about it, checks their facts.

The reality of things is, games reviews have absolutely NO facts to check. Given, questions can be raised if a reviewer comes off with a review talking about the monocle wearing pink elephants with laser beams on their foreheads in Gears of War being the most entertaining aspect of the game, we as gamers have every right to call into question their integrity of providing an honest and accurate representation of what they think of the game and if they actually even played it.

So where does the Game Reviewer fall, itís rather obvious, they are not Journalists, this brings back the days of black and white print when they had something called a Columnist! Believe it or not kids, we actually had these things called news papers not too long ago, and columnists would write some of the most brilliant opinionated pieces you would ever read. That really feels odd for me saying Ďbelieve it or not kidsí, Iím only 26 years old, but when I was substitute teaching in the High School level and finishing up college, there were actually kids who had never read a newspaper. Why would I go buy a paper when I can pull it up on my iPhone for free? WTF?! Parents, beat your children, learn to say no, just sayiní.

I really have to question what is it about todayís digital media age that has turned everyone, no matter what they write into a journalist. I guess when I publish this blog in a few minutes, Iíll be a published journalist. Hopefully will remember my royalty fee, who knows, but I doubt it, theyíve stiffed me the last few times! LOL

The Games Reviewer is simply a Columnist, and I donít feel was ever to be taken as a serious Journalist, Iím sorry, but if Dear Abby started reporting to me on the national debt, I would really have to question WTF! To insult the ĎJournalistic Integrityí of a Game Columnist is laughable at best, because at the end of the day, their soul purpouse in their job was to tell you about they thought of a game. They are paid for their opinion on things, and whatís happening around them, not to say, well, there is a game, with levels, with boards, you can shoot stuff, it has a beginning, middle and end, blah blah blah. Game Journalists state the obvious, and give you the information on changes and whatís comming, the Game Columnist (Reviewer) is giving you a sound opinion on what they think of the game. Yes, itís littered with opinion, no matter how absurd said opinion may be, itís all based on opinion. If you want Objective reporting, go read a news paper, if you want a little insight and thoughts on how you should spend your $60, Iíll trust the Columnist any day of the week!

Just my two cents folks, what do you think?   read

12:23 AM on 09.09.2010

Sterling, get out of my warcrafts: Love and Hate with Online Gamers

Hi there folks, for those of you sitting there saying ĎWHO THE FUCK IS THIS!?í itís ole WoodButcherDan84 for those of you who donít get it by the Jim Beam Avatar. I recently got out of the construction field, so I guess you can say Iím no longer butchering any wood. I felt a name change was in order, and felt that there was no better name than that of my WoW toon.

Keeping with a theme here, itís late, 1:30am to be exact, and well, I tend to suffer from a lot of insomnia and sleepless nights, a lot of times I spend that extra zombie like state of mind watching videos on youtube. Tonightís fancy was a search for ĎWoW guild Breakups on ventí. Goodness the massive amount of hilarious videos of people going into a bitter fit of rage. There is nothing better than when someone flips out over their Ďonline familyí. Essentially, thatís what a guild in WoW is, itís like a family, the only problem is, and guilds are mostly composed of those family members you donít like or at least just smile an awkward smile at.
Tonights search was special however, while I did laugh till I spit Jim Beam through my nose at many things.

My jaw dropped when I heard this vent recording of a WoW guild guy going berserk.


I thought to myself, IT CANíT BE!!! NO WAY IN HELL! Jim just doesnít strike me as the typical WoW player. I tried to rationalize it, but the more and more I replayed that little 1:02 blip of glorious hilarity, I was convinced that it was none other than our Jim Sterling!

Still living with some doubt in my mind, I rushed to the DTOID youtube page to play some of his Jimquisitions.


My jaw finally hit the floor, Iím sold, Iím convinced! Jim Sterling is a WoW Nerd Rage ICON! All hail the great sterling!

I guess Iím coming to my point, weíve all at some point or another ran into ignorant fucks like this (the guy from WOW not Sterling) and my question is always the same. What are these people like in the real world? How pathetic can your real life be that you throw a temper tantrum to a group of strangers that you donít even know? Some of these videos really make you think 'if there is a god, these people are proof he does make mistakes'. It's not just the younger generation either, it varies in age, I've seen vent recording of people from 17 - 70.

I can see how people can develop some attachment to people online that they game with, however, to have emotional outbursts and mood swings over these relationships, not so much. I feel a slight form of attachment to Elsa, Monngoose, Clockwork, and the other guys that I play MAG with on nearly a nightly basis, almost sort of an extended family. I would venture to say that they probably know more about whatís going on with me than some of my own family does. They knew about my latest business deal of going out of business and things, with the exception of my Grandmother, the rest of my family read about it in the paper today. They also know it was more of a 'health conscience' decision than it was 'oh the economy sucks' type of decision. I know the second I even utter a word of 'health' to the family, they would go nuts thinking I'm dying. If I croaked tomorrow Elsa, Mongoose and the gang would shoot a red dot, take a shot of beam, dedicate it to me, and go the fuck on with their lives. Also, no, I'm not dying, my body was just taking a beating from being highly accident prone.

What makes these online relationships so important to some? I personally know it wouldnít be the end of my world if they said they didnít wanna play with me anymore, given, Iím shocked they haven't already, because I drink a lot, and me + alcohol = obnoxious loud profane fat kid with a microphone.

Just something Iíve been thinking about, what do you guys think?

Also, Cocks!   read

4:53 PM on 09.03.2010

MAG Beta FNF: Modern Action Warfare Edition!

Well guys, just throwing a little thing together for the MAG players even though our wonderful leader Elsa is out enjoying herself at PAX with her Hubby Mongoose (I canít blame her, if I was gay, Iíd be all over that lil curly headed Ken doll!) MAG will still be going strong tonight.

Anyway, Weíll start out in the Beta Tonight, which will be 7pm EST (4pm Pacific) for 2 hours of Domination & Acquisition. Then at 9PM EST (6pm Pacific) there will be a shift to the new game mode called Escalation. Finally at 11pm EST (8pm Pacific) we will switch back to the retail game, as this generally seems to be our nightly routine since the beta launch. So if you havenít already downloaded the beta, start now, itís 900+MB.

I talked to Y0j1mb0 and Iím posting this in addition to Jackofnotrades PS3FNF blog to talk a bit about the beta. Well, gameplay wise, not much has changed, things do appear much more smooth graphically. To me, the game looks a little more crisp and clear in the beta than the retail as well. I canít tell any changes to the controls or anything like that. So if you were at all worried about drastic changes there, you can rest easy. The only real annoying changes in that aspect is some of the new animations while planting and some gun animations well...are nonexistent, the gun disappears! The changes do however come in with a few mechanics in the game, A new game mode, and an entire new skill point system.

Sometimes what you ask for, isnít what you really want, we asked for a more powerful and accurate knife, now the knife is the most powerful weapon in MAG Beta. Ridiculously overpowered if you take the proper skill points in the right places. You can basically sprint around infinitely knifing everyone, get shot finally, rinse and repeat and rack up impressive kill counts that way. This was supposedly Ďnerfedí in patch 1.2 but I think anyone else that plays MAG religiously will agree that the knife has barely been touched. I will admit though, I greatly enjoy getting a Grim Reaper Ribbon (35 kills in a game) using nothing but a knife.

With the skill system being revamped, things seem a little chaotic at first glance of the new skill trees. Some changes have been for the better, but for the most part, you feel like youíre wasting a lot of points on absolute garbage to get something you really need. There are some really nice features in the skill trees that Iím looking forward to playing with, but only getting 4 hours an evening to play, and not being able to play every night, Iím not sure Iíll get to test them all before this beta goes to the retail game. One example of the goods I wanna try is the vehicle tree, it gives you increased speeds while driving, and faster cooldowns on smoke/gun. Also another tree that I already play heavily in is the athleticism tree. Athleticism plus Close Quarters == Knife of DOOM!!!! Enough said. Iím going to abuse that over powered knife as long as zipper will let me. I usually donít get kill counts that high unless Iím doing some serious Jim Beam drinking.

In addition to the Skill Tree overhaul, they have also added the Supply Depot, where you now can purchase and sell weapons. Plans are being made (if it hasnít already been done) to remove level requirements for all weapons now. I havenít played much this week, unfortunately, so Iím unsure if anything was changed earlier in the week. The idea is great, but a lot of the money you gain towards weapons is based on your performance, and in the long run, Iím unsure how well this will work out for the MAG Noobie. It will take quite some time to gather enough cash to buy the good stuff from level 1.

Finally, Escalation, what can be said? Well, the maps are pretty. The mode is fun, and I do enjoy playing it, my problem with it is, you have all 3 PMCís (32v32v32) fighting for control points. Once a PMC captures 2 of the 3 available control points, those points become locked, and the PMC holding 2 control points, must now defend 1 central control point from both PMCís. Once the Control Point is captured, the original 3 control points unlock. Sound chaotic? You have no idea. It is fun though! The mechanics behind the mode itself were just dreamed up by someone on a fucking acid trip, because itís just total chaos, I say just stick 1 point in the middle, and let all 3 PMCís fight over it King of the Hill Style. Eliminate Points A,B & C. Hopefully some modifications and tweaking will be done but after the disappointment that was Interdiction, my hopes arenít very high for Zipper to pull this one off. It would probably make a much more enjoyable TDM style game than an objective based mode. The problem being, I fear Zipper is shifting away from the big theatrical and epic battle feel that MAG originally introduced, and trading in Massive Action Game for Modern Action Warfare.

Hope to see you guys tonight, and if you are out enjoying PAX this weekend...well, I hope you rot in hell!   read

4:02 PM on 07.20.2010

Hey! BLUE DOT!!!!!!

The proverbial blue dot; sometimes the absolute bane of my virtual existence and many times more infuriating than the random light blue arrow running right past my bleeding body. What am I talking about, well, MAG of course.

Since the release of MAG, I have gotten really close to several other Dtoiders, to an extent that we play together on nearly a daily basis. These of course, are my light blue arrows, my squad mates, the people that will come to my aid whenÖíWTF Monngoose! Youíre fucking worthless you donít have a god damn medical kit, WTF! Itís ok, youíre still adorable.í As I was saying, these are the people that will come to my rescue when I fall in battle, running in guns blazing andÖ.íELSA! You just fucking ran me over! DAMNIT!í Ok back to the point here, when I fall in battle they are there to my rescue, their blue smurf love in hand to heal my wounds andÖ.íFuckin a clockwork you just blew me upÖok, fuck you guys!í *nips the liquid skills and runs in* ----


Ah, the blue dot. The anti-teamwork team mate. My only chance of survival in battle when I have rushed in foolishly to kill them all and let god sort them out. Lying on the floor, bleeding profusely from the anus of the gang rape I have just suffered. The only thing I can do is watch everyone rush in to finish what I started, and begin screaming ĎHEY! Blue dot! I know you can hear me, pick me up, over here on the ground, BLUE DOT! BLUE DOT! Pick me up, over here, over on the ground, by the door, no turn the fuck around. BLUE DOT PICK ME THE FUCK UP YOU HAVE A MED KIT! ARE YOU THAT FUCKING STUPID BLUE DOT! BLUE DO----Ď. Itís something that happens many times in a single game, the random blue dot, running by, what is in the mindset of someone to not want to pick up team mates, itís win-win. You actually get double the points for reviving someone as you would for killing an enemy.

*surrounded by red dots*
ďHey, one of you Red Dots should totally pick me up so I can kill you all.Ē
*squad laughs*
Gotta love Proximity ChatÖ.

Sometimes I honestly feel like I have a better chance asking a Red Dot for a revive. MAG built in a beautiful system, it truly emphasizes on team work, as most objectives cannot be a one man run and gun show, no matter what your skill level. A lvl 60 has no chance against a full squad of lvl 1ís working together. So why not take advantage of this. Itís not about the KDR, itís not about the kill streaks and itís rewarding to know that you DO influence the battle with how much you work with your team. What is the deal with modern shooters? People continually talk about Ďrealismí and honestly, MAG is about as close as you get to a battle situation as you will get I believe. Yet itís still about Run and gun to most. A high kill count shows a Ďskilledí player. Yes, you can press a button faster than the other guy, but your team still lost, and you have the lowest point score on your squad. That tells me youíre doing it wrong.

This is really a crappy and pulled from the ass blog, I just felt like posting something as I havenít in over a year and making a few pokes at the MAG regulars. One thing that I have been thinking about a lot lately though, is why do people who play first person shooters, not evolve with the gameplay mechanics of new games? This is why I hate MW2, it's all about the KDR, and well, that's really the only point. Awesome, you can pull a button faster than the next guy and call in extremely overpowered perks at the press of a button that make you god. Why canít they look past the high kill counts, and stop living the days of CS 1.6 to understand that working as a team will accomplish much more than pushing a button faster than the other guy? What do you guys think?

Well, until next time, happy gaming, and come on and join Elsa, Monngoose, Clockwork, Tsukanda, Jim Beam, and Myself for some great times in M.A.G.   read

5:30 PM on 07.05.2009

My New 40" of Sexy

This is my new love fellas, I have named her...Lucy...

This is my first I went big and went home, and I don't see myself leaving anytime soon.... I had to cut the top off my TV stand to make it fit, but it was worth it. =D

Killzone2, Burnout: Paradise, Warhawk, or BlazBlue anyone?   read

10:09 AM on 07.04.2009

Well Hello There.....

Ah yes, a Star Wars reference of the great Alec Guinness to get your attention!

Greetings Destructoid Community!

I lurked and watched this site for a long time, I was lurking and goofing off back before FNFís even started. Iíve always loved gaming, and well, I suppose gaming has always loved me. =)

I guess you can say Iím making a return to the gaming world after a very long absence; I even sold all of my consoles. I purchased a PS3 yesterday, and I love it. I had owned an Xbox 360 for many years, and it always left a bad taste in my mouth. I liked the FPSís that it had to offer (many late nights with the Dtoid crew in Halo3 and CoD4), but I really love platform and strategy games, and nothing ever seemed to quench my thirst on the 360, and if the game was actually decent, the controls always felt so awkward. So the PS3 seemed the logical choice, and Iím rooting for Sony to start making some good decisions to give the PS3 a little stronger foothold than it has, and expand itís user base, only time will tell however.

You can probably say life got in the way of gaming, and life has brought me back to gaming. With the recent and unexpected passing of my mother, and 1 more semester of college, life has taken some unexpected twists, and forced me to reform from my high roller, successful business owner (Residential Contractor, Furniture/Cabinetry Craftsman), and college student life style, and get back to my roots of being a home body. Itís also opened up my calendar until the spring to leave me with a lot of free time on my hands. So picking something up to keep me entertained, and picking back up where I left off seemed logical.

Along came the purchase of the PS3. I also picked myself up a copy of Killzone2 as from what I had read, that was one of the more popular online titles. Iím a competitive person, and sometimes it gets the best of me, but I like games where I can play online, especially FPSís and Racing. My competitive nature is probably why I have been so successful in my business adventures. I also love the casual platform/strategy style games.

I suppose what Iím looking for from the PS3 owners of the Dtoid community, are some recommendations on some decent games to pick up to expand my Library, MGS4 is an obvious, but beyond that, Iíve fallen out of the circle in the gaming world in knowing whatís hot and whatís not. Iím headed off this evening to the local game stop to browse through the used selections, and see what I can find. Iím also headed to pick up a Bluetooth Headset. Does anyone out there have any recommendations as for games or a headset that works well? Iím looking to pick up a headset, and 1 or 2 new games tonight.

So what do you guys think? Whatís popular for FNFís and will be for some time to come?

Well, off to fire the BBQ for some 4th of July awesomeness! Nothing beats a black hotdog and a cold beer on the 4th! So you all have a wonderful 4th yourself.

Until next time,
The ole Backwoods Wood ButcherÖ

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